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Social Networking Site… Highest paying Affiliate Program… Make Friends, Make Money ! Work from Home!

Scam Free Internet Business Opportunity for Social Christian Affiliate and internet Marketers – Make Friends… Make Money

Making Friends and Making Money…

How to Monetize your Social Network and Connections from Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Linkedin, YouTube, etc…

Social Media Niche Marketing Opportunity – Twitter Niche Marketing Opportunity – Instant Internet Business for the Long-term.

We have built a Legitimate Social Network for Christian and Newbie Affiliate Marketers to Immediately Start Earning Cash…

Just for being More Social and Referring Friends.

you are already actively involved in making Friends and Building
Followers in Social Networking Sites… You could be making some Great
Extra Cash… and the good news is that you Only have to make one
little change to your existing actions in order to Honestly and
Legitimately begin Earning Cash with your Social Activities. In just a
few minutes from Now… You could be Earning 100% Profit on one of the
most sought after Information Guides for Internet and Affiliate
Marketers which Instructs you "How to Build an Email Marketing List"
with ‘Pastor Charlie’s Newbie List Building Secrets’… (which I will
give you to Re-Sell for whatever price you choose (suggested price is
$27)… right from your Money Making Social Media Profile page.

you Imagine Earning Multiple payments of $27 that get delivered
Directly and Immediately to your Paypal account by Simply Shaing this
Information with your Friends and Followers… How much money could you
make in One Day? $100 or $200 or more…

let me Sweeten the Pot a little more and Offer You an Affiliate program
where you can Earn a Passive Income of 50% for Each paid Member (each
month) of our Social Network… How much More Money could you Start
Making Now? Invite 10 people and if only 1/3 of those people
subscribe… that’s an Extra $30 per day & per month as long as
they remain a paid member. Even if only one out of ten people upgrade
to Gold Membership… that’s an Extra $310 per month in Extra Income
that you can count on…

when you Join our Gold Member Affiliate program you will get, as a
Bonus, my ‘Twitter Niche Gold’ Marketing Guide for Twitter, Traffic
Tricks, Leads, Followers, List Building and Consistent Sales using
Twitter and your Money Making Social Profile.

are looking at a Easy Potential to Earn $250 to $300 per day… Plus a
Guaranteed Passive Monthly Income for every Paid Member that you
Refer… we’re talking about some Decent Cash for Working (if you can
call it that) just a Couple of Hours per day.

Social Networks and Services are Fast becoming the Next "Dot Com Boom"
for Savvy Affiliate and Internet Marketers and will be your Guide
toward building a Long-Term Career in Internet and Affiliate Marketing
using Social Media Sites and Services. I am determined to build a Team
of Social Media Marketers that Finally break away from Cookie-Cutter
Affiliate Programs that only pay scraps to you, while you Work Long
Hours for a few dollars here and there, but the Affiliate Program
Owners are making a small Fortune off of your Work (and the work of
hundreds like you)… They continually Leverage your Hard Work to
Pocket Most of the Profits.

am also Sick and Tired of pushing these kind of Affiliate Programs
toward people that Really Don’t Understand What is going on Behind the
Scenes, and continually Falling Victim to Power Marketers who Only Use
and Abuse them! It’s Time for the Small Online Business Individual to
Fianlly begin Earning the Majority of the Profit. If you put in a few
hours of Hard Work, You Deserve to get Paid for it… and Paid Well !!!

It’s about this point when most Wise and Considerate people begin to
wonder… What’s in it for You? Why would you be willing to give most
of your profit to people you only know through Social Networking on the
Internet? There has to be Some Kind of Hidden Secret… or something I
might Surprise and Trap you into… In other words… Is this another

That’s a
reasonable question, and although I have partially answered this
question already, I want you to know my Motives for Building an
Immediate and Instant Online Business for you to Finally Make Money on
the Web. I am also Sick and Tired of Power Marketers (or gurus) who
view everyone on the Internet as their Personal ATM Machine… or as
"Sheep" who will follow them wherever they go, and Buy whatever they
Offer. I am Sick and Tired of watching people being Used and Abused by
marketers who have a little more knowledge and money to invest in
"Stealing Your Money"!

