Did you know that you can make Money with your iphone or blackberry?

Email and Twitter Marketing Methods offer New Ways of Earning Substantial Income


    I have the worlds perfect Job. I am an Affiliate Marketer. How much money does it take to get involved in Affiliate Marketing? $0, Nothing Nada. Affiliate Marketing is a method of advertising and promoting other people’s products and services for a commission. You work for yourself, so you can work from home, a Wi-Fi hot spot, or anyplace else you can access the Internet. Affiliate Marketing is the Easiest and Cheapest way to Start an Online Biz. And now that new cell phones offer email capabilities and Twitter applications, you can market, advertise and promote using time tested Email Marketing methods along with New Techniques that use Twitter, Facebook and other Social Media Marketing methods. This offers iphone and blackberry users the potential to earn income anytime you have a spare moment and anyplace you happen to be.

    Email and Social Media Marketing offer an exciting new twist to traditional affiliate promotions, along with the capability to earn a 2nd Income or Full-Time Living simply using spare moments of time to advertise and promote (report and review) affiliate products and services. The process is so simple… You simply join an Affiliate Program and begin promoting it. This capability used to be limited to those with niche web sites or popular blogs. New methods of promotion have opened the door for anyone with a cell phone that has email and a Twitter Ap to begin earning some extra income, and some are earning more than their fair share. Even texting offers a new marketing method that could make you some money because affiliate marketing is about helping people find what they Need or Want.

    Email marketing is Easy, If you have a List of people that allow you to send them Reviews, Reports, Newsletters, etc…  But you must be careful to follow proper methods when marketing to Twitter and other Social Media. You must learn how each community links with, and communicates with each other, or you will be viewed as an outsider that is preying on innocent people.

    I recently finished a New Lesson on the web site where I coach my sub-affiliates for mydishbiz, Christian matchmaking and other Affiliate Programs that are FREE to Join and Ripe with Potential to Earn money using honest and legitimate methods of marketing (No Scams & No Spams Allowed). My new lesson "The Twitter Marketing Secret" can be downloaded, Free of Charge, once you are a member of my web site ( FREE Lifetime Memberships are available for the next 76 people) and if you Join any of the affiliate programs that I list on the site, you will also receive a Free Lifetime Membership.

    Visit my web site and you will begin to see the potential that exists for anyone with an Internet connection to make Extra or Full-Time Income. Especially using new techniques that you can apply with an iphone or blackberry…

    But First, before you download my new lesson, take a moment to "Test your Social Media Marketing Insight and Intuition". When you take this simple test, I pray that you will begin to see an exciting New World of opportunity arising right before your eyes.

—Click Here to Test your Intuition—

"This is Totally FREE and there is No Obligation, as are most of the affiliate programs that I promote. I coach people to work for themselves and Earn More Money from 2 Tier Affiliate Programs. Don’t worry that this may be a Scam. I am a Pastor and a Christian Affiliate Marketer and I hold myself to the highest Moral and Ethical Standards… besides, it’s only a simple test to see if you have "What it Takes" to be an Affiliate Marketer using your iphone, blackberry or cell phone with Internet Access"

May God Bless You Richly,

Pastor Charles Beason




About Charles Beason

Flooring Consultant/ Estimator, Bi-vocational Pastor of Oasis Missionary Baptist Church, Internet Business Owner, Webmaster.

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