Wads of Cash in Your Pockets, and Never have to Apologize

Help other people make money and you never have to feel guilty.

    Some people think that if they make a lot of online money, they will have to feel guilty about it. However, if you are sincere in your efforts, and truly desire to help other people, you will never have to apologize. Seek out every opportunity to share business opportunities with people. Some Christians believe that God does not want them to be rich. This is not true. He simply wants us to be more Spiritually Rich than we are Physically Rich. If you approach what you share with others with a servants attitude, you can have wads of money, and still be found righteous in the eyes of God. In fact, many of God’s greatest men of Faith were also greatly Blessed with abundance.

    I would like to share an opportunity with you, in hopes that it will enrich your life and your lifestyle. I like to take advantage of affiliate opportunities, and I love to share the good ones with everyone I come in contact with. If you would like to get started with an online opportunity that simply involves sharing a web page with others, here’s your chance.

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May God Richly Bless You,

Charles Beason,


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About Charles Beason

Flooring Consultant/ Estimator, Bi-vocational Pastor of Oasis Missionary Baptist Church, Internet Business Owner, Webmaster.

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