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    My Cut and Paste Marketing Method is so incredibly easy, and I have already added some great content for New Affiliate Marketers that have recently joined one of the affiliate programs listed on the home page of my website. If you have not checked out my site yet, please stop by and visit because I need your input. I need to know what one thing about promotions is most important to you at this moment. I had already planned the content for my next lesson when I thought back to when I first got started in Affiliate Marketing and I just didn’t know what to do next. As well as giving you some good methods in my lessons, I would really like to inspire and convince you not to give up on your new Biz. Let me know if I am targeting your questions as new affiliates or is there a certain area I need to address in the next lesson…

     I try to provide a new lesson each week but I have not been able to accomplish much this last week. I wanted to write the next lesson for my website but I am in the midst of a pretty severe Fibromyalgia Flare and can barely function when it hits me. Part of the reason I got into Affiliate Marketing was because I have a chronic illness with constant pain and fatigue that sometimes incapacitates me to the point that I am unable to perform any real physical labor. I continue to work, but some days I might as well not even be there because I feel that I am not useful enough. Although I now have physical limitations that I have had to learn to adapt to, I can still type on the computer. It is only when the pain and fatigue are so bad that I have trouble concentrating that I feel really useless. I suppose this feeling is normal for a person with chronic illness, but it does not make life any easier. My Faith is continually tested as I pray for strength to accomplish the things I need to do each day.
    The Apostle Paul writes in 2 Corinthians 12; that he also had a chronic condition and he called it a “thorn in the flesh”. He prayed three times for God to heal him, but instead of healing, God’s response was that “His Grace” was sufficient to overcome Paul’s condition. In other words, God told Paul that although He was not going to remove his illness, He would provide him with Grace to Cope with and overcome his condition.

    God’s Grace is His Power to accomplish His Will in this world, even when we are bombarded with illnesses, sufferings, grief’s and sorrows that we think we are not able to cope with. If we will allow God to work His Grace in our Soul (mind, will and emotions), He is able to loan us a bit of His Power to overcome any obstacle that lies in the path of our ability to do what is right, honest and good. This is the power to do a vast amount of Good in the world. Most people believe that God’s Grace is confined to spiritual matters. But this same Grace is the power we need to succeed in our Jobs and Businesses too.

    As a minister and pastor, my goal is to help people learn to tap into God’s Grace by applying the Principles in His Word to Control our thoughts, stabilize our emotions and produce good quality decisions. When we learn techniques and methods to apply God’s Word in our daily lives, we improve them by two-hundred percent. My goal for Online Biz is pretty much the same; To help people learn practical techniques and methods to ultimately improve their Quality of Life. Our lives will never be perfect, spiritually or financially, but we can improve our lives by applying Godly Principles to our thoughts, motives and actions in our personal lives and in business. It is a lofty goal, but certainly achievable. God has promised to improve our life in every way, if we will only Apply His methods to our thoughts, actions and motives.

    By following the Principles of “sowing and reaping” that are explained in the Bible, we may be certain that the seeds of business that we sow, with each link in each promotion, will eventually produce fruit. As a farmer plants seeds in a field and waits for God to provide the sunlight and rain while the farmer tends to his garden, we also can be assured that God will provide our needs as we promote products and services that meet the needs of the people around us.

    As long as we place the needs of others above our own self interest, we can expect that God will give us the Victory over all of the negative aspects of living life on this planet. No matter who we are or what we may be suffering at the moment, God has the techniques and methods we need to Overcome our own shortcomings and live a more abundant life. A more abundant life may not include mountains of money for us to selfishly indulge our desires, but He will always provide the things we truly Need to live a lifestyle that is more abundant, along with the ability to share ourselves and our abundance with people who are presently in greater need than we are.
    My family always tried to teach me that my life would be much easier if I would only work “within the system“ by obeying the rules of my authorities. There is no greater authority then God and My God has taught me that I can avoid much of the sufferings that I see around me, by following His System of Operation in my life. Many of us would like to enjoy the freedom that comes with starting and operating your own business. The true definition of freedom is: The ability to do what is right, honest and ethical so that God may improve our lives.

    If we are to be successful in any area of our life, we must avoid the temptation to take “shortcuts” to success and be involved with Scams and Unethical marketing techniques. Our desire to help other people succeed in life should be the driving force in our business. If we sincerely approach people with solutions to their needs, they will automatically provide us with what we need for ourselves. Keep the needs of others in mind when marketing your affiliate programs and you will eventually see the benefits.
    I have been involved with affiliate programs for some time now and I have many sub-affiliates who have joined programs through my efforts. Each time one of those sub-affiliates makes a sale, I make a small commission. If I can teach them how to effectively promote their affiliate programs (and home based businesses), I will eventually have an army of sub-affiliates making a good living for themselves and for me. The same principles that apply to improving a person’s spiritual life also apply to improving their financial income. I will work, as best I can, to put your needs above mine so that we both may prosper.
    The first step toward financial freedom is to Join an Honest Affiliate Program with lots of potential. I have researched many, many programs and I have listed those affiliate (or Biz Ops) that have good potential to make you a primary and residual income. I try to make certain that each affiliate program is scam-free and ethical, if you should find anything unethical in any of the programs I review and suggest to you, please let me know about it so that I may rectify and remove the offenders.

    Internet Affiliate Program Marketing is one of the easiest ways to start making an income Online while working from home. When you also add sub-affiliates to your programs you can double or quadruple your chances of success, as long as you keep their best interest at heart.

    Would you like to Join me in my quest for a more abundant life? God has promised we can have “life, and life more abundant” ,even while we are suffering the fiery arrows of pain, fatigue, and the other troubles that will inevitably affect our lives.

    I have placed several honest and ethical  Affiliate Programs on the home page of my website at . If any of these programs appeal to you, and if you can imagine the potential for helping other people become Free from their financial prison, please join one or more programs and begin sharing what you learn with those who are in need. If you don’t know where to start in marketing and promoting your affiliate programs on the Internet, Just register and Join my website and I will email you each time I add a new lesson that I believe will help you get out there and get results.

    Many people join Internet Affiliate Programs and give up too soon. Internet Affiliate Marketing is like Salvation in that it is a process. A process of learning from our mistakes and listening to the advice of those who have experience in affiliate marketing and advertising. All the programs I have listed on my website are absolutely Free to Join, so that you are left without an excuse to get involved and improve the lives of others while simultaneously improving your own life.

    I am a much happier person when I am actively involved in helping other people achieve their goals in life. No matter what fibromyalgia makes me suffer in the flesh is more than made up for by God’s Grace when I apply it to your needs and your life.

May God’s Grace inspire you in every possible way,
Pastor Charles Beason

It is Free to register for “Pastor Charlie’s Cut and Paste Marketing Method” where I have goals and dreams for your success that are way above your expectations…


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Flooring Consultant/ Estimator, Bi-vocational Pastor of Oasis Missionary Baptist Church, Internet Business Owner, Webmaster.

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