When a Simple Conflict turns Violent, can you Protect Yourself? – Learn Unarmed Combat Tactics in less than 2 Hours


When a Simple Conflict turns Violent, will you be Able to Protect Yourself & your Family?

…Learn Unarmed Combat Tactics in less than 2 Hours!


It often starts as a Simple Argument or Conflict of some sort.

Conflict is a part of daily life. There’s no way around it. We often feel most safe and protected from violence while we are within the confines of our home and surrounded by our families. But this can be a deadly perception. Simple arguments and family conflicts can suddenly escalate into Crimes of Violence at a moment’s notice.

In my career as a minister, I am often called upon to mediate squabbles within the church and the families that comprise it. This makes me privy to just how suddenly a simple argument can become dangerous or even deadly.

I am reminded of a certain family where two brothers were constantly at odds with each other. They were no older than 8 years of age when their conflicts escalated into violence of such ferocity that one brother or the other would think nothing of stabbing each other with anything you can imagine. As my memory serves me, it started when the older brother stabbed his younger sibling with a dart. This practice continued to escalate to the point where regular medical emergencies resulted from stabbings from items such as forks, lawn-darts, pocket-knives, and one occasion produced a huge laceration of the scalp from a garden-ho, which easily took several dozen stitches to repair.

I am also reminded of so many occasions where silly little arguments erupted into Violence of such brute-force that a husband or wife sustained enough damage from violence to produce a prolonged stay at the local hospital. Conflict that turns Violent is reaching epic proportions, both in, and outside the home. When I am asked to counsel, console or help repair a violent relationship within the home, I just want to ask “How could you let things get so Out-of-Control”? A husband beating wife because she didn’t fill the ice-tray… Parents physically abusing children for “being too loud”, accidentally spilling a glass of milk or just for being children… it is beyond my minds grasp… How can people treat each other like this?

Violence can also happen outside the walls of our home. A friend of mine is still grieving the loss of his adult son who was shot at point-blank range during the course of a simple conflict with a neighbor about their property line. This event took place in a “nice” neighborhood where “normal” suburban families lived in, what appeared to be, relative peace. This was a total shock to the family. This was much like the shock in my own neighborhood when two young men from a nice Christian family were arrested for robbery with assault and battery against their victims who they attacked in busy shopping centers and in broad daylight.

Victims of spousal or parental abuse can attest to the fact that Simple Arguments can suddenly turn into knock-down, drag-out Fights for Survival. And when it happens, there is No Prior Notice… No one to Assist you… No Place to Run! And when you add Alcohol to the equation… the Violence and Abuse is multiplied, many times over! As I listen to my scanner for fire, paramedic and police calls, I get a sense that a great majority of police calls are related to Alcohol and Domestic Violence.

What is my Point?

Have you heard the old saying; “The best defense is a good offense”?

Take Frank Cucci’s ‘Unarmed Combat Course’…

We cannot possibly predict when a simple argument will produce a Violent Event that affects every member of our families. It’s a proven fact that at least one individual from every Family in America will eventually be victimized by Brute Force Crimes, Assaults and Abuse. However, our personal safety and the safety of our family members can be greatly maximized using simple “combat based” Self Defense Strategies.

Frank Cucci has assembled a Video Instruction Course that could really help when simple conflicts turn Violent… or when our family members are accosted by any person wishing to do them harm. When you think about Violence and Abuse… there are not many opportunities to “Run away” from the fight! There’s No Time to Scream for Help! We are most often Forced into Taking Responsibility for our Own Self Defense and Personal Safety. This instruction video could make a Huge Difference in the Outcome of almost any type of Violent Event.

Frank Spent 12 years as a Navy SEAL (including four years in SEAL Team Six), the most elite division in the SEALS…these are the guys who always get the roughest and toughest assignments.

UNARMED COMBAT COURSE – You’ll learn skills specifically designed for situations where top soldiers suddenly found themselves without a gun or even a pocket knife… possibly wounded… surprised by ambush… out-numbered… and with the violence around them reaching the point of life and death! Minimal athletic ability is required, and each move must have a High Consistency of Success. Just short of two hours… these Unarmed Fighting Tactics are worth the Time and Investment toward your family’s safety.


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When a Simple Conflict turns Violent, can you Protect Yourself? – Learn Unarmed Combat Tactics in less than 2 Hours




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