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Social Media List Building – Just as Good as Opt-In Subscribers

Social Media is an Easy way to Build a Huge Marketing List
and it’s just as good as an Opt-In List

Did you know that every time you make a Friend on Affiliate-Bivocation, Facebook, Linked-in, etc.., or gain a Follower on Twitter, that you are actually Building Your Marketing List?

The whole idea behind Building an Email Marketing List is that people give you permission to send them Email Messages and once you build a List you can send useful information and periodic sales offers to Your List.

Building an Email Marketing List is one of the Most Important things you can do as an Internet Business-person! And Social Media is one of the Most Over-Looked Marketing Lists on the Internet. So many Affiliate Marketers concentrate all their efforts on Getting Traffic to their Squeeze Page so that people will Opt into their List. But they are often overlooking the Huge List that Already Exists on Social Networks.

However, Building a Social Media Marketing List is not Automated, which may be why so many marketers Neglect it. Most people would Rather try to build a list with a Squeeze page or Blog, but if you can’t get Traffic to the page where your Autoresponder Form is… You’ll Never Start Building your List. When you are beginning an Online business, you may be Tempted to spend money to Advertise your Squeeze page, but these days, you will most likely end up wasting a bunch of money on advertising, with very little results to show for it. For every 1,000 people your Ads may reach, you may get 1 person to subscribe to your Autoresponder. That’s a Huge waste of Time and Money, if you ask me.

Social Networking offers you a Free way to Build your List, and it only takes a few minutes a day. I have built a Huge List using Social Media and Social Networking, and I did it all for FREE. My goal with this article, is to get you to realize that Building Friends and Followers on Social Networks is just as Powerful as an Opt-In Email List, because every Friend you make is unwittingly giving you Permission to send Direct Emails to them. Just as you would with an Autoresponder List.

People are Extremely Careful about sharing their name and email address with Affiliate Marketers, which is why most of you are having so much difficulty in List Building and need to contact thousands of people to get a few measly subscribers. However, these same people are very Eager to become Friends with you on Social Networks and the conversion ratio is better than 50%. Most people will eagerly become your Friend on Social Networks when you send them an Invitation. This means that you can Build a Huge List of Social Contacts that have given you Permission to Directly Send Emails them in a few weeks by Simply Asking them to be your Friend.

Don’t over-think this method. You don’t need to come up with a stunning headline, or a special invitation format… just use the basic Invite function that exists on All Social Networks. Just make certain that you have some Interesting Information and a Link to your Autoresponder on your Social Profile and people will subscribe to it. And even if they don’t subscribe to your Opt-in List, remember that you already have their permission to send them emails because they are your Friends on Social Media.

Start taking advantage of the Huge Social Media List that already exists on the internet. All you need to do to Tap Into this List is to be Friendly and Social. Send out basic Invites to people who have similar interests and problems that you can provide solutions for, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at Just How Fast you can Build your List. Today I sent about twenty Invitations through the Affiliate-Bivocation "Add Friends" Function… and by tomorrow, I should have at least 3 to 5 New Friends (maybe more), Social Media is an Easy way to Build a List that is Responsive and profitable. Just make certain that you Never Abuse your Social List… be honest and sincere in your efforts to improve the lives of the people on Your List by providing them with Info and Products that Solve Problems, or Fulfill the Dreams of your Social Media Friends. Put their interests first… and you will be rewarded with Affiliate Sales.

Tip: You can use the search function on Facebook, Twitter, etc.. to find people who have similar interests as you do, and simply send each person a Friend Invitation.

Note: You can instantly download my New Free Ebook ‘Go Green – Build Wealth’, which is about 10 pages of energy saving tips… on the top-left of the "home" page.

If you are a member of Affiliate-Bivocation, you can invite about twenty people at a time, to come and be your Friend by using the "Add Friends" function inside your profile (Click "Friends" on your profile, and you will see the "add friends" link). I have also provided Instructions on setting up your Affiliate-Bivocation profile as a Squeeze or Sales page inside the ‘Gold Member Area’.

