A Better Internet Experience

Having been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and finding it harder and harder to work at a "normal" 9 to 5 job. I had decided that I would start my web site in the hopes of someday working more effeciently from home.
    My original intent for my site was that it would be a place where people could buy area rugs of higher quality at more reasonable prices than chain-stores (who offer imitation fiber rugs) or other web sites that charge you up to three times the price than I would consider reasonable. I also envisioned a wide ranging community of people helping other people with questions and answers on Area Rugs and Home Design, with an emphasis on Designing with rugs. Although my overall view has not changed, I have noted that I must make some changes to my site in order to make it profitable. In today’s online climate, one must be very specific in order to design an effective marketing and advertising campaign. It is to this end that we will be making some changes to our Area Rug web site here at www.RugRunnerBiz.com .
    Please bear with us as we try to:
1) Become more specific in our merchandise offerings.
2) Make our web site more simple to navigate.
3) Make our forums more user friendly and search engine friendly at the same time
4) We will be making these changes slowly as time allows (our site has become larger than anticipated)
    (with Fibromyalgia I cannot help but do things slowly)
    As we make these required changes please offer your suggestions or log into the forums to help us build a proper and more relevant area rug and flooring design site for you to use. It is my desire to share my expertise in area rugs and flooring design, so if you have questions please email me
Thank you,
Charles Beason
    We are also building our network of Businesses that you can start from home for FREE – Check out under the heading of Biz Opportunities on our web site. I really want to help those people who are suffering disabilities, illnesses, or circumstances that make it necessary to work from home. Just because we are disabled does not mean we are worthless!

About Charles Beason

Flooring Consultant/ Estimator, Bi-vocational Pastor of Oasis Missionary Baptist Church, Internet Business Owner, Webmaster.

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