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Is Cash2Ezy a Scam?

    Absolutely Not…

    Cash2Ezy is a simple automated process by which people are able to Earn Cash. Directly to their Paypal account.

    Absolutely Legitimate

    No Hidden Elements

    No Monkey Business

    No Inventory

    No Stock

    Definitely No Scam

    Payments for sales go Directly to You

    Cash2Ezy came into existence to solve a particular Problem. Most Beginning (Newbie) Affiliate Marketers don’t realize the amount of time and effort it will take to build a profitable web site and often get frustrated and give up long before they see their first commission checks arriving. I want to help newbies realize their dream, but most of them Need Cash Now. Not 6 months or a year from now.

    Cash2Ezy solves this problem by offering a method of earning $37.00 per sale, instant cash payments, directly to you and into your PayPal account. It’s simple to set up and easy to promote. Simply offer a FREE EBook to people who Need to Make Extra Money Now! (something everyone I know needs right now)! There is no obligation, no email list to sign up for. I just ask you to read the EBook and see if this is the kind of Work From Home Job that can supply you with the cash you need while you bring your Online dream to a reality.

    Read the EBook. That’s all I ask. No Obligation on your part whatsoever.

    I am a Baptist Minister and if I thought there was anything illegitimate about it, I would not even promote it. Cash2Ezy is simply a means to an end… Easy, Fast Cash for You!

—Read the EBook and decide for yourself—

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Pastor Charles Beason

The Social Media Matrix, Referrals, The Jerk with the Three Foot Rule and other common sense Marketing Rules

The Social Media Matrix and Affiliate Opportunities…

Use your Heart instead of your Head, and you will make a lot More Sales


    I love my job as an Affiliate Marketer. It’s pretty easy and I only have to work when I choose to. I simply promote other peoples products and earn a commission each time a sale takes place. No hassles, no inventory, no Boss breathing down my neck. It’s a great 2nd Income Resource that will eventually become my full-time career. As an affiliate, I am always reviewing Affiliate Programs and Online Biz Op’s.

    I was reviewing a new program that is set to release soon. They call it The ‘Social Media Matrix’ and I thought that you might want to know more about it. Although it is not set to release for a few more weeks, there is a lot of Internet chatter about it. I watched the pre-release videos and checked out the "cheat sheets" as he calls them and he does have a very solid grasp of Internet and Affiliate Marketing using Social Media as his primary marketing method. There will most likely be many people who will pay $50 or more for his program. But what are they really paying for? A lesson in Common Sense while interacting with people. It’s not a scam, but we can save ourselves some money if we Market from our Heart, instead of being a jerk and letting our head make marketing decisions for us. It seems that The Social Media Matrix is just a no-nonsense way of making friends with similar interests. The marketing part comes later in the process. He teaches what we should recognize as Common-Sense rules for Social Media.

    Since the word Matrix is used here, I could go on and on about the movie by the same name, which includes a very interesting plot. People who are inside the Matrix have no idea what the Matrix is and they cannot be told what it is, they must experience the Matrix to understand it. This can be used as a parallel to God’s Kingdom and the "Real" world that "we believe" we live in. God’s Kingdom exists in the world we live in right now. Most people cannot grasp the concept that His Kingdom ultimately pervades into every aspect of the world as we know it. But most people who are not Christians cannot see or understand God’s Kingdom. For those who are willing to accept God’s salvation through Jesus Christ, their eyes are suddenly opened to the reality of God’s Kingdom on earth in much the same way as Neo became aware of what "reality" really was after he took the Red Pill. I mention these things here in order for you to understand that almost all that we think we understand about life is a fabrication designed to make us blind to the Real World of God’s Kingdom. When we finally accept and begin to understand the Kingdom, we can see the principles and laws that can allow our life to operate on a whole new set of criteria. We can use Biblical principles and the teachings of Christ to alter our life and guide us into the light and truth of life on earth. Living in God’s Kingdom gives us the ability to see the world for what it really is and begin to experience Freedom from the bondage and oppression that most people believe is "just a part of life".

    If we want Real Success, Wealth and Freedom, we must begin to understand the principles at work in the Real World (God’s Kingdom). We tend to think that we live in a world of cut-throat competition and the only way to get ahead in life is to use the same under-handed techniques that many Internet marketers use to Sucker their customers into a sale. We think we live in a world of misery, pain and suffering, and that if we want something out of life, we have to Take it, by using and abusing people to reach our selfish goals.

    People who are into the MLM marketing thing use what they call the "three foot rule". If anyone comes within three feet of you, you are told to bombard them with your product and business offers. Does this sound like a logical way to make friends and influence people? No!!! Just the opposite happens and you become the Jerk with the three foot rule that is always trying to "hit people over the head" with their products and promotions. The people who follow this three foot rule will soon find themselves sad, alone, and broke, because their friends and family no longer want to listen to their Hype… or even be near them… not even considering the Fact that only a small percentage of the top few MLMr’s ever actually make any money (Promoting 2nd and 3rd Tier Affiliate Programs is a much better bet for building a lasting 2nd income). If the truth is to be known, just the opposite of the "three foot rule" is what really controls your success. It is only when we follow the teachings of Jesus, and truly Love and accept people, that we will begin to see the Real World principles spring into action. When we build a business based on genuine love and respect for other people, we get rewarded by the Kingdom Principles that are Actually in control of the world we live in.