If you need Ideas, Tips and Techniques for List-Building… check out my "Green Affiliate List Building Secrets" Guide for Tips and Tricks you can use to Build your Autoresponder List.

Thanks for your time, and May God Bless you,
Charles Beason

P.S. The "Green" Affiliate Market is growing daily, and as more Green Affiliate products become available, I will test and post products that show good potential for you to profit from. See the "Green Affiliate" page at

Social Media is an Easy way to Build a Huge Marketing List…
and it’s just as good as an Opt-In List.

Earn “Green” Monster Affiliate Profits in the “Green Niche” Energy Market

Earn Monster Affiliate Profits in the
"Green" Energy Market!

GREEN… is an Industry buzz-word that
Relates to:

  • Energy Saving(s)
  • Energy Conservation

Project Green Biz

  • Alternative Energy
  • Global Warming Solutions
  • Ecology
  • and many other GREEN Niche Opportunities…

…and while the "Green Niche Energy Market" is fast becoming one of the most profitable Affiliate Niches on the Web, you can get in on a Ground-floor, Turnkey, Step-by-Step, Affiliate System.

I don’t know anyone that Would Not
like to Earn a Small Share of the GREEN Market. Even a small share would
translate into Monster Green Profits. Virtually Everyone with Any Affiliate
Marketing Sense would like to Tap Into some part of the Alternative or
Energy Savings Market.

Our Biggest Obstacle to Starting a Biz
in the Green Market has always been the Incredible Costs involved in
Tapping into these Green Markets.

Example: Just starting a Recycle Center
in your home town or neighborhood requires a pretty Substantial Outlay
of Start-Up Capitol…. An Really Profitable Alternative Energy Biz
would require million$ of dollars to establish and there is still a Huge
Risk that your Green Biz start-up may not produce Profits until up to
Five Years Later (five years is the average time it takes New Business
to begin making a Real Profit) and most of us do not have the Time or
Resources to Invest in a Green Business. When you consider Research,
Development and Advertising for a New Green Product or Energy
Solution… Well… It’s a nice Dream that we Never Expected to be Able
to Profit from!

Until Now!

Recently, it has become possible for
Small Business to Break Into Huge a Profitable Niche Market in the Green
Sector selling "other people’s Green Products" as an Affiliate Marketer. And we’ll give you Step-by-Step Video Tutorials and Teach you How to Build a Green Affiliate Sales Funnel and Affiliate Campaign with Autoresponder Series (messages, Green Products… Absolutely Everything you Need to build your "Green Affiliate" Business.

Green Biz’

I have teamed up with a Leader in
Affiliate Marketing to be able to Offer You a Complete Home Business
Solution for the GREEN Energy Niche Market

This is a Green Monster Opportunity
that you don’t want to Miss. There are Billions of Dollars to be made in
the Green Niche Market… But you’ll Need to Get in on This Opportunity
while it is New and Red-Hot!

A Complete, and I mean Totally
Complete, Step-by-Step, Plug-In Solution for entering this Market is
Only a Click Away…

Grab the Free Report, and Get More
Information at my New Site at:


*Even .01% of a Green Market Niche is
going to Make Some People Rich… But you Need to take Action NOW!

Go to

Project Green Biz

Earn Monster Affiliate Profits in the "Green" Energy Market!


Would you like to Learn the Secret of the Super-Affiliates? Download my FREE 9 page Ebook…
"How to become a Green Super-Affiliate"
Go to Affiliate-Bivocation, and Instantly Download your copy of this Free "Green Super-Affiliate" Ebook on the right side of the home page.


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Build a Total Affiliate Sales Funnel and a Complete Long-Term Affiliate Sales Campaign

Build a Total Affiliate Sales Funnel and a Complete and Long-Term Affiliate Sales Campaign and "Go Green".

