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Cowhide Rug    This Week’s Home Decor Item is a Genuine and Natural Cowhide — Click Here to read about it and subscribe if you wish…
It has been a couple of months since I started our Home Decor Product Review and Report as an RSS Feed and I really enjoy the simplicity of using this format to syndicate my reviews. People are able to subscribe to our RSS Feed and read it on their browser or any of several Feed Readers that are now available. I enjoy having feeds on my MSN Homepage, that way the updated content on a variety of subjects is handy, I don’t have to go to several different web sites for news or other information that I find of interest. RSS (or really simple syndication) is becoming available for just about any type of content that a person could find fascinating on the Internet. We have tried to make our RSS easy to subscribe to. If you are like me, your life is hectic, and it’s nice to have access to "my information" (the things I find interesting) right there on my home page. You might want to consider subscribing to our Feed. It is a weekly Review and Report on Home Decor Items and Products that I think are unique and great values. In our present economy, we all could use some help finding a good quality product at a reasonable price.
Charles Beason,
www.RugRunnerBiz.com …   or    …   www.RugRunner.Biz
Fine Wool Area Rugs and American Home Decor Items
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