Why do my Carpet (Rug) runners curl, wrinkle and move around?

Primary reasons for problems with rug runners for Home Decor use.

    Most rug runners that are sold by the foot were actually designed for stairways. They are usually a flat-weave construction and were designed to be tacked or stapled in place. Many people try to use these type of rug runners on the main wear areas in foyers and hallways. This seems like a good idea, especially if you have a good wall-to-wall carpet that you are trying to protect.

    The problems that arise from using a flat-weave over carpet are due to the fact that they were not designed for this purpose. When you choose a runner to take most of the abuse from foot traffic in your home, you need to choose a runner that is NOT a flat-weave. A standard cut-pile area rug runner is the best choice for this type of application. Choose a runner that has a standard heat-set backing, and most importantly, choose a runner that has substance. When I say substance I mean that the rug runner should have enough weight to allow gravity to keep it in it’s intended position. A twelve to fourteen mm. density is usually perfect for such a purpose. A better quality rug runner will not wrinkle or curl the way that a flat-weave does, however, most rugs or runners will tend to crawl (or travel) in the direction of the carpet nap. If your rug runner has substance and proper backing, it will not move around much. A few inches per week under normal traffic (not nearly as much as a flat-weave runner).

    It is my opinion that Wool is the best kind of rug or runner for indoor use and there are a multitude of color and pattern choices that will fit your home decor and offer much better performance than a synthetic fiber flat-weave rug runner. Shopping for a good quality rug runner on the Internet will usually afford you the best quality rug runner for your money by cutting out the high mark-up of most retail stores. I have selected some of the better deals I have found online on my web site and I will try to add more runners to the selection soon.

Charles Beason,

www.RugRunnerBiz.com  — Fine Area Rugs and Home Decor Items.

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