Twitter Niche Marketing is Red Hot – Try our New Social Media Instant Online Biz Opportunity

Social Media and the Proper method to Market to Twitter

Twitter Niche Marketing and Advertising, MySpace, Facebook, Linkedin Marketing and Advertising provides a Great Opportunity to Work at Home and Earn 100% Profit, with Social Media Free Advertising Methods


    Twitter Marketing is Hot, Hot , Hot right now. Much of this is due to Perry Belcher’s release of ‘The Social Media Matrix’. This has kicked off a firestorm of marketing activity on Twitter, Facebook, etc…

    But you have to know the proper methods for marketing and advertising to Social Media. Because I have seen so many people getting it WRONG and Spamming Twitter with a ridiculous  number of direct marketing posts. I thought I had better share the best method for marketing to twitter. Because Spamming Twitter is not going to get you anything but a bad reputation.

    For those of you who are wondering if you could make money as an Internet Marketer working with Social Media, I have set up a web page to Test you Social Media Marketing Intuition and Insight. I hope you will find it useful and it could be an eye-opener for many people. You can find it at

    I have also posted a New Lesson on ‘The Twitter Marketing Secret’. You will find it at my New Social Media site that I established to coach and teach my sub-affiliates. I think you will find the lesson fascinating and educational. Simply go to to Check it out. You will find it under ‘Internet and Affiliate Marketing Lessons’. Access to the lesson is still Free…You can Join Affiliate-Bivocation as a FREE Silver Member, and you can also be an Upgraded Gold Member for Only $9.95 and Start Earning Extra Cash (100% Profit) by simply inviting people to visit your Gold Member Profile page… we also offer FREE Top Affiliate programs on the ‘2nd Income Resources and Biz Op’ page.

    I pray you will join us as we venture into the new territory of Social Media Marketing and I hope to have some very useful lessons, tips and strategies to help you become a success with your very own Affiliate Marketing Biz. Gold Members will get a FREE Money Making Profile, FREE Instant Product to Sell and Earn (100% Profit), this is my New Guide on ‘Newbie List Building Secrets’ (a $97 value… but you get it for FREE, Sell it and Keep the Profit). If you are building an Online Career… this is the most important Guide you will ever find on the Internet for consistent Traffic, Leads and Sales… You will find Simple copy and Paste Instructions in the Gold Member Area… to turn your Gold Social Media Profile at Affiliate-Bivocation into an Instant Online Business and every $27 Sale gets Deposited Immediately into Your Paypal Account. If your Dream is to Work at Home, then This is a Complete Social Media Business Opportunity for under ten bucks… try to find a deal like this anywhere else on the Internet… It Does Not Exist.

Would you like to learn more… Visit Affiliate-Bivocation or Download my Free Ebook that tells you How we are helping people Build an Instant Online Biz by simply being Social and making Friends… To download the Free Ebook  and get in on the Ground Floor of this Opportunity…

Pastor Charles Beason

The Lesson- ‘The Twitter Marketing Secret’ – Now available at


About Charles Beason

Flooring Consultant/ Estimator, Bi-vocational Pastor of Oasis Missionary Baptist Church, Internet Business Owner, Webmaster.

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