Reviewing the DIY ‘Home Safe’ Home Security System and Alarm with Auto Dialer (No More Monthly Fees)

Complete and Simple Do-It-Yourself Home, Business or Church DIY Security System with Auto Dialer…

Most Security Alarm Systems allow burglars the luxury of being long-gone… before anyone is notified of a crime. You can’t always be there to protect your home or business, but the ‘Home Safe’ System Can be. You’ll have complete peace of mind knowing that ‘Home Safe’ is On-Duty, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, for a One-Time Cost of less than forty dollars.

All the capabilities of ADT without the ongoing charges… Why pay hundreds of dollars, plus another $40 per month (or more) for a Home Security Service when the ‘Home Safe’ system is Always on the Job and Ready to Alert You in Real-Time… at a moment’s notice, without any monthly service fees?


Large Scale Security Technology with Smallest imaginable Foot-print! Surface-mount technology allows you to have the same Protection as larger systems costing thousands of dollars, in one Inexpensive and Self-Contained Unit. This system is also capable of storing and calling up to five preset phone numbers so that you’ll have the certainty of knowing when your home or business has been invaded. Set your system to call yourself, a Trusted Neighbor, and the Authorities… be Alerted by Phone, the very Instant that a Break-In occurs.

Many Expensive Home Alarm Systems can be Hacked or Disabled, But Not ‘Home Safe’. I had to learn this lesson “the hard way”. I paid over two thousand dollars for a whole-house security alarm system that could be easily Hacked by a Burglar. Imagine my surprise when I learned that my expensive security system was bypassed by a teenager with very little education or effort. Imagine my shock when I learned that my system could be disabled by an intruder who simply switched off the electric circuit-breaker that controlled my security system. Even after buying an Expensive Electrical Back-up Device, my security system was still Way Too Easy to Hack or be Rendered Useless by the most common of thieves. In this economy, I just can’t afford another break-in… and that is why I turned to ‘Home Safe’ for a Totally Tamper Proof System. No Wires… No Magnets… No Expensive Installation. The integrated system is triggered by a Single and Adjustable Infra-Red Sensor that will accurately distinguish the difference between your pet and a Real Human Intruder.

‘Home Safe’ is a Complete Home Security System that Instantly Alerts You, the Police, a Neighbor or Family member… when an Intruder, Burglar, or Anyone enters your Home without your permission. Easy to Install and Operate so there are also No Installation Charges, This Complete, yet Compact Home Security Technology Sounds the Alarm and Automatically Dials up to five preset phone numbers and you Never have to pay a dime in monthly service charges. Installation and programming is simple with the most basic tool-set (you may want to consider using a stud-finder for a more secure installation). I was able to secure all main entrances to my home by installing the unit near my hallway. You’ll want to consider placement of your unit on any wall at a height of five to six feet while you are waiting just a few of days for it to ship (and you will also want to pick up a standard nine volt battery for back-up power… can you believe that’s all you need? I spent over $140, just for back-up batteries, for my original home security system… What a Waste of Time and Money that thing was).

Secure Your Most Prized Possessions. Money, electronics and some furnishings can always be replaced, but Burglars are also Vandals, and they are not considerate of that which they Take or Destroy! When I consider the possessions that have been removed or vandalized in my home or business I am saddened most by the loss of my personal possessions that cannot be replaced, such as family keepsakes, photographs, antiques and hand-made one-of-a-kind items. These are personal “treasures”. They are Priceless to us because there is No Way to Replace them. Things that I also consider priceless are the Safety and Security of my Family. Peace of Mind can only be obtained when we know that we have done everything we can to Protect Our Personal Treasures.

The ‘Home Safe’ System is a Terrific Value. Once you have purchased a ‘Home Safe’ system for your home… you will most likely understand what a terrific value it is and (if you’re like me) you’ll also buy one for your business. The ‘Home Safe’ System is cheap enough to buy for any need. Protect your Home, business and Church for a fraction of the cost of traditional home security systems. With a price so low, you’ll also want to consider buying and giving a ‘Home Safe’ system to your children or grand-children. The ‘Home Safe’ system works great for any space you want to protect… from home security to dorm room safety. What value would you place on Providing Peace and Safety for your family and friends? Business owners: your ‘Home Safe’ system can also double as a Chime… to announce incoming customers (Just switch modes).


The ‘Home Safe’ Security System comes with everything you need (including built-in auto-dialer w/ 5 phone number presets) for Home, Business, Church, Office, Dorm room, etc…

Where ever you need BIG Security and Safety in a Small Integrated and Compact System… Special One-Time Very Affordable Price of Only $39.95.


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May God Bless you and Keep you Safe,

Charles Beason

31121 Balsa Ave.

Barstow, Ca.


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