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When a Simple Conflict turns Violent, can you Protect Yourself? – Learn Unarmed Combat Tactics in less than 2 Hours


When a Simple Conflict turns Violent, will you be Able to Protect Yourself & your Family?

…Learn Unarmed Combat Tactics in less than 2 Hours!


It often starts as a Simple Argument or Conflict of some sort.

Conflict is a part of daily life. There’s no way around it. We often feel most safe and protected from violence while we are within the confines of our home and surrounded by our families. But this can be a deadly perception. Simple arguments and family conflicts can suddenly escalate into Crimes of Violence at a moment’s notice.

In my career as a minister, I am often called upon to mediate squabbles within the church and the families that comprise it. This makes me privy to just how suddenly a simple argument can become dangerous or even deadly.

I am reminded of a certain family where two brothers were constantly at odds with each other. They were no older than 8 years of age when their conflicts escalated into violence of such ferocity that one brother or the other would think nothing of stabbing each other with anything you can imagine. As my memory serves me, it started when the older brother stabbed his younger sibling with a dart. This practice continued to escalate to the point where regular medical emergencies resulted from stabbings from items such as forks, lawn-darts, pocket-knives, and one occasion produced a huge laceration of the scalp from a garden-ho, which easily took several dozen stitches to repair.

I am also reminded of so many occasions where silly little arguments erupted into Violence of such brute-force that a husband or wife sustained enough damage from violence to produce a prolonged stay at the local hospital. Conflict that turns Violent is reaching epic proportions, both in, and outside the home. When I am asked to counsel, console or help repair a violent relationship within the home, I just want to ask “How could you let things get so Out-of-Control”? A husband beating wife because she didn’t fill the ice-tray… Parents physically abusing children for “being too loud”, accidentally spilling a glass of milk or just for being children… it is beyond my minds grasp… How can people treat each other like this?

Violence can also happen outside the walls of our home. A friend of mine is still grieving the loss of his adult son who was shot at point-blank range during the course of a simple conflict with a neighbor about their property line. This event took place in a “nice” neighborhood where “normal” suburban families lived in, what appeared to be, relative peace. This was a total shock to the family. This was much like the shock in my own neighborhood when two young men from a nice Christian family were arrested for robbery with assault and battery against their victims who they attacked in busy shopping centers and in broad daylight.

Victims of spousal or parental abuse can attest to the fact that Simple Arguments can suddenly turn into knock-down, drag-out Fights for Survival. And when it happens, there is No Prior Notice… No one to Assist you… No Place to Run! And when you add Alcohol to the equation… the Violence and Abuse is multiplied, many times over! As I listen to my scanner for fire, paramedic and police calls, I get a sense that a great majority of police calls are related to Alcohol and Domestic Violence.

What is my Point?

Have you heard the old saying; “The best defense is a good offense”?

Take Frank Cucci’s ‘Unarmed Combat Course’…

We cannot possibly predict when a simple argument will produce a Violent Event that affects every member of our families. It’s a proven fact that at least one individual from every Family in America will eventually be victimized by Brute Force Crimes, Assaults and Abuse. However, our personal safety and the safety of our family members can be greatly maximized using simple “combat based” Self Defense Strategies.

Frank Cucci has assembled a Video Instruction Course that could really help when simple conflicts turn Violent… or when our family members are accosted by any person wishing to do them harm. When you think about Violence and Abuse… there are not many opportunities to “Run away” from the fight! There’s No Time to Scream for Help! We are most often Forced into Taking Responsibility for our Own Self Defense and Personal Safety. This instruction video could make a Huge Difference in the Outcome of almost any type of Violent Event.

Frank Spent 12 years as a Navy SEAL (including four years in SEAL Team Six), the most elite division in the SEALS…these are the guys who always get the roughest and toughest assignments.

UNARMED COMBAT COURSE – You’ll learn skills specifically designed for situations where top soldiers suddenly found themselves without a gun or even a pocket knife… possibly wounded… surprised by ambush… out-numbered… and with the violence around them reaching the point of life and death! Minimal athletic ability is required, and each move must have a High Consistency of Success. Just short of two hours… these Unarmed Fighting Tactics are worth the Time and Investment toward your family’s safety.


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When a Simple Conflict turns Violent, can you Protect Yourself? – Learn Unarmed Combat Tactics in less than 2 Hours



Self Defense for Elderly, Disabled, Singles Targeted by Criminal Assault- When Brutal Crimes Get Too Close to Home!

