Brand Names are Better… Aren’t They?

    What does it say about our society and our values when you can’t trust a Brand Name Product?
This is what happened… I returned home yesterday afternoon and saw a new area rug in a chain-store bag hanging on the dining room chair. It was a typical cheap area rug. Since I sell area rugs I wondered why it was in my home. I was informed that my daughter bought it for her room because it was such a good price for a Brand Name Rug… ("No Big Deal" I thought, because I could clearly see the tag and price). Then I noticed something else. Something strange and bewildering. The Tag on this cheap fuzzy rug had the Brand Name of one of the best known manufacturers of good quality flooring, specifically Carpet. I will not name the company but it has the same name as a Native American Indian Tribe (you can probably guess it easily). When I saw the Brand Name, and noted the quality of the rug, I thought that it had somehow been mis-tagged, or some other mistake had taken place. But when I read the details on the tag, I was shocked and surprised. Like I said before; The rug in question was a cheap (inferior) rug that had the cheap latex backing on it (supposedly to keep it from sliding around on a hard-surface floor). This kind of rug backing is notorious for causing damage to linoleum, vinyl, and even laminate floors (they can cause discoloration, fading, or worse… they tend to draw moisture up through concrete slabs). Anyway as I read the tag further, I noted the type of fiber that this rug was made of; It was Olefin. Olefin fiber tends to hang on to things that are oily or greasy (even body oils from the bottom of your feet), and they can have a tendancy to crush and cause your rug to go flat. Olefin rugs of this quality do not usually hold up for very long. Six months to a year depending on traffic. This is the fiber most cheap rugs are made of, so no surprise there. The shock factor for me was that Mohawk had allowed it’s name to be prominately displayed on the tag. A huge manufacturer of fine quality carpet is either making or endorsing a Cheap Fuzzy Bath Room Rug! (Oh how I hate those things).
    Needless to say, I informed my daughter that despite the Brand Name on the Tag, She had been took. Even a paltry sum of money is wasted upon a rug of this quality. Brand Names used to mean something… It used to mean quality and integrity. I suppose that we should expect such situations as this in today’s global economy. But as for me, from now on I will be reading tags and ingredients, I don’t care what Brand Name is on the Package (or rug).
    I guess it is just a disappointment, that a name I have trusted and suggested to so many clients could allow such decay in quality and craftsmanship.
    When you are tempted to buy a chain-store area rug, ALWAYS READ THE LABEL! Or "you never know what you might get."
Charles Beason,

About Charles Beason

Flooring Consultant/ Estimator, Bi-vocational Pastor of Oasis Missionary Baptist Church, Internet Business Owner, Webmaster.

Posted on January 23, 2008, in Fibromyalgia and Business. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

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