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Amazing Effortless Web Cash Formula (without any Scam)

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Free download PDF Ebooks, like the one from “Effortless Web Cash Formula” can make you some Fast, Easy Money!

    Pick a subject, any subject, write an ebook about it and give it away for Free… This is one of the Best ways to make Fast Money on the Internet. Internet and Affiliate Marketers have been using this strategy to make money for years. And it still remains one of the best ways to Make Money. How much money you can make with a Free Ebook depends on your marketing prowess. You have to know a couple of things about Internet Marketing in order to make money from a Free Ebook.

    You can use a Free Ebook in a variety of ways to make money on the Internet.

  • You can use it as a loss leader
  • You can use it to Draw customers into your Sales Funnel (learn about Sales Funnels at
  • Asking for a person’s Email address in exchange for the Free Ebook (learn to build an Opt-in Email List with a Free Autoresponder at The Social Seed Biz Network
  • You can use it to establish yourself as an expert in your Niche (called Branding)
  • You can use it as a Direct Path for your Customers to Buy your Product
  • …and this is just a short list of things you can do with a Free Ebook

    No matter how you use them, Free Ebooks can easily put money into your bank account, when you use them correctly. If you are going to write your own Ebook to give away, make certain it accomplishes at least one of the criteria I have mentioned above. And as you market your Ebook on the Internet, keep this in mind. The fewer Clicks a potential customer has to make in order to download your Free Ebook, the Faster your Ebook will spread through the Web. Your Ebook should be Simple, Short and Concise, while providing excellent information on the subject you are writing about. You can write your own Ebook in Word and convert it to PDF format with free software you can download from the Web. I use PrimoPDF…

    But what if you don’t have time to write your own Ebook? You can hire a Freelancer to write one for you… but maybe you just want to use something that is already available. There are plenty of Ebooks that you can download, but you will have to buy the rights to give it away. What if I could offer you a Free Ebook that you can give away for any purpose… Traffic generation, Sales, Sales Funnel, Building an Email List… whatever you want to use it for… and what if it also had the ability to make you some Fast Money already built into it… wouldn’t that be Even Better?

    As an Internet marketer, I have been using Free Ebooks to draw traffic to my various websites, but I never realized how powerful they can be until I Read “The Greatest Money Making Ebook Ever” from Lauryn Herberts “Effortless Web Cash Formula”. She managed to write a Simple Ebook that satisfies the Best of Internet Marketing. This Free Ebook has gone absolutely “Viral” and has opened the possibility for the average person to start making fast money on the Internet.

    In her Ebook, she reveals how an absolute beginner can start their own Online Business from Scratch… Even if they have No prior experience in Internet Marketing. She also helps you setup a website to take $37 payments that get delivered directly into your PayPal account. In four Easy Steps. She also opened a pathway by which we can help other aspiring Internet Marketers to setup their own business and begin to making money on the Internet. And every sale that a person makes using this Free Ebook is 100% pure profit when you use free marketing methods.

    Even If you only want to learn how to make fast money giving away a Free Ebook, this would be a very cheap investment in your Internet marketing education, and a chance to make some extra money to go along with it. I have been marketing on the Internet for several years… but I never earned as much money from any other program as I have from this one.

    That is the reason I want to share this Free Ebook with you and that is the reason you will want to share it with the people you know who Need to Make Fast Money on the Internet. Do you know anybody that needs extra Cash? Your Only Job is to Give Away this Free Ebook, and you will make money. Can you think of anybody you would like to help? Can you think of anyone who would like to own their own Online business Just Giving Away a Free Ebook? This is an absolute no-brainer. Make money by Giving something Away… if you keep it simple… this could be the Fastest and Easiest Money you will Ever Make.

    If you do nothing else but copy the format and formula of this simple but effective Ebook, you can find a way to make fast money on the Internet. I have made a decent income since I started giving away the Free Ebook and the hardest part of the Job (if you can call it that) is finding new ways to Share it with people. I want to Share this Free Ebook with everyone who Needs Extra Income, and I also help them learn different ways of marketing it on my website. I want to make a difference in the world. I want to help take the financial burden away from every family that is struggling to make it in this recession.

    Would you like to make a difference in someone’s life. Would you like to make their life better… give them a better job… take away the financial Stress from a weary friend? All you have to do is Share this Free EBook with them and let them decide for themselves. No Scams, No Dishonesty, Nothing Illegal. Just an decent way for you, and the people you choose, to make fast money on the Internet.

Are you Interested in Earning Immediate Extra Cash — From Home?

Would you like to Read the Free Ebook that could be the Start of something Big?

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(No Obligation… If you are interested just click on “Get Me Started Now” near the end of the Ebook and you will be taken to my website at for more information on the 4 steps to a Complete Home Business on the Internet)

I pray that God will Bless your Family,

Charles Beason

(Pastor Charlie)  (My Effortless Web Cash Formula website)  (The Social Network for Internet Business – FREE Advertising, FREE Business Listing/ Profile & more…)  (Fine Wool Area Rugs and Home Decor Items)

Free downloadable PDF Ebooks, like the one from “Effortless Web Cash Formula” can make you some Fast, Easy Money!


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Flooring Consultant/ Estimator, Bi-vocational Pastor of Oasis Missionary Baptist Church, Internet Business Owner, Webmaster.

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