Dish Biz Marketing Push – Earn Extra Cash from Home

Satellite Television Provider – Dish Network (My Dish Biz) is looking for Affiliates to Earn Extra Cash from Home
    Dish Network is expanding its marketing approach to include affiliate marketeers. This
approach allows them to contract with thousands of individuals who will promote their
offers. This also provides a way for many people to make extra money, or generate a
full-time income, working your own hours out of your home or in addition to your current
business. This is Not a Scam. It is a perfectly legitimate way for Dish Network to
expand their marketing efforts using independant contractors.
    It is so easy. As an affiliate you would simply promote current offers from Dish Network. It is up
to you as to how you want to approach promotions. Whether you sign up for VMC’s
"MyDishBiz" offer for $50.00 (this is only one option,) or you can simply sign
up for Free using my web site link, you will then be directed to a web site. Look at the lower
right corner of the web site, there will be a box with the heading "Affiliate Program". Simply Click Join 
and it will explain the many ways you can promote and keep track of your new business (you
can also make money from people who sign up through you; it is less money per sale, but
this is the approach I am currently using). You can promote Online with a web site or
blog, writing articles, sending emails, etc… or offline methods such as advertising in
local newspapers, mailing flyers or any other traditional marketing approach with the
exception of telemarketing or spamming. Part of the affiliate agreement states that you
cannot telemarket or send unsolicited emails, or your affiliation will be terminated.
    You become an independant contractor when you sign up as an affiliate for Dish
Satellite. This affords you the freedom to run your business as you see fit, full-time or
part-time (as long as you follow the conditions of the affiliation). One of the things I
like best about this opportunity is that it does Not involve several layers of "network
marketing" (or pyramids- Like ‘Shaklee’ or ‘Amway’), and you don’t have to buy their
products or spend any money to remain involved. The only money you need to spend is on
advertising, and there are many ways to promote and advertise that do not cost any
money. Examples would be Blogging, writing Ezine Articles or simply placing links on
your web site(s) and promoting as usual. There are also many offline marketing materials
for you to use, such as fliers, door hangers, etc…
I must tell you that it takes time to build a successful business of any kind. But I can show you a way to Earn Cash Now while you are building your Biz…

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May God grant you Freedom and Success,
Charles Beason

About Charles Beason

Flooring Consultant/ Estimator, Bi-vocational Pastor of Oasis Missionary Baptist Church, Internet Business Owner, Webmaster.

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