Self Defense for Elderly, Disabled, Singles Targeted by Criminal Assault- When Brutal Crimes Get Too Close to Home!

Self Defense and Personal Protection for Elderly, Disabled, Singles Targeted by Criminal Assault- When Brutal Crimes Get Too Close to Home!

“Local Muggers Go On Assault and Robbery Spree – Elderly, Disabled and Lone Women Targeted”!

This was a Headline article in our local newspaper not long ago. Brutal and Abusive Crimes are not something we like to think about on a daily basis. In the depth of our being, we know it is always Best to be Proactive. It’s only proper to be Prepared to respond to Brutal and Abusive Crime Before we, or our family members, are Victims of it. But, like most unpleasant things in life, we often wait and “React” to the harmful activity of others until we are personally affected or someone in our family have become a Victim of brutality, abuse, attacks, robbery, rape, etc…  . Just as most of us postpone buying health, life and accident insurance, until something “close to home” causes us to reevaluate our responsibility to Family and Self, most of us will not consider Self Defense to be a Priority, but it is! Don’t Wait to be Proactive about Self Defense! Please Consider the following…

Are you a Potential Target?

The Article went on to explain how two men in their early twenties were lying in wait for people who would be “Easy Targets” for their spree of mayhem. They would lurk in the parking lot of the factory merchant’s mall or inside the bathrooms of fast-food restaurants and wait for their Prey to arrive. Like predators on the Serengeti, they lie in wait, to pounce upon the weak and defenseless. Among those Targeted and Singled-Out are the Elderly, the Disabled and Women Shopping Alone (even lone women who parked in well lit and well traveled parking areas were targeted by these Thugs).

One 76 year old male victim was accosted in the rest-room at a busy Mc Donald’s restaurant and spent over two weeks in the critical care unit of our local hospital. The assailants beat this poor gentleman half to death for less than forty dollars. When they were finally arrested for their crimes there was no sense of guilt or remorse. These sorts of predators simply don’t care whose life and families they destroy in their quest for selfish gain!

Why do young men “gone wild” feel that they must Beat their already helpless victims into submission, instead of just robbing them? The only logic I can assume is…

1.       To take control (so you can’t run away).

2.       To accomplish their crime more quickly.

3.       To silence any Cries for Help.

4.       To allow them More Time to make a clean getaway.

Are you a Target? Could You be the next Victim listed in your local news?

While any person is a potential victim for these types of senseless and brutal crimes, those who have weaknesses are especially vulnerable. It’s not something we dwell on, but it does not seem so long ago that I could have fended off almost any assailant. Now that I am a senior citizen with a disability, I feel much more vulnerable. It’s appalling to think about… but most people are not merely robbed… they are also beaten severely. I don’t know about you, but I also consider my own safety, along with that of my wife… I feel much better knowing that she has a personal alarm and a stun-gun.

When you become a victim, they’re not going to give you a chance to run away or to scream for help… it only takes a few seconds for these thugs to beat you so severely, that your life is changed forever. Like I said… it’s not something we want to dwell upon… but you and your family’s safety are extremely important.

What can you do?

Let’s Face Facts. In the current economic crisis, people are more willing to take drastic measures to get the money they need. It is becoming a less safe world as people who would otherwise never dream of stealing or hurting people are catapulted into Crimes of Theft and Assault.  Having your possessions taken is frightening enough… but most of these criminals have also taken to Beating, Mugging and Assaulting their Victims. Self Defense has become a necessity rather than a luxury.

Consider this. The two young Criminals I have mentioned in the article above were raised in good Christian families and lived only five doors away from me in my current neighborhood before their arrest and conviction for these horribly abusive crimes against the Elderly and Weak. I actually knew them and there were many occasions when they were actually guests for meals or game nights in my home. This has caused me to re-think every aspect of Self Defense and Personal Safety… especially since I am now disabled. Even though I took wrestling in high school and have had some amount of training in martial arts, fibromyalgia has taken away much of my strength and agility. As much as I hate to admit it… this makes me a Prime Target for people who choose Crimes of Assault and Abuse in order to line their pockets with their ill-gotten gains. It sends chills down my spine when I consider how I trusted them and allowed them to become close to my family. If these “seemingly nice” young men could suddenly turn into Muggers and Thieves, Well, I suppose it proves that nobody is Really Safe these days! I Need Self Defense tools and so does my Family.

I always heard the statistics… how that nine out of ten crimes of assault, abuse rapes, etc… are perpetrated by family and friends (the people who are most close to us), but I guess it never really penetrated my hard-head, until it was Way too Close to Home!

What can you do to ensure a measure of self-protection and family safety? You can take a few moments of your precious time, and check out some of the Self Defense tools that could make the difference between being a victim of brutal crimes, or coming away with your life and possessions intact. Law officials and Statistics have proven the fact that when you use Personal Self Defense tools correctly, it buys you a few precious seconds of time that make the difference between being “Victim” or a “Victor”.

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Like it or Not, You are a Potential Target. Especially if you are Elderly, Disabled, Female or ever even go shopping Alone.

We spend thousands of dollars on Health, Wealth, Life and Accident Insurance… but when you are Personally Attacked… You Only Have a Few Split-Seconds to React and save yourself from a Life-Time of Suffering. Be Safe!

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