Self Defense and Personal Protection for Elderly, Disabled, Singles Targeted by Criminal Assault- When Brutal Crimes Get Too Close to Home!

“Local Muggers Go On Assault and Robbery Spree – Elderly, Disabled and Lone Women Targeted”!

This was a Headline article in our local newspaper not long ago. Brutal and Abusive Crimes are not something we like to think about on a daily basis. In the depth of our being, we know it is always Best to be Proactive. It’s only proper to be Prepared to respond to Brutal and Abusive Crime Before we, or our family members, are Victims of it. But, like most unpleasant things in life, we often wait and “React” to the harmful activity of others until we are personally affected or someone in our family have become a Victim of brutality, abuse, attacks, robbery, rape, etc…  . Just as most of us postpone buying health, life and accident insurance, until something “close to home” causes us to reevaluate our responsibility to Family and Self, most of us will not consider Self Defense to be a Priority, but it is! Don’t Wait to be Proactive about Self Defense! Please Consider the following…

Are you a Potential Target?

The Article went on to explain how two men in their early twenties were lying in wait for people who would be “Easy Targets” for their spree of mayhem. They would lurk in the parking lot of the factory merchant’s mall or inside the bathrooms of fast-food restaurants and wait for their Prey to arrive. Like predators on the Serengeti, they lie in wait, to pounce upon the weak and defenseless. Among those Targeted and Singled-Out are the Elderly, the Disabled and Women Shopping Alone (even lone women who parked in well lit and well traveled parking areas were targeted by these Thugs).

One 76 year old male victim was accosted in the rest-room at a busy Mc Donald’s restaurant and spent over two weeks in the critical care unit of our local hospital. The assailants beat this poor gentleman half to death for less than forty dollars. When they were finally arrested for their crimes there was no sense of guilt or remorse. These sorts of predators simply don’t care whose life and families they destroy in their quest for selfish gain!

Why do young men “gone wild” feel that they must Beat their already helpless victims into submission, instead of just robbing them? The only logic I can assume is…

1.       To take control (so you can’t run away).

2.       To accomplish their crime more quickly.

3.       To silence any Cries for Help.

4.       To allow them More Time to make a clean getaway.

Are you a Target? Could You be the next Victim listed in your local news?

While any person is a potential victim for these types of senseless and brutal crimes, those who have weaknesses are especially vulnerable. It’s not something we dwell on, but it does not seem so long ago that I could have fended off almost any assailant. Now that I am a senior citizen with a disability, I feel much more vulnerable. It’s appalling to think about… but most people are not merely robbed… they are also beaten severely. I don’t know about you, but I also consider my own safety, along with that of my wife… I feel much better knowing that she has a personal alarm and a stun-gun.

When you become a victim, they’re not going to give you a chance to run away or to scream for help… it only takes a few seconds for these thugs to beat you so severely, that your life is changed forever. Like I said… it’s not something we want to dwell upon… but you and your family’s safety are extremely important.

What can you do?

Let’s Face Facts. In the current economic crisis, people are more willing to take drastic measures to get the money they need. It is becoming a less safe world as people who would otherwise never dream of stealing or hurting people are catapulted into Crimes of Theft and Assault.  Having your possessions taken is frightening enough… but most of these criminals have also taken to Beating, Mugging and Assaulting their Victims. Self Defense has become a necessity rather than a luxury.

Consider this. The two young Criminals I have mentioned in the article above were raised in good Christian families and lived only five doors away from me in my current neighborhood before their arrest and conviction for these horribly abusive crimes against the Elderly and Weak. I actually knew them and there were many occasions when they were actually guests for meals or game nights in my home. This has caused me to re-think every aspect of Self Defense and Personal Safety… especially since I am now disabled. Even though I took wrestling in high school and have had some amount of training in martial arts, fibromyalgia has taken away much of my strength and agility. As much as I hate to admit it… this makes me a Prime Target for people who choose Crimes of Assault and Abuse in order to line their pockets with their ill-gotten gains. It sends chills down my spine when I consider how I trusted them and allowed them to become close to my family. If these “seemingly nice” young men could suddenly turn into Muggers and Thieves, Well, I suppose it proves that nobody is Really Safe these days! I Need Self Defense tools and so does my Family.

