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The Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on The Internet — Version 2008" system

    Did someone tell you that making Online Sales is Easy?

    Are you Frustrated with a lack of results? No Sales. When you joined "my dish biz" or any type of Satellite Affiliate Marketing Opportunity, the web site probably painted you a picture of easy sales and vast amounts of money. The truth is this. If you don’t know how to market on the Internet, you will likely give up before you make your first sale. This goes for any Affiliate Biz Op.

    You need to learn how to market on the Internet, and you need to learn fast! That’s all there is to it. You will not make Online Sales until you know exactly how to do it. Once you know a few techniques that Really work, your life will be much easier, and Sales will begin to come your way.

    Considering that most people who are new to Internet Affiliate Marketing, most will probably waste a lot of money on PPC and other advertising campaigns that just don’t bring Sales. Much of the free information on the Internet teaches you about techniques to get visitors to your web site, but that doesn’t do you any good IF YOU DON’T MAKE ANY SALES.

    Don’t waste one dime of your money on any ad campaign until you know exactly how to MAKE THE SALE!

The Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on The Internet — Version 2008" system

This #1 best-selling course has helped hundreds of thousands of e-business owners successfully market their products on the Internet.
“Insider Secrets” leads our clients step by step through the essentials of starting and growing a profitable online business — to our most advanced Internet marketing strategies. Insider Secrets 2008 — the ultimate driver’s manual for online success And this year, we’re certain this version of the course is going to blow all its predecessors OUT OF THE WATER…
… Because we’ve gone back to the drawing board and rebuild the ENTIRE course from the ground up, in order to be 100% certain it does the BEST possible job of teaching ANYONE — from the rawest beginner to the most advanced marketer — everything they need to know to make MORE money online in 2008.
This brand-new Course is a staggering 900 pages of high quality proven content and now includes a ton of new video training!
Here’s the 2008 Course Outline:
Step #1. Find Your Niche Market
Step #2. Set Up Your Business To Sell The Right Solution
Step #3. Write Compelling Salescopy That Turns Visitors Into Buyers
Step #4. Design A Website That Compels Visitors To Take Action
Step #5. Use An Opt-In Form To Collect Leads And Build Customer Relationships
Step #6. Drive Visitors To Your Website And Start Making Sales
Step #7. Use Pay-Per-Click Advertising To Get Traffic Fast
Step #8. Attract Free Traffic By Optimizing For The Major Search Engines
Step #9. Use Email Marketing To Build Customer Relationships And Make More Sales
Step #10. Harness The Power Of Affiliate Programs For More Traffic And Sales
Step #11. Test, Track, And Optimize Your Marketing For Maximum Results
Step #12. Add New Revenue Streams To Grow Your Profits
Bonus Book – Use New Media And "Web 2.0" To Make Your Online Business Social
DISC 1: Video – Find a Profitable Niche Market
DISC 2: Video – Write Salescopy that Compels Visitors to Take Action
DISC 3: Create a Winning Pay-Per-Click Ad Campaign
DISC 4: Video – Optimize Your Website for Top Search Engine Results
DISC 5: Rolodex and Swipe Files
DISC 6: 7 Case Studies and 3 Website Reviews/Makeovers

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I am also offering some FREE Lessons in Affiliate Marketing at my web site, simply Join for free and I will email you each time I add a lesson to the site.

Charles Beason

And Remember, As much as I try to help my sub-affiliates earn money on the Internet, I simply don’t have the time to teach you everything you need to know. You need to invest a modest (very modest) amount in your Internet Marketing Education. Learn to Earn, from the very Best…

The Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on The Internet — Version 2008" system


About Charles Beason

Flooring Consultant/ Estimator, Bi-vocational Pastor of Oasis Missionary Baptist Church, Internet Business Owner, Webmaster.

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