The basic meaning of Affiliate is to be connected or associated. As applied to an Internet Opportunity, Job or Business, the term Affiliate usually consists of a person who has decided to become an affiliate in order to make money by promoting products and services on the Internet. This is known as Affiliate Marketing. 

    Have you been contemplating starting your own business on the Internet but you think that the competition is just too much and that you could never compete with the "Big Boys" of Online business? Well… in a way you’re right, and in another way you’re dead wrong. We just need to think things through and work smarter. Consider this; If you could make 1% of the sales made by Microsoft, Apple, iphone, Verizon, Dish Network or any other Huge Company, we could be stinking rich. Even if you only made 1/2 of 1% of the sales they do, you would still be stinking rich. Is there a way for the common person to tap into such lucrative markets and make a share of the sales?

    Absolutely. It’s called becoming an Affiliate. You join as an Affiliate to promote their products for them, and you make a commission on every sale that is made through your links and promotional efforts. If you find a Hot Market and Only make a fraction of the huge volume of sales that are made each day on the Internet, you can be set for life.

    Becoming an Affiliate has benefits that no other Job or Home Based Business can even come close to. You just need to learn a little about Affiliate Marketing and how to set up blogs, web sites, etc.. and you can start earning your share of the most lucrative markets on the planet.

    Let me explain some of the benefits of becoming an Affiliate:

1. Top Affiliate Programs are Free to Join, so you can start your own affiliate Biz with no product of your own and no capitol outlay to get your business going. You can start your own business without laying out any money to anyone for anything.

2. Affiliate yourself with someone who already has a product or service and make commissions for each sale that is made through your promotional efforts as an Independent Contractor (No Boss).

3. Can be as simple as using an affiliate blog (or your existing blog), or as complicated as a full-blown web site (see lesson 4 on my web site to learn how You choose how to promote.

4. You can use Free methods or Paid methods for your promotions (I have done fine as an affiliate without spending hardly any money on advertising and promotions).

5. No Inventory, no stock, no shipping. No customer Hassles. These things are all handled by the program you join.

6. Most Affiliate programs have ready-made marketing materials that you can use and tweak to use them in your promotions.

7. Most Affiliate programs come with some basic training in How to Promote their product or service.

8. Work from your home, apartment or residence (anyplace you have an Internet connection).

9. Work at your own pace and according to your own schedule. Work as little or as much as you want.

10. Most of the work you will do is both easy and satisfying consisting of writing and reviewing the products and services you are promoting (you can even use video, audio and social networking for promoting your affiliation).

11. You work for yourself, so you get to choose what industries and products you will promote to make your share of the billions of dollars in Internet Profits.

    See the Home Page on my newest web site to learn more about starting your own business as an Affiliate. I have a list of the top Affiliate Programs, more Information, and Free Lessons in Affiliate Marketing on my web site at .  Stop by to have a look. Register for Free, to have access to the information and lessons that I am offering (for FREE) to all of my sub-affiliates. I operate a Christian Affiliate Business, so you never have to worry about Scams. Everything is legitimate, honest and above-board. No False Hype, No "virtual" Lies. Just solid Affiliate Programs for you to join and start making your share of the profits.

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Pastor Charles Beason


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Flooring Consultant/ Estimator, Bi-vocational Pastor of Oasis Missionary Baptist Church, Internet Business Owner, Webmaster.

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