I always heard the statistics… how that nine out of ten crimes of assault, abuse rapes, etc… are perpetrated by family and friends (the people who are most close to us), but I guess it never really penetrated my hard-head, until it was Way too Close to Home!

What can you do to ensure a measure of self-protection and family safety? You can take a few moments of your precious time, and check out some of the Self Defense tools that could make the difference between being a victim of brutal crimes, or coming away with your life and possessions intact. Law officials and Statistics have proven the fact that when you use Personal Self Defense tools correctly, it buys you a few precious seconds of time that make the difference between being “Victim” or a “Victor”.

Learn more about the Latest Self Defense and Home Security Products:

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Like it or Not, You are a Potential Target. Especially if you are Elderly, Disabled, Female or ever even go shopping Alone.

We spend thousands of dollars on Health, Wealth, Life and Accident Insurance… but when you are Personally Attacked… You Only Have a Few Split-Seconds to React and save yourself from a Life-Time of Suffering. Be Safe!

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The Runt Stun Gun – Product Review

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FREE DIY (Do-it-yourself) Social Advertising and Marketing Center

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Each Hyper-Link that you place on the Web that leads people to your Business, Product(s), Service or Ministry, is like a tiny Seed of Faith… it lies there Dormant (as if dead), until someone Clicks it… once Clicked, it can Begin to Grow and with proper Care… it eventually Yields the Fruit of Success!

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Things have certainly changed:

In past times, information (or Content) was shared through websites as they were listed by the Search Engines (mainly Google), in the order of their Relevance to the Keyword that was being searched for by a potential customer. It was much easier to start and operate an Internet Business.

Over the past couple of years, Social Media and Social Networking have Totally changed the landscape of the Inter-Verse. Facebook alone, has Billions of users who are not nearly as Dependant on Google to Find Stuff (and Google hasn’t been too happy about it). When you also consider the billions of people on Twitter, MySpace and other Social Networks… you begin to get a glimpse of Where All Your Customers have gone. If it seems that your customers have suddenly disappeared… you know you can find them on one or more of the Social Networks, and that’s why Smart Business are now using Creative Social Network Strategies to get their Brand and Products in front of the eyes of people on Social Networks.

Small Internet Business and Non-Profit Ministries Need a New Strategy.

In order to remain competitive with Big-Business, we need to Learn what they already know… How to Drive Traffic to your Business Profile, Site, Blog, etc… so that people will Click On Your Links. I have designed our Network to take advantage of Marketing and  Advertising Small Business to Social Networks in such a fashion that you can be Certain that Somebody (Anybody) Will Click on the Links to your Business, Ministry, Product or Service.

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Why do I Need a Social Business Profile?

It is becoming increasingly difficult for new Internet businesses to get highly targeted niche visitors to their Blog or Website. The competition for first page organic search engine results is overwhelming. My Social Seed Network was built for any Online Small Business, Non-Profit or Ministry to be able to receive Highly Targeted Niche Traffic to View your Content and Links. The Content on your Social Seed Network Business Profile gets Quickly Listed on the most widely used Search Engines… however, that does not guarantee that you will get plenty of Traffic, Leads and Sales. The Real Power of a Social Business Profile is that you can Easily Share your “Social Seeds” (links to your Product, Service, Blog, Website, etc…) and personally Build a Targeted Social Marketing List by Personally Inviting your new friends to Join the Social Seed Network with you… where they will View your Niche Content and Links and automatically give you permission to contact them by Email… which can kick-start your Email Marketing Campaigns. Our Social Profile pages are also flexible enough to be used as a Sales page, Squeeze page, Content page… that is Easily Shared or Book-marked to other Social Services.

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Charles Beason

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Charles Beason

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Chain Store Little White Lies concerning Free and Stainmaster Carpet

Chain Store Little White Lies concerning Free and Stainmaster Carpet

The home improvement Chain Store marketing and advertising campaigns has really become… Shall we say, “Creative”… especially since the economy has caused most of us to “blow the dust out of our wallets” and watch our spending habits. There is nothing wrong with creative marketing… but since my job is connected to Internet Marketing and the Flooring industry, it causes me to flinch at some of these new “Strategies”. These aren’t the only “little white lies” that bug me, but I’ll just start with these two, for now.

I think it was P.T. Barnum that said “There’s a sucker born every minute”, and it seems that the large chain stores would view us as such… and that they are willing to take advantage of a consumers lack of knowledge and experience when it comes to Carpet, Pad and Installation.