motive is simple. I have put a LOT of LABOR into my Social Networking
and Social Media Site and I would like to see it begin to Live up to
it’s potential. I don’t require much in life… and I am certainly not
deluded with visions of Grandeur… Mountains of Money and Power to
Influence people and treat them like Sheep… I assure you that I would
be Satisfied and Content with a Decent Monthly Income for my Labor that
is Honest and Legitimate. (I have even reached a point in my marketing
career where I am afraid to send people to various Opportunities and
Affiliate Programs, with the knowledge that they may be taken advantage
of. Used and Abused and then tossed aside as if their concerns and
income doesn’t really matter in the Hearts of the Guru Marketers.

have been making money as an Affiliate and Internet Marketer for
several years now, and I know exactly How I could Make a Fortune Online
by Using and Abusing people and Leveraging their Efforts. I could even
easily Settle for making some decent cash by getting people to sign up
for Affiliate programs and just Sell my Guides for Me! But having money
is not the same as being Wealthy.

believe that God has placed me in the marketing community to "make a
difference". In fact… God often places His children in "Dark Places"
so that they may Shine the Glorious Gospel of Christ. I honestly want
what’s best for You… so that I can face God with a clear conscience
and so that I can impart my knowledge to Honest and Sincere Christian
Marketers who will go out into the Inter-Verse with a Testimony of
God’s Wealth and Abundance. This has become a part of My Ministry as a
Bivocational Pastor and Internet Marketer and I can only consider
Myself to be a Success… When I Finally Teach You How to be a Success
in Affiliate and Internet Marketing. I don’t expect this to be an Easy
Task for Me… and I don’t expect everyone to just "take my Word" for
anything (although life would be easier that way)…

expect that God will Bless me Only when I am Willing to Bless You… I
will only consider myself a Success, when I have given you the
Instruction, Tools and Flexibilty to Grow your Internet Business in
whatever direction you choose based on Good and Godly Bible Principles
for Mechants (whether Offline or Online).

Truth is that I know an Easy and Cheap way that I can help you build
the Internet Business of your Dreams. Any Decent Marketer will tell you
that, with the Right Niche, Good Marketing and a Team of People who are
Eager to sell your Product… You can Easily Make Money on the
Internet. I am just Unwilling to Compromise my Ideals the way that many
marketers do… in order to make decent money Online.

also suffer a disability called Fibromyalgia, which has robbed me of
the ability to Work a Regular 9 to 5 Job… and after making Good Money
on the Internet… I wouldn’t want to be tied down like that… Ever
Again! I just want to build a Business that Satisfies Some Basic

  • To provide a decent Income for my Family (even when I am gone to be with the Lord).
  • To Never take Advantage of other people to Obtain My Goals.
  • To always make Certain that You Make More Money than I do.
  • To make certain that you can Accomplish this Goal in an Fast and Easy Way.

have Built "Our" Social Media Site and Social Network to provides these
basic criteria… and I Hope that you will Team up with me so that All
of Us, with No exceptions, will have a Wonderful Testimony of God’s
Abundant Blessings. So that All of Us will Shine the Glorious Light of
God’s Love.

I have
Absolute and Unwavering Faith that God wants to Work a Miracle in our
Lives through my Ugly Little Social Network Site… Will you have the
Faith to Join me in my Quest.

May God Bless you with Wealth and Abundance (BTW: Anyone can be Rich… Only God’s Children can be Wealthy)

Charles Beason   — (link to my personal Money Making Social Profile page)
— (link to the Social Network that Pays you to be a Real Friend who
is willing to help other                                            
                                             aspiring Affiliate and
Internet Marketers achieve their dreams and goals)

"Although I cannot promise that I will "Never let You Down"…
I can promise to do My Best to Guide you to the Honest and Decent Money
on the Internet using Social Media Marketing Methods and Strategies".
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