Internet Time and Dog Years

Internet Time and Dog Years

Measuring Time and Space on the Web for Affiliate Promotions

    Time was not on my side this week so I was unable to finish this weeks lesson in Internet Affiliate Marketing. With taxes due, car problems and a Fibromyalgia flare, I suddenly realized I didn’t have the Time to finish it. So I wrote this blog post in hopes of helping someone gain perspective in their Affiliate Biz…

    As a Christian, I look forward to the day when the angel mentioned in the book of Revelation 10:6, that there should be time no longer. Many theologians interpret this to mean the completion of God’s Work with men, but I have a different view of this verse that is related to this quote from Mathew Henry "That when this mystery of God is finished time itself shall be no more, as being the measure of things that are in a mutable changing state; but all things shall be at length for ever fixed, and so time itself swallowed up in eternity". I can foresee a "time" when we are no longer held by the grip of time and space as we understand it. This could have profound implications concerning the things we shall be able to accomplish as we cross over into eternity. However this is not my main topic for this blog post. This is merely a preface as to our perception of "Internet Time".

    As an Affiliate Marketer, I have come to understand and embrace the fact that any promotion, web site or advertising I initiate on the Internet is going to take some time to become active. How much time it takes depends on many factors with the search engines being at the top of the list. I hear people speak of "Real-Time" functions of the Internet and often laugh. There are a few things that we can do on the web that can be done in real-time, but there is always a lapse of time when you are trying to promote a product or service Online. Once you have assembled a web site, advertisement, or landing page, you can expect a certain amount of time to pass before it gets listed by the search engines. Unless you have vast resources of money to throw into an ad campaign, you will just have to wait for your content to eventually be listed in search engine results. The amount of time it takes to be indexed and listed will depend largely on your content and niche, although there are many other factors that come into play.

    On my Affiliate Lessons web site, I teach people how to quickly assemble promotions to web pages, blog posts and landing pages, but by no means does that translate into instant results. You can always expect a certain amount of lag time between the time that your promotion goes live, to the day that you begin to get visitors to your site. It could be days or it could be months depending on the quality and popularity of your content and the popularity of the site you have posted your promotion on. As you learn improved methods of promotion, you can cut back the amount of time that it takes to be listed in search results, but you can never fully control it. The first web site I built (many years ago) took months to be listed in search results. The recent sites I have built have only taken a few days. I will eventually get to some lessons on this subject. For now, I am simply making a comparison of time for a marketers expectation versus the real world of "Internet Time".

    We always have preconceived notions of time, but they are rarely accurate. Patience is truly the virtue of an Internet marketer. An example of the distortion of time as we understand it can be readily found as we grow into and past adulthood. When I was a child an hour seemed to be a perfectly legitimate portion of time to accomplish my goals. I would ask my mother or father if I could go and play with friends for awhile, and one hour was usually my parents allotted time span. This was perfectly adequate for me as a child because I could accomplish a vast amount of play in one hour. As I passed into adulthood and into my senior years, my conception of an hour of time has vastly changed. I am reminded of my grand-father who tried to pass a tidbit of wisdom to me when I was young. On more than one occasion he stated that "the older you get, the faster time passes". I am now a grand-father, and I have a deep appreciation for the wisdom of that statement. The older I get, the faster time seems to pass.

    Another example of our preconceived notions of time can be found when we consider Dog Years as compared to human years. At some point in our maturity, we come to understand that dogs do not age at the same rate as humans. It is said that dogs age seven years for every one human year. It can be a sad day in the life of a child who realizes that his pet will not be able to grow old with him. But this is all a part of the human experience. A good healthy dose of the reality of time can either inspire us or immobilize us. If a housefly had human perspective, and was able to consider its life span, which is usually about twenty four hours, it would most likely give up and simply wait for death to come.

    We must therefor be considerate of time, while never allowing our perception of time to cause us to waste this valuable resource. The Bible clearly teaches that mankind has a limited resource of time. God describes our entire life as if it were a cloud that suddenly vanishes when the wind breaks upon it. So, understanding that our time is limited, we must endeavor to wisely use every moment that God has given to us.

    We are wonderfully created by God in order that we may learn the value of our own soul and the souls of those entrusted to us. To Love God and to Serve Others are our loftiest goals. May God grant us the wisdom to understand and "redeem" our time so that not one moment is wasted. As I consider how time and space affect my goals and desires, let me always choose to spend more time in pursuit of God’s best gifts for my life. Let me choose to spend quality time with my family and friends. When my time is finished, I am certain that I will Not wish I had spent more time at work or less time serving others.

    As Affiliate Marketers, we must view Online Biz from a realistic perspective of time, unless you get very lucky and happen into a very needy niche you will probably not see instant results. There have been marketers that have "hit the jackpot" with just the perfect niche, keywords and product for a very hungry audience of buyers, but I have yet to accomplish such a feat. However; using totally Free Affiliate Biz Marketing Methods, I have been able to earn extra money. It certainly didn’t happen overnight. It takes time to build any Biz to success and an Internet Biz is no different.

    I know a lot of people who keep searching for the Perfect Affiliate Biz. If they join a program that does not produce immediate results they will keep joining and trying other affiliate programs, one after another, searching and hoping to finally get lucky with the "Perfect" Affiliate Biz. Jumping from one program to another is just a waste of precious time. You need to pick an Affiliate Program that you are comfortable with and possibly already have some experience in. Then you can start using your time in wisely following proven methods of affiliate marketing methods. Be patient and don’t allow your skewed perspective of time cause you to give up. Continue to build your Biz as you learn techniques that will draw paying customers to your affiliate offer.