What is an Automated (or Autopilot) Affiliate Sales System?

Affiliate Business Opportunity (Biz Op) for the "Green" Affiliate Niche. Build it Right, and make it "Green", for optimal "Autopilot" Profits. You can use a single inexpensive system to build an Entire Sales Funnel Campaign in the "Green" Niche Market using less Time, Effort and Expense.

There is a total lack of communication and understanding in the Affiliate Marketing community. This miss-communication has a lot to due with the way most Affiliate products and programs are marketed and advertised on the Internet. There is so much Hype… that it often leads New Affiliate Marketers down a path of Failure instead of Profit. This lack of understanding has led many "would be" Affiliate Marketers into a false doctrine that teaches people to simply add links and banners to their website or blog, and they will make a ton of money. This is a totally false assumption that leads many Affiliate Marketers feeling Scammed. Most Affiliate Programs and Products are Not Scams… but if they don’t teach you How to Sell Affiliate Products Online… you may get the impression that it was a Scam.

What they Don’t tell you:

Pasting Links and Banners to your Websites and Blogs does NOT make you an Affiliate Marketer. If your are ever going to become a True Professional Affiliate Marketer or Online Business-person, it is absolutely necessary that you setup a Complete Sales Funnel System that takes advantage of an Autoresponder Series. This will put your Affiliate sales on Autopilot and ensure long-term sales, leads and traffic.

Understanding How the Terms, "Autopilot" and "Sales Funnel" are used in connection with Affiliate Marketing is essential to Building and Maintaining a Long-Term Internet Business.

In my Career as an Affiliate and Internet Marketer, I have seen the word "Autopilot" used in conjunction with many Affiliate Programs and Internet Opportunities. I had always viewed Advertising strategies that employed the use of the word Autopilot in their Ad Copy with extreme skepticism because I know that anything you do to make money involves continual effort and actual work. So it took me quite a while to wrap my head around an "Autopilot" system or program for making Online Income.

Although I have marketed several Affiliate Products and Programs over the past couple of years, I Never Really Believed a program or system could "Sell Itself", be "Push Button" and most of all… be put on Total "Autopilot".

My first endeavors in Affiliate Marketing can be classified as Complete Failures. I didn’t really even start to make any Online Profit until I Stumbled on a Profitable Niche. Finally, it seemed I had found a system that almost Sold Itself, because it employed a Marketing Strategy that was based on a "viral" Ebook. This seemed like a perfect Biz that I could Build my Dream on. But when my Sales, Leads and Traffic began to Dry Up, I soon realized that I had simply been "Lucky". I made some decent sales "in Spite" of my Sales Process and certainly Not Because of it… because I hadn’t Setup the most important elements for building consistent Affiliate Sales… A Sales Funnel and Autoresponder Series.

Although I was making some Profits from one, and sometimes two Affiliate products, it did not take me long
to see some underlying Factors that were causing me to begin to slowly
lose traffic, lose sales and ultimately "Lose My Customers" to the very
people and programs I was Marketing and Advertising. And it was all due
to my Miss-Understanding of the marketing terminology that is used in
"Automated, Push Button, Autopilot" systems.

Due to my miss-comprehension of these marketing elements, I can Now see what keeping me from The Real and Lasting Money that can be made on the Internet?

  1. I was Not Building a Marketing List
  2. I was Not Building a Network or Team around my Marketing
  3. I was Not Effectively using "Viral" Marketing Methods
  4. I was Trying to Do It All-by-Myself

So I never Really put my Marketing on Autopilot and Automated Back-end Sales to ensure I would Keep Making Money in the Future. This is also the failure of many "Would-Be" Affiliate Marketers that have followed and Copied a System, But Neglected the Most Important Aspects of Building a Long-Term Career in Affiliate and Internet Marketing.