    The author of "The Social Media Matrix" is Perry Belcher. I don’t know if he is a Christian or Not, but I do know that he has an acute understanding of "Kingdom Principles" and that what he teaches is based on those rules and techniques. The principle taught is explained in the Bible as the "Love your neighbor" principle, and here are a few key points:

  1. Exhibit a genuine desire for the well-being of other people (love your neighbor)
  2. Build friendships, not a "customer base"
  3. Have "Faith" in people and in the Online system
  4. Love People, Not Things; Use Things, Not People

… I could name more things, but I think you get the idea. The basic rules by which he operates his Online Biz, are the same principles that Jesus taught while He was here among us and are the same universal rules that are taught in God’s Word.

  1. Love your friends and your enemies
  2. Bless those that Curse you
  3. Pray for those who despitefully use you
  4. Your Integrity is worth more than your Money (If someone sues you for $500, give them $1000)
  5. Always Go the Extra Mile (give people more than they expect)
  6. Treat other people as you would have them treat you

… These are just a few of the main principles that Jesus taught and they can be summed up in two main rules for human behavior; "Love God with every fiber of your being; and Love your Neighbor as you do Yourself.

    If you want to build a truly successful business (Online or Offline), you have to follow the basic common-sense universal rules that govern life on this planet (and God’s Kingdom). Gain referrals from people who consider you a friend, and let God reward you with the money you Need to pay the bills (and more).

    Referral Marketing has always been the main-stay of any business. You can only expect success when people trust you and consider you to be a friend. If they do, then they will always recommend you (not your product or service), but you yourself, when someone they know has a need for what you sell.

    Social Media and Affiliate Marketing has become one of the greatest ways to build Fiends, Brand and a 2nd Income that you can continue to build into a full-time Career… Using Social Media Techniques, I now have over 200 sub-affiliates that are registered for "My" Dish Biz – a VMC Satellite affiliate program with huge potential. But the problem is that not many of them are making consistent sales, due to the present economy and the fact that many of them are beginners (newbies) to Internet Affiliate Marketing. I would like to offer them a more certain way to make fast income while they build their affiliate Biz…

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May God Bless you Richly,

Pastor Charles Beason – Pastor Charlie’s Christian Affiliate Social Network and 2nd Income Resources – Fine Wool Area Rugs and Home Decor Items


The Social Media Matrix and Affiliate Opportunities…

Use your Heart instead of your Head, and you will make a lot More Sales

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    The basic meaning of Affiliate is to be connected or associated. As applied to an Internet Opportunity, Job or Business, the term Affiliate usually consists of a person who has decided to become an affiliate in order to make money by promoting products and services on the Internet. This is known as Affiliate Marketing. 

    Have you been contemplating starting your own business on the Internet but you think that the competition is just too much and that you could never compete with the "Big Boys" of Online business? Well… in a way you’re right, and in another way you’re dead wrong. We just need to think things through and work smarter. Consider this; If you could make 1% of the sales made by Microsoft, Apple, iphone, Verizon, Dish Network or any other Huge Company, we could be stinking rich. Even if you only made 1/2 of 1% of the sales they do, you would still be stinking rich. Is there a way for the common person to tap into such lucrative markets and make a share of the sales?

    Absolutely. It’s called becoming an Affiliate. You join as an Affiliate to promote their products for them, and you make a commission on every sale that is made through your links and promotional efforts. If you find a Hot Market and Only make a fraction of the huge volume of sales that are made each day on the Internet, you can be set for life.

    Becoming an Affiliate has benefits that no other Job or Home Based Business can even come close to. You just need to learn a little about Affiliate Marketing and how to set up blogs, web sites, etc.. and you can start earning your share of the most lucrative markets on the planet.

    Let me explain some of the benefits of becoming an Affiliate:

1. Top Affiliate Programs are Free to Join, so you can start your own affiliate Biz with no product of your own and no capitol outlay to get your business going. You can start your own business without laying out any money to anyone for anything.

2. Affiliate yourself with someone who already has a product or service and make commissions for each sale that is made through your promotional efforts as an Independent Contractor (No Boss).

3. Can be as simple as using an affiliate blog (or your existing blog), or as complicated as a full-blown web site (see lesson 4 on my web site to learn how You choose how to promote.

4. You can use Free methods or Paid methods for your promotions (I have done fine as an affiliate without spending hardly any money on advertising and promotions).

5. No Inventory, no stock, no shipping. No customer Hassles. These things are all handled by the program you join.

6. Most Affiliate programs have ready-made marketing materials that you can use and tweak to use them in your promotions.

7. Most Affiliate programs come with some basic training in How to Promote their product or service.

8. Work from your home, apartment or residence (anyplace you have an Internet connection).

9. Work at your own pace and according to your own schedule. Work as little or as much as you want.

10. Most of the work you will do is both easy and satisfying consisting of writing and reviewing the products and services you are promoting (you can even use video, audio and social networking for promoting your affiliation).

11. You work for yourself, so you get to choose what industries and products you will promote to make your share of the billions of dollars in Internet Profits.

    See the Home Page on my newest web site to learn more about starting your own business as an Affiliate. I have a list of the top Affiliate Programs, more Information, and Free Lessons in Affiliate Marketing on my web site at .  Stop by to have a look. Register for Free, to have access to the information and lessons that I am offering (for FREE) to all of my sub-affiliates. I operate a Christian Affiliate Business, so you never have to worry about Scams. Everything is legitimate, honest and above-board. No False Hype, No "virtual" Lies. Just solid Affiliate Programs for you to join and start making your share of the profits.

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Pastor Charles Beason

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