How to make Consistent Affiliate Sales

How to make Consistent Affiliate Sales

If you have Tried Affiliate Marketing, but Never made any Consistent Sales, I want to tell you "it’s Not Your Fault"… and I’d like to tell you Why.

Most Affiliate Products and Programs will try to convince you "How Easy" it is to make Affiliate Sales. When you register for Most Affiliate Programs, they will tell you How you will become Rich, by Simply adding their Links and Banners to your Website or Blog. This leads Most New Affiliate Marketers with the False assumption that you Make Affiliate Sales by "Pushing" Links and Banners on Multiple Sites and Blogs, without any Clear Direction or Business Goals. Since most of the emphasis is placed on Niche Research, Site Building and Product Placement, most Affiliates miss the True Secret of Earning Consistent Income with Affiliate products.

The Truth is, that Very Few Affiliate Sales are made with Text Links and Banners Alone. Even if you have the Best Affiliate Product and Target a Profitable Niche, you will be Lucky to make an occasional Sale with this approach. And what’s worse is that you eventually become too busy Building Sites and Writing Blog Posts to make any Real and Long-Term Relationships which Produce Sales.

In order to Make Consistent Affiliate Sales, you Need a Complete Affiliate Campaign (or system), where you Offer your Customers an Experience, instead trying to Shovel Products Down their Throats. Affiliate Marketing must be treated as a Business, and the Most Important Element in Business is the Ability to Make Consistent Sales, over and over again, to the Same people. Affiliate Marketing can be the most Satisfying or the Most Frustrating Home Biz you will ever attempt, depending on How You Build It!

An Affiliate Campaign is an Absolute Necessity for Making Consistent Affiliate Sales. A Successful Campaign Consists of Only a few basic elements, but getting these elements Setup Correctly, will either make you or break you. A Complete Affiliate Campaign consists of a Sales Funnel:

  1. A Solid Niche Market (a Targeted Need that you can Fill in any given Market)
  2. A Single Point of Entry for your Customers (a Squeeze Page)
  3. An Autoresponder (to Capture the Name and Email of your Prospects)
  4. A Series of Niche Products that you Only Advertise to Your List (email list marketing)

To Correctly setup a Complete Affiliate Campaign takes More Work in Planning out your Sales Funnel… but it will Reward you with Consistent Affiliate Sales for years to come. I might also mention that this approach Greatly Simplifies Affiliate Marketing to the extent that you Only Have to Market and Advertise your "Single Point of Entry"… instead of trying to Keep Up with Multiple Niche Sites and Blogs.

It is beyond the scope of this short article to Teach you How To Build an Affiliate Campaign. However, if you would like to Skip all the Hard Work that comes with Finding and Researching a Niche Market, and Building a Sales Funnel with an Autoresponder that is Pre-Populated with Products… I suggest you check out an Affiliate System that will Show You How to Build It All in One Day. This system Guides you, Step-by-Step, with Video Tutorials and Guarantees that You’ll Make Sales within the First 3 Days.

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Using this System, I was Able to Build an Entire Affiliate Campaign for the Green Niche Market, in less than eight hours. The "Green" Niche Market is exploding with the Best and Latest Affiliate Products that I Simply Add to my Autoresponder. So instead of being too Busy Building Niche Sites… I can Concentrate on Marketing and Advertising my "Single Point of Entry"… and then All of My Sales are on Autopilot. This system is Saving Me Tons of Time and Work… and my Advertising is Much More Focused with a Lot Less Effort.

If you are like Most Affiliate Marketers, You are Way Too Busy Researching Niches, Building Sites, posting to Blogs, Writing Articles, Copying and Pasting Links and Banners to All of Your Sites… in essence, you are Too Busy "Pushing Products" to make Consistent Affiliate Sales.

Don’t let this Opportunity Pass You Up! An Individual, Step-by-Step, Complete Affiliate Sales Campaign is waiting for you… and You Will Make Sales on Your First Day (Guaranteed).
It doesn’t Need to be so Hard. Simplify your Affiliate Sales by Building a Autopilot Campaign that Makes the Sales for You!
Once you Learn How to Build a Complete Affiliate Campaign…
You’ll Finally Understand Why so many Marketers Tell You That It It’s Easy to Make Affiliate Sales

Project Green Biz
Today, and watch the Free Report!

— This Complete Affiliate Sales System is Specifically Designed for people who have Never Made Consistent Sales on the Internet (or even a Single Affiliate Sale) —

Have a Blessed Day,
Charles Beason

31121 Balsa Ave.
Barstow, Ca.

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