Review – Is PIGP (Plug into Green Profits) a Scam?

Review of (PIGP) Plug into
Green Profits  at ProjectGreen.Biz

PIGP is Not a Scam… be sure to check out the $135 Guaranteed Income (see below)…

Guaranteed Profit (so you can easily Earn back your Investment within 72 hours… plus Profit)…

Not just another Affiliate Product or Program. This is a Complete Affiliate System that Guides you, Step-by-Step… How to Properly Set up a Total Affiliate Campaign.

(I have never seen an Affiliate System that Builds your Affiliate Biz the Proper Way and Guarantees You’ll Make Money)

Green Product (Hugely Profitable Niche), One Point of Entry to Build your Email Marketing List and Complete Autoresponder Series already Populated with Products for Future Sales… Complete Tutorials guide you through each step (individual Coaching available), Advertising Co-Op… and More!

Building an Internet Affiliate Business
is the Cheapest and Easiest way to get Started with an Online Business.
But Building a Complete Affiliate Biz From Scratch can cost you a Lot of
Wasted Time and Money if you are Not Lazar Focused on your Goal as an
Affiliate. Most Newbie Affiliate Marketers join an Affiliate program or
system and Try to Lean and Do Everything Themselves. This is the Big
Mistake that can Ultimately end in Failure. After taking the Hard Road
to Affiliate Income myself, I would like to encourage beginners to
Choose a System that Teaches and Coaches you through Each Essential
Element, without getting Side-Tracked or Overloaded with information.

I can make a blanket statement and say
that Plug into Green Profits is the First, Complete and Total
Step-by-Step Affiliate Marketing System that uses Video Tutorials to
Help you Setup a Proper, Total and Complete Affiliate Business. No More Trial and Error… Follow the Simple Steps and You Will Make Sales! Not just some short-term Extra Cash. This System ensures that You Build it Right the First Time and Saves you Tons of Wasted Time and Money trying to run multiple campaigns. Why is PIGP so Great? One Campaign, One Point of Entry, One List… Multiple Products and Long-Term Profits. You’ll Finally have More Time and More Freedom because your Campaign will run on Autopilot…. after you get Setup.

The Biggest Mistake I see New Affiliate
Marketers Making is "Becoming Too Busy to Make Money". When you are a
Newbie who is Excited about the Huge Income Possibilities presented by
Affiliate Marketing, your Natural Instinct will be to Try Various
Programs and Start Multiple Sites while also Researching and Studying
about Marketing on the Internet. This always end badly because you,
quite frankly, Get Too Busy to Make any Real Money, without Total Focus
and Step-by-Step Training in Setting up Your System… Before you Go-Off

Lack of Targeted Training and the
Natural Instinct to "Follow your Gut", instead of First Building an
Affiliate System, is the Main Reason that 95 to 97% of Beginning
Affiliate Marketers Fail, or Give-Up, on their Dream.

If you check out the Plug Into Green
Profits system and watch the short video introduction at
http://www.ProjectGreen.Biz, there are a couple of items I would like for you
to understand.

  1. The "Green" Online Niche Market
    is becoming Hugely Profitable
  2. This is a New System, so you
    can get in on the Ground-Floor
    (this is important for Easy
  3. You will be Coached,
    Step-by-Step and when you are finished with the Initial Setup… you
    will have a Complete "Plug-in" Affiliate Biz Opp
    (without being
    overloaded with Information or Distracted by Other programs… this
    keeps you on Task instead of Jumping Around and Wondering "What to do
    Next"… or Worse… Program Hopping and Becoming Too Busy to Make
  4. You will be Shown How To Build
    an Autoresponder for Email Marketing that is Already Stuffed with
    Products for Future Sales

  5. You can Add Your Own Affiliate
    Products to Your List however you want
    (An Email Marketing List
    is Essential to Affiliate Marketing Success)
  6. You are Guaranteed to Earn over
    $130 in your first 72 hours
    (this covers your Investment of
    $37 for the program, Your Choice of Autoresponder Plans and the GWO
    Opportunity… NOTE: You are required to make six personal sales before
    you can collect the Guaranteed Income (not a big deal and pretty easy to
  7. You will be asked if you want
    to Join GWO, which is the source product for this system (If you are on a
    Budget you can wait until you have made some Sales of PIGP before
    Joining GWO
    (there is a resonable monthly fee for GWO)… but
    you will only have half the Income Potential… If you are a member of
    GWO you will make Twice the Comissions, but only join as you can afford
    the monthly Fee)
  8. You can Begin Earning Decent
    Income from the PIGP System and the Pre-Populated Marketing List Right
    Away… and Look Forward to Future Sales on "Autopilot

This is Truly the Best Affiliate
Training I have Ever Seen on the Internet. It keeps you Focused and
Targeted on Building a System that can Sustain you with Sales for months
and years to come.

A Complete, Plug-in, Step-by-Step Affiliate Biz Opp - 
Build it Right the 1st TimeTo Effectively Market
Affiliate Products so that you can Build a Career Home Biz on the
Internet takes Focus and Coaching. Don’t try to do all of this on your
own! Take advantage of this Unique and Powerful Step-by-Step System that
Completely Sets Up Your Affiliate Business to be Easy and Effective.
Instead of Wasting Tons of Energy and Money… You’ll be Lead through
the Process of Building a System that Eventually Only Requires a Few
Minutes Per Day, to Keep Making Sales (and Income).

My Honest Advice:

You can’t make a Decent Affiliate Income
by Building Websites and Blogs and Joining Free Programs where you Slap
a few Banners and Text Links onto your Sites, and Expect to Make a
Living. There is an Easy Way, and a Hard Way, to Market Affiliate
Products on the Internet. Everything I know, I learned through Trial and
Error over Several Years… If I made any Money, it was because I got
Lucky, Not Because I was Doing it Right!

The Plug into Green Profits System will
Guide You… Step-by-Step… into an Easy to Market Affiliate Business
that can Grow…. with a much smaller Investment of Time and Money.

Learn Affiliate Marketing, Done the
Right Way, No Obligation, No Scam…

Just take a few minutes to watch the
Video Report at

Project Green Biz


"It has been my Hearts Desire to Help people learn How To Earn a Decent
Affiliate Income… Now I can Finally Suggest a System that Really
Works! When and If you are Ready, you can Follow the Instructions and
Don’t Allow yourself to get Off-Course… You can Build a Full-Time
Affiliate Business using this System as a Starting Point… and You’ll Work Less to Keep Making More Sales as you Market More Green Products to Your List".

Make it Simple: Guide people to your Opt-In Page and Advertise to Your List!

This is the Way an Affiliate Marketing Campaign is supposed to be Built!

If you have More than One Site or Blog with Many Banners and Links… You’re Doing it the Wrong Way!


May God Bless You with Success,

Charles Beason



About Charles Beason

Flooring Consultant/ Estimator, Bi-vocational Pastor of Oasis Missionary Baptist Church, Internet Business Owner, Webmaster.

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