Can you make money with the VMC Satellite Affiliate Program – (MyDishBiz)?

Can you make money with a VMC Satellite Affiliate Program – My Dish Biz, MyDishBiz?

Best Affiliate Program – Make Money Giving Away Free Satellite Tv

I am, and so can You!

    Let me start by telling you that most Internet Biz Sites are crammed full of Bull****. I can honestly tell you that I am now receiving regular Paychecks from VMC Satellite. The greatest aspect of having a successful “Online Dish Biz” is not the paychecks though. You see, I have been trying to build an Internet Biz for a few years (part-time, but more serious the past six months). And I have been able to earn a little money here and there, from affiliate programs that I have joined. I have had to work hard and smart to earn those small paychecks, but what has busted my chops and kept me going when other people might have given up is my wife. I wish that I could tell you that she was behind me all the way, encouraging me to succeed, but that would be an outright lie. She moaned and complained about all the time I was wasting on the Internet and how she just couldn’t imagine that I could make a living working on the computer without having a bunch of money to spend on advertising. She would often comment on how neglected she was because I was spending too much time on “that infernal machine”. She had always referred to my Internet Biz as “my little Hobby”. She just didn’t understand why I would spend so much time and work so hard trying to make a living on the Internet. It seemed impossible to her for me to overcome the “Big Boys” of Internet Marketing that had vast sums of money to spend on advertising. This battle continued until I got involved with the VMC Satellite Affiliate Program.

    I Joined the program a couple of months ago and began to work out a method of promoting it entirely on the Internet using nothing but Free marketing and advertising methods that I had developed over the past few years. The only advertising I pay for is ten dollars a month for unlimited classified ads using USFreeAds. It took a couple of weeks of part-time work to get my promotions going, but once they went live, I started getting results. I had no idea that my day of redemption was soon to come. I have now received my third bi-weekly check from VMC Satellite Affiliate Program and my wife has a whole new attitude toward my Online Biz. She now actually refers to my Biz as a Business, instead of calling it my Hobby. I have finally redeemed myself in my wife’s eyes. If I never accomplish the kind of success that some boastful web sites pretend you can achieve, I will always have the satisfaction of knowing that my wife thinks I am a success.

    I now have over 300 sub-affiliates for the VMC Satellite Affiliate Program and Sales are just Starting to Pick Back Up Again after a year of rather disappointing Sales compared to the sales we were making before the economy Crashed. Most of my sub-affiliates are Earning decent money with this program by doing more Local and Offline Marketing approaches… If you want to use Only the Internet to make sales, see my suggestions below the dotted lines.

    If you have researched the “my dish biz” program you may be wondering if the claims they make are true. Well, as far as I am concerned, it would be dishonest for me to promise that you can Earn Up to $86,000 to $290,000 a Year from Your Home Computer (while adding small print at the end of the page, which states that although people have done it; it is very extraordinary and your results may not be as good)… I refuse to fill your head with bloviated nonsense about how you can begin to earn seven hundred dollars a day, almost overnight… or how “It Is” the easiest Job on the planet (although it is some of the easiest money I have ever made)… I refuse to promise that you can “work from home”, “in your pajamas”, with absolute freedom from a 9 to 5 J.O.B.… with more time for your family… while truly enjoying your job for the first time in your life… and it would be a total exaggeration to promise that you could accomplish all of these things with a cookie-cutter web site while simply opening an adwords account and staring a PPC campaign (with just the perfect keywords)… deep down inside, everyone knows that the owners of the web sites that make these incredible claims are full of hot air.

    Starting and maintaining an Online Biz definitely takes some work. But as long as you are willing to work a little, and learn the methods that you will be comfortable using to promote your VMC Satellite Dish Biz, you can begin to earn some extra money. Once you have built a community of sub-affiliates to work with, you will begin to earn a more consistent income. I also make money from some of the other affiliate programs that I promote, but VMC Satellite is the most consistent so far.

    If you want to work from home on your computer, Affiliate Marketing is the way to go as far as I am concerned. It’s Free to Join on my web site. You can market and promote your offers both Online and Offline. You can help other people learn how to earn extra income. You can invite more Joy into your life by becoming a part of something bigger than yourself.

    I will never regret joining the VMC Satellite program because it has given me the capacity to help other people as I earn consistent commissions on each sale that is made. Whether I make the sale, or one of my sub-affiliates makes it, it does not matter. In fact, I would rather allow my sub-affiliates to make the bigger commission as I help them learn how to market their affiliate programs on the Internet. I also have a list of other good and legitimate affiliate programs that you can join for Free on our Social Media Membership Site (Free Trial Silver Membership gets you access to all of our Social Media Marketing Lessons, Resources and Tools… a $39.95 /mo value for FREE) where I offer free lessons in affiliate marketing using “Pastor Charlie’s Social Media Marketing Methods”.

May God Bless you and may your wife, husband (or significant other) be proud of you,


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Charles Beason

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Can you make money with a VMC Satellite Affiliate Program – My Dish Biz, MyDishBiz?

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