Asia Asked:”because the foolishness of God is wiser than men; and the weakness of God is stronger than men”. What does that mean?

Asia Asked:”because the foolishness of God is wiser than men; and the weakness of God is stronger than men”. What does that mean?


Whenever I see this verse of Scripture, I am immediately reminded of Christ’s Teachings in Matthew, chapter 5, which all seem to be Backward when considered through purely Human Logic. This is the “Sermon on the Mount” and this is where you’ll find all the “Blessed is…” verses. But the verses that I find most important to the question asked are the teachings of Jesus in verses 17 through 48.

There is a Wealth of Spiritual Teaching and Application in these verses and all of the teachings are based on “The Law” of God as Jesus explains it very clearly.

Since God’s Logic is nothing like our Human Logic, All of these vital teachings and instructions seem exactly backwards to us. In these verses we find Christ teaching that “Motive” is more important than “Action”… or more accurately stated; “Right Motives are the basis of Righteous Actions”.

As you read through these verses, you cannot help but be struck by the way that each lesson is exactly the opposite of Normal Human Reaction…

  • “Love your Enemies” (this goes against our Ego)
  • “Bless those that curse you” (if some call you a bad name… you would Really Love to hammer them back with a Greater Curse)
  • “Pray for those who despitefully use you and persecute you” (praying for people who Use and Abuse us is the opposite of what we would really like to do to them)

We are not to follow Christ’s Teachings according to our own “wisdom”, “understanding” and Ego. But rather to Obey the Will of God by Trusting that when we do the Opposite of what seems Logical to our Human Mind… we will Actually Fulfill our Obligation as a “New Species” in Christ, and as True Children of our Heavenly Father…

Mat 5:45
That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven:

These are Hard Lessons because they go against everything we have been “taught by the World we live” in and “the Human Nature” that we were in Bondage to before Christ made us FREE! But now that we are Free to “live above the Law” by following the example and teachings of Christ… we are now the Bondservant of Righteousness.

What is a Bond-servant?

A Bond-servant is a person who volunteers to be a “slave” to someone else in exchange for the necessities of life, such as, housing, food and clothing, etc… or to be a willing slave for someone who pays off all our debts… so we can Start Over.

This is not a Slave as we know it today. Someone who is Sold into Slavery Against their own will, but rather, a Willing Commitment to serve someone until a debt is paid in full. And since Jesus Already Paid our Sin Debt, In Full… by His loving and willful death on the Cross as a Sacrifice of Atonement for our Sin… we should Willingly and Lovingly Serve Him as a Free Bond-Servant of Righteousness. (This may seem confusing to some Christians right now… but it becomes clearer and clearer as we Grow in the Spirit and in Faith).

How can I best represent that God’s Wisdom and Strength are so Far Superior to ours. His thinking and actions are so far beyond our comprehension that it’s ridiculous. So you may ask; How can I then Follow the Principle that is taught by this verse of Scripture? I am fond of teaching from the pulpit, something along these lines…

Whenever someone or something throws you into the Temptation toward anger, stress, fear, etc… or before you act on Impulse or Emotion, because of problems that life (and especially people) are doing to “upset your apple-cart” or “tip over your wagon”… STOP… for one moment, and listen… listen to the Spirit of God within you. Whatever you Feel Like Doing in Response to Whoever Provokes You… You will Most Likely Want to Do the Exact Opposite in order to do what is Right! Show your Enemies the Genuine Love and Forgiveness that Christ has shown to you and it will throw them “off balance”.

Your Weakness is your Selfishness and Ego… Turn that Over to God and He will do Great and Amazing Miracles with it. “For When we are weak, then are we made Strong”. Not by our own strength, but by the strength of God who Resides within us.

When you are tempted toward Evil, your Spirit will give you a little nudge. If you have doubts that whether what you are about to do is Wrong or Not… Don’t Do It! Instead, think of the exact opposite of what seems logical to you, and Do That Instead. Each time you do this, you will gain a clearer understanding of the way God thinks and acts.

“God can only Mend the Heart that is Truly Broken”.


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