Are people Finding your Small Business Website on the Internet?

Are people Finding your Small Business Website on the Internet?
Make Sure your small Business Website shows up when people "Click that Search Button"

Does your Business Website Name or Listing Appear on the 1st page of a
Google Search Result, when look for your Products or Service and Click
that Search Button?

Keyword Power for your Business Niche   Let’s
face it… the Economy is making things Tough on Small Business, and
you Absolutely Need to be Listed on the 1st Page of any search by a
potential customer! Do you have a website for your small business? If
so… is anybody Visiting it? If they do Visit… do they spend any Real
Time on your Site? You Need Highly Targeted Visits for your small
business, plain and simple!

It’s a sad fact that Most Local
Business Websites get very Few Visits. And if you have invested the Time
and Money to own a website for your business… it doesn’t do anybody
any good unless people can Find It. Perhaps you have listed some Great
Deals on your website… it’s sad to know that hardly anyone is ever
going to see them, or take advantage of the Above-Average Service that
you are offering.

Why aren’t people looking at my small business website?

For Most Small Business Websites, the answer is Simple… it’s the "Keywords" and "Tags"
you are using (or Not using) in your website Title, Description,
Meta-Tags, and Content (content is any information, banners, links,
images, etc… that you want potential customers to read). You Need to
Use very Specific and Unique Keywords and Tags that describe your
website to the Search Engines (like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc…),
because "Niche" Marketing Keywords and Tags will Make All the Difference
in whether your website ever gets Visited… and people can start to
take advantage of your Amazing Service and/or Products.

You can have the Greatest Small Biz Website on the Planet… But if nobody Visits… it’s just a Waste of Space and Money.

Does this scenario sound familiar to you? Are you desperately trying to
get New Clients and Customers from the "Inter-Verse"… but just can’t
seem to get that Elusive First Page Listing on Google?

Wait… Don’t Give Up just Yet… there’s still Hope for your small biz website… and there’s a book
that has been written Especifically for your situation. You Can and
Will increase your Search Ranking! You Can Get More Website Visitors,
when you Find and Use the Best, Smoking Hot Keywords and Tags that best describe your Business. Niche Marketing
is how Internet and Affiliate Marketers are able to Make So Much Money
Online, and I am going to let you in on their Niche Keyword Strategies
so that you can Build and Expand Your Business on the Internet.

Start getting the Listings and Visitors that your Local Small Business Needs to Succeed and Thrive…Keyword Power for your Business Niche

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May God’s Bless your small business,
Charles Beason
(fine area rugs and home decor items)
(Christian, Social Seed Business Network)


About Charles Beason

Flooring Consultant/ Estimator, Bi-vocational Pastor of Oasis Missionary Baptist Church, Internet Business Owner, Webmaster.

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