The first “little white lie” that causes me discomfort is the Free Carpet, or Free Installation Illusion. Do they really think that we are so gullible as to believe that they will actually Give Away Their Profits. We must keep in mind that these are Huge Corporate Home Improvement Chains with No Real Mind of its Own (or moral sensitivities)… It’s All about the Bottom Line Profits.

My wife’s grandmother (granny Suzie) was fond of using this phrase; “There is No Such Thing as a FREE Puppy”. This statement applies to most things considered FREE. When someone gives you a puppy there is always considerable costs associated, such as licensing, vaccinations, neutering or spaying, dog-food… not to mention the replacement of Chewed Up shoes and Furnishings. Nothing comes to us at No Cost. Almost everything we Own also requires maintaining… that’s more time and money, which is exactly why I would like to get rid of everything except the bare essentials.

No matter how much people use the word Free in an ad campaign… we should all have sense enough to know that Nothing in Life is Free… especially Carpet, Pad or Installation. No matter how you slice it or dice it, every business has to make a profit to keep their doors open. Profits are merely re-routed from one portion of the invoice to another, in order to sustain the sale, and build the illusion that a customer is getting something for Free.

One fellow that I know personally was running a marketing and advertising campaign that promised “Free Carpet… you only pay for the pad and Installation”. What he neglected to mention to his customers was the fact that these free carpets were mostly 2nds. That means that they were mostly Flawed in some manner. Even if a carpet is only off-color or has minor flaws, I believe that a customer deserves to know it. Just like any other product, there are certain things that can go wrong during the manufacture of carpeting. Most flaws are minor and never even visible to the eye… however, sometimes there is an imbalance in the chemicals that compose the majority of synthetic carpets that are sold these days… and sometimes these flaws affect the structural integrity of a carpet to such an extent that it will never live up to its warranty standards. For example; if the chemical structure for the synthetic latex is wrong, then the structural integrity of the entire carpet is compromised. Due to the fact that synthetic latex is the substance that bonds the fibers and backing materials together. This would cause a process known as de-lamination, and would result in a very short life-span for any given carpet… no matter how great the fiber is, or what sort of upgraded secondary backing is used! Latex is like the foundation of a home. If you get it wrong, the whole thing is going to prematurely fall apart. To sell such a product as if there was nothing wrong is a “little white lie” that is like a “burr in my britches”!

As for me, my conscience would not bear it, if I knew I was passing off carpets with invisible or visible and notable flaws… especially if those flaws affected the durability and clean-ability of the carpet… but that’s just me I suppose, because most chain stores will never even consider such things or give them a second thought. Probably because it doesn’t Directly affect any Individual’s Reputation.

Perhaps I am a little old-fashioned or maybe my standards are just too high… but I believe a customer deserves to know the Quality of Products and Service they are receiving for the money they have worked so hard to get. This leads me to the next “little white lie”.

Stainmaster Carpets, which are being passed off as if they were a Manufacturing Brand Name product. Valid Brand Name Carpet manufacturers are companies like Mohawk, Shaw, Beaulieu, etc… who all have their own lines of styles which include Stainmaster Treatment for Carpet Fibers. Stainmaster is a Topical Treatment for Stain Resistance… Not a Style in and of itself. So I consider it to be a “white lie” to pretend that a patented Process is the same as a Manufacturer Brand Name.

Stainmaster is a patented Stain Protection process that can be used on any good quality Nylon Carpet Fiber by anyone who manufactures carpeting.

Example time again: Tommy T’s Plumbing Solutions is my trusted Local Plumber and he would never claim to “Roto-Rooter” your drains… because that is both as copyrighted and patented “Brand” and “Process” of un-clogging your drains. Just because he has equipment that will accomplish the Exact Same Result as the “Roto-Rooter” brand name, would not make it okay for him to advertise under that Brand.

Stainmaster has been around for a long time, and has definitely proven itself to be more exceptional than topically untreated nylon fibers and is a process where every fiber is designed to be saturated with stain protector. It was cutting-edge carpet technology for its time. However, it also comes at greater cost to the consumer. Stainmaster does a lot of marketing and advertising for their product. Guess who pays for all that advertising? (That’s right… We Do)!

And I think you have the right to know that our dealership also carry styles of New, “GREEN” Carpet Fibers that actually outperform Stainmaster in every way… while costing several dollars Less, per square yard. You can stop by our store anytime to view our new PET Recycled Carpets and our PTT (Smartstrand – micro-fiber) technologies, which have been scientifically tested and proven to be just as good, or even better, than a nylon fiber that is fully coated (or immersed) with Stain Protector. Like Mohawk and DuPont’s latest Sorona Brand fibers.