Now I know that the term "Autopilot" applies to:

  1. Making List Building your Most Important Marketing Strategy
  2. Building a Niche email Marketing List (using "Viral"
  3. Populating your List with Products for Future Sales
  4. Using Failures to Build Success

When you Properly Build an Online Affiliate Biz, you build Automation, Self-Selling and Teamwork into your Sales Funnel. And these are the Most Important of All Affiliate Marketing Elements if you desire to put your Affiliate Home Business on Autopilot! Which happens to be "Building a Sales Funnel with an Email Marketing List (Autoresponder Series with built-in messages and "Green" products) for a Complete Affiliate Campaign"!

You can Learn more at http://www.ProjectGreen.Biz

The Best Marketing Advice I can Give You in 3 Parts:

  1. "the money is in the list"
  2. "The Money is in the List"

It’s the Only Way to Build a Real Online Biz because You Not Only Make Sales from Advertising with Links and Banners… You Continue to Make Sales in the Background through Your Email Marketing List. Building a "Complete Affiliate Campaign" is the True Meaning of an Autopilot System that Makes You Future Sales… and continues to Make You Money almost as Easy as Pushing a Button (the Email Send Button). This is also essential for "Keeping" Your Customers as you Continue to Add to Your Business by adding Affiliate Products to your
Autoresponder List

I have always tried to help and Lead people in the Right Direction as Affiliate Marketers. They need someone to help them when they are New or Beginners to Affiliate and Internet Marketing. But due to lack of time and my disability (Fibromyalgia), I can only add "How to" information and small Bits and Pieces of the Marketing Puzzle at a time. I was just beginning to try and Organize my Content into a Usable System when I Stumbled on the Next Revolution in Marketing an Affiliate Business. Although I am Proud of my achievements… thus far… in Building a Social Networking Biz through a "Money Making" Social Profile… I was Truly Relieved of a lot of the Work and Stress involved in undertaking such a Huge Process, when I learned about a Push Button, Step-by-Step, Autopilot System which had already been established by one of the True Professionals in Affiliate

This Simple but Complete Affiliate Sales Funnel and Autoresponder Campaign makes it easy for absolute beginners to build long-term profitability into their Affiliate Business. In fact, with the step-by-step video tutorials, you’ll be able to build a Complete and Proper Affiliate Campaign in one business day, and begin to Earn Profit Immediately. This is a Fantastic Value and an Absolute "Must Have" for anyone who is trying to build an Internet Affiliate Career.

You are invited to watch a Free Video Introduction of this Complete Affiliate System. There is No Obligation whatsoever… and since I value my self-respect above making a few dollars, I consider People to be more Important than Products. Trust me… you don’t want to let this opportunity pass you up… It’s just Too Important to your Future as an Affiliate Marketer.

Honestly… I would probably still be Wasting a ton of Time, Effort and Money trying to "push" and "paste affiliate products on web sites, if I hadn’t stumbled on this System. This is, by far, the best Affiliate Education you can get for the price of a pizza dinner. I went from bumbling Affiliate Foolishness to Professional Affiliate Marketer in One Day… Now You Can Too! Go to http://www.ProjectGreen.Biz … and you can learn how you can "Plug into" this amazing opportunity.

Pasting Links and Banners on all of your Sites and Blogs, Does NOT make you an Affiliate Marketer… But we can show you How to Build a Complete Affiliate Campaign that will set you up and Maximize your chances for Long-Term Success, while eliminating the Failure that almost all Affiliates experience when they don’t have a Complete Affiliate Campaign and Sales Funnel System. And to make this even Better, you can Start your Complete Affiliate Business in the "Green" Niche Market, which is a Really Hot Market on the Internet.

To learn more, go to:

Project Green Biz

or visit


to see my Video Review.

Thanks for your time,

Charles Beason      – Join our Affiliate "How To" Social Network      – View my "money making" Social Profile

Build a Total Affiliate Sales Funnel and a Complete Long-Term Affiliate Sales Campaign and "Go Green".

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