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Free Report – The Benefits of Social Blog Affiliate Marketing

Free Report – The Benefits of Social Blog Affiliate Marketing

Blog Posts Offer you an Unfair Advantage over Website Marketing Tactics

…it’s not what you Sell, But How you Market, that really counts.

There are theorists and purists that dogmatically hold to their
philosophy that Marketing Never Changes. In theory, we might agree…
However, the real-world, practical application of marketing methods,
tactics and strategies must constantly keep pace with changing
technology, in order to remain effective.
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Marketing and Advertising for Leads, Traffic and Sales on the Internet
have made some necessary changes since I first started many years ago.
The Web is Now more Social, Mobile, Wireless and Local… which may
require us to tweak some old strategies. In fact, I would dare say that
these changes in the Inter-Verse actually make it easier for people to
sell products and services, if they know which tools to use. And there
is one marketing tool in your arsenal that is Just as Effective as it
ever was. The unassuming and often undervalued Blog.


Blogging and Blog posts can offer you an Unfair Advantage over your
competitors who are still using Website Centric Marketing Tactics. What
are these Advantages? I will take a few moments to list some of the best
benefits of a Blog when marketing and advertising to the Internet.


  • Easier to Setup than a Website with more Responsive and Targeted Readers
  • Built-In Social Media Marketing and Advertising Tactics
  • Easy way to Build your Social and Email Marketing Lists – simply
    add an Autoresponder email marketing form for your Newsletter, Freebie,
    Give Away, etc…
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  • RSS to Build Subscribers and Social Network List
  • Faster Research and Testing of Niche Markets and Keywords
  • Blog posts are Naturally More Trusted than website Content
  • Better Organic Search Results (get on the 1st page of Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc…)
  • Ability to Adjust Content for your Niche Market
  • More Intimate Interaction with Readers
  • More Organic Backlinks than Website SEO Strategies

…These are only a few of the Unfair Advantages that Blogging,
or Blog Marketing, can Offer you in your quest to gain more Leads,
Traffic and Sales on the Internet. To be absolutely honest, I had very
little success making money on the Web, until I integrated a Blog into
my Website and Social Networks. Blogging can be one of the most
effective Free, Organic Advertising and Marketing Tactics you will
likely ever use in your Quest to Build your Dream Business on the Web…
if it’s done Correctly.


If you would like to learn more details about Blogging as a Social Affiliate Marketing Tool, you can download my Free Report.
After being laid up for 4 or 5 months, I am essentially Starting Over
Again… I found an old eBook (more like a report) I had written back in
2007 and it’s just as relevant now as it was back then… I updated the
site name and added a little fresh content so I could share it with
you. I wrote it especially for my members, Friends and Followers and I
pray that it helps you gain a solid perspective for Affiliate Marketing
on the Internet (This is Not an advertisement disguised as an eBook,
it’s just some useful information I wish to share with you).

to download your copy… or go to…

Thanx for your time and May God Bless you,
Charles Beason
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