The Trade name is “Triexta”. Here is a brief excerpt from one of my carpet trade emails;

“The new trade name is Triexta. As we have said this is the newest and most advanced technology in carpet fiber. Those of you who have taken on our New Generations display, made with Dupont Sorona, know that the selling benefits and acceptance by the consumer have been tremendous. What other fiber can offer the consumer so much as Triexta. The fiber is the softest in the industry, all continuous filament, comes with a  texture & fade warranty and has a life time stain warranty. As you are also aware some of our competitors have tried to say that their fiber is just as good as Triexta in meeting the attributes that this fiber offers. That is just not true when it comes to staining as their fiber is treated with a topical stain guard while Triexta needs no topical treatment as it is built right into the fiber”.

*Taken from a Mohawk Industries information email.

You can log into the Internet and view their latest test where they allowed Ricko the Rhino to live on this Amazing New Technology in Carpet Fiber… and Now there’s a New Challenge:

— Click Here to watch it on YouTube —

Or go to to learn more.

Tip: Nylon Fibers can only be outwardly coated with dye and stain protection, while PET and PTT fiber actually absorbs dyes and “Scotchguard” (or other stain protections), so that it creates a molecular bond, and becomes an inward part of the carpet fibers.

What’s my Point?

There is really No Need for home improvement chain stores to use such Subterfuge, Illusions and “Little White Lies” in Marketing and Advertising; such as FREE Carpet, 60% FREE, FREE Installation or using the brand name Stainmaster (not Stain-Captain… you’ve seen the commercials), as if it were a separate Manufacturer, Brand or Style of Carpet, unless you are trying to Trick your customers and:

  • Corner an aspect of the carpet market (and drive sales away from small local dealers)
  • Confuse the customer (& not allow them to make an Educated Decision)
  • Make it Impossible to Compare Pricing or Products with other dealers
  • Pretend you have an Exclusive Product (that nobody else has access to)
  • Make Small Dealers go Bankrupt (four small dealers have had to close their doors this past year or so, in my home town alone)

What’s my Goal with this article?

That you should be able to recognize a “little white lie” for what it is, and be able to make an Informed and Educated Decision as to which Brand and Style of Carpet fits your family’s needs, and budget. During these unprecedented times of economic struggle, it’s vital to know what you are getting for your money. The Truth is this… Small Carpet Dealers will often have a Better Selection with More Budget Friendly Choices than home improvement chain stores! Even though you can’t compare style names and numbers, because the chain stores have their own labels and listings, you can still compare Quality and Price… when you know what to look for… and we are certainly happy to take the time to educate you.

So don’t be afraid to Shop at your Local Small Flooring Dealers (and other Local Small Businesses), where you will most often find Real and Honest Value from the people that are your neighbors and friends.

I understand your dilemma. We are all in the Same Boat. Corporate retail and home improvement chain stores have made it difficult for Local Small Business to Exist, much less Thrive. However, I have Faith that together we will do what it takes to Support our Friends and Neighbors, by Shopping Locally Whenever Possible. If we don’t choose to support each other Now… We’ll all end up working at a Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Lowe’s and other corporate chain store, for Minimum Wage, No Benefits and No Real Future! The choices we make today will affect our families for generations to come. (I wish president Obama would understand this concept).

SHOP LOCALLY… Now More than Ever… the Job you Save could be your Own!

We need to Keep Honest and Hard-Working Small Business Alive in America, or the Corporate Chain Stores are going to Drive us all Out of our Jobs… while they… well, let’s just say it like it really is, with no little white lies… They are willing to Lie, Cheat, Tell you Myths and Fairy Tales… Whatever it Takes to Increase Their Profits at Our Expense, even if it means that even our Jobs and small businesses should be taken from us.

Thanks for your time; I know how valuable it truly is,

Charles Beason — Shop Online for Fine Wool Area Rugs and Home Décor Items — Affiliate-Bivocation, DIY Social Seed Network-Free Advertising and Marketing Resources and Support for “honest” Christian Small or Home Business… Do you need a Squeeze Page for Online Advertising and Building your Marketing List(s).

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Charles is the Flooring Consultant and Estimator for:

Carpets –n- More

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