    There is no such thing as "get rich quick" but you can make good money with an Online Biz. Join a solid Affiliate Program such as those that are listed on my web site at If you join one of the programs on my web site, I will help you learn how to promote it using the methods I have developed over the past few years. Make sure you have realistic goals about making money Online, "from home", "in your pajamas" and "while you sleep", etc… Make sure you understand that you probably will not see the fruit of you labor for a few weeks or even a few months, but when the money starts flowing and the checks start coming, it will have been worth the wait. God promises to Bless His children with the Fruit of their Labor, but you can only expect to get as much as you are willing to patiently and persistently invest your efforts into the needs of other people.

    As we build our Affiliate Biz, we also want to make certain that it will stand the test of time. Many Illegitimate or questionable affiliate programs are destined to eventually stop producing results. These are the Affiliate Biz Op’s that make unrealistic claims of fast fortune for very little effort. I have seen many affiliate programs that are modeled to hurt people more than help people and these are the type that are designed to line the pocket of the Biz Owner more than the Affiliate. When you base an Internet Biz on "Your Need" to make lots of money, you may get good short term results using amoral marketing methods, but the Biz and the Money will never last. The Bible describes people who make money at the expense of other people as being like a partridge that nests another birds eggs. An example of this is found in nature. The Cuckoo Bird always lays it’s egg in the nest of another bird. The other bird tends to the egg as if it were her own, but when the egg hatches, the newly born Cuckoo will push the real offspring out of the nest and consume the resources of it’s adopted mother. It is truly a sad thing to watch. There are many Biz Op’s that are fashioned to consume the resources of anyone who joins their affiliate program. Even though they never last very long, it is still a sad thing to watch, as one person after another joins these programs and keeps sinking money into it. Eventually, and over time, everyone involved begins to fail.

    We can do better! If we build our Affiliate Biz on Biblical principles and legitimate marketing methods, we will eventually begin to produce "Fruit, much Fruit and Fruit that Lasts". This requires a long term view for affiliate biz and lots of hard work, but the payoff is far better and lasts for years to come. I am so very proud of my Affiliate Biz because it is designed to Help Other People more than me. I am building a community of like-minded affiliates that are beginning to make money for themselves and others. My payoff is not only the commission I make each time one of my sub-affiliates makes a sale, but also the knowledge that this approach is right and honest. The people involved in my community (or network) will also be able to build their Biz based on principles and methods that will stand the test of time. We will continue to make money and receive blessings long after the latest "Cuckoo" Biz Op Craze has slithered off into oblivion.

    Would you like to make extra money while serving the needs of those around you? It really doesn’t matter which Biz Op you choose to work with. Just pick one that appeals to you and begin promoting it to the Real Needs of other people and I can guarantee you success that is both temporal and spiritual.

    About Guarantees: Most "Cuckoo" Biz Op web sites will always ask you for money to join their program, but they always offer you a money back guarantee. As we once again factor Internet Time into the equation, the amount of time they give you to get your money back is usually just the amount of time it takes to take money from you before you realize that you have been Scammed. And even when you try to get your money back it is such a painful process that most people will simply give up and count their losses.

    Here is my Guarantee to you: Everything I offer for you to start an Internet Affiliate Biz will always be Free of charge. I can guarantee that you will have to be patient and persistent. I guarantee that you will have to work more than just a few minutes per week (or per day). I can almost guarantee that you will Not be an overnight success. However; along with these guarantees I can promise that I will do everything I can to help you become a success based on my methods and business model. I can also confidently pass on God’s promises of Joy, Peace and prosperity to those who are willing to run their Internet Biz based on Godly principles and legitimate techniques. I can promise you God’s Blessings that will always stand the test of time.

    Time is a relative term and time is currently wasting for those of you who are on the fence about becoming involved in the Affiliate Biz. It’s time to choose how and when you want to work. For Internet Biz the time to get started in Now! By the time you build your web site, landing pages and blogs, it will be time for the economy to settle back into normal operation. Considering the time it takes to build and get your sites listed on the search engines, you can be ready for all of the people who will search for and find the offer you have placed on the Internet to help them have a more abundant life. (You can tell I’m a preacher because this blog post has gone slightly past the Time I had anticipated). So let me try to sum things up…

    Being an Affiliate Marketer is one of great joys in my life because I get the opportunity to serve the needs of others. I always approach my work as if I were working directly for God to improve the life of my clients. Following Jesus example, we simply find the missing need in someone’s life and attempt to serve that need with sincerity. As an example, if I am promoting the VMC Satellite Dish Offers ("my dish biz", not "the other one" that wants your money), I will promote to those who have a real (or perceived) need for good quality HDTV that is affordable and also fills the vacuum that may exist in someone’s television or media experience. So I would love to provide VMC Satellite to those people who are chronically Ill or house-bound and need their television to stay connected to the world around them. If having the best Satellite Dish programming gives them a reason to get up in the morning (even if it is to watch reruns of ‘Gun smoke’ in HD) I will feel satisfied. Or if a hard working individual just Needs to unwind and de-stress while watching an episode of ‘Jeopardy’, I feel as though I have provided a service to those who are in need.

    Timely service that is dedicated to serving Real Needs is the backbone of Affiliate Marketing. To make time work in your favor, be sure you have realistic goals and a realistic perspective of "Internet Time and Dog Years" so that you may accurately Measure Time and Space on the Web for Your Affiliate Promotions.

May God Bless your Efforts,

Pastor Charles Beason

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