Effective Advertising for Generation Y – Intro

    Traditional advertising mediums such as television, radio and newspapers are beginning to see a drop in ROI as Gen X and Y are basically tuning out. Corporations are having to rethink marketing strategies in order to keep pace with technology. With the advent of DVR, MP3 Players, and the Internet, comes a whole new set of challenges due to the fact that most advertising is overlooked or totally ignored. You can skip commercials on T.V., many people don’s even listen to the Radio and more people everyday are gleaning the news from the Internet. This presents a challenge to corporations and small business alike.

This phenomena first occurred to me as I watched the ROI on my advertising steadily declining over the past ten years. Baffled by the lack of results, I was in somewhat of a quandary as to how my next ad campaign would be focused. As I thought and prayed about it, I decided to take a break until I could think it through. As I focused more of my attention on my children and grand-children I began to see how they are affected by advertising. My Children seemed to tune out whenever traditional advertising took place, and my grand-children; (this is where my revelation came from), my grand-children are totally out of the loop of traditional advertising and they are incredibly savvy to Internet banners and pop-ups. How do you advertise to a segment of society that is disengaged from traditional media? The answer comes in watching the way they interact and how they base their decisions on what they want. To enter their world is to enter an arena of constant and incessant text messages. A world of video games, digital music and Electronic Society. Experts are beginning to take notice of Social Networking as a new approach to advertising. I truly believe that it will take most of them awhile to figure out that traditional banners and such, simply will not do the trick… even if you place it right in front of them on the page they are viewing. They have an uncanny ability to Block Out advertising that comes from outside their network of friends and associates. As these young people are maturing, coupling with the opposite sex, and seeking employment, we have to be ready with a new approach to affect them on their own turf.

I have come to the conclusion that although Gen Y is highly social,Yet it is within the bounds of their own Social Network of friends and acquaintances. The question then arises; How do we reach into their social network without blatantly interfering with the structure of that network. Social Networking for business and business opportunities is becoming more and more mainstream as an Internet tool for Referral Marketing and Advertising opportunities. If we have a look at the business model for web sites like “sales spider”, “Facebook”, “MySpace” to name a few, have become places for business networking and referrals (MySpace is not really designed for business but it is a route to reach into their world, and I see that many businesses are trying to break into these networks. How effective they are remains to be seen). Referral Marketing and Advertising is a very old and reliable technique. So perhaps a combination of both approaches would be effective. Referrals may be the next preferred method for advertising to those who are virtually shut-out of mainstream media advertising. If so, we need to structure a community atmosphere around our product or service, or take advantage of those that have already sprung up in hopes that the market is moving that direction. We cannot know for certain where technology and human interaction will take us over the next few years, but it seems to me that referral advertising may become the most effective campaign for reaching this new audience of potential customers and clients.

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