Review of Mohawk’s Amazing Micro-Fiber Carpet Technology: Why are there Elephants on the Carpet?

Mohawk’s ‘Smartstrand’ Carpet Fiber undergoes Incredible Abuse in Recent Research and Testing at the Dallas Zoo. Amazing and Successful Zoo Carpet Challenge!

A Review of Mohawk’s SmartStrand Zoo Challenge:

Recently concluded Research and Testing of Mohawk’s New Smartstrand Fiber: Reviewing Micro-Fiber Technology for Carpet! The Zoo Challenge included the Following Elements:

  • Resilience is the ability of any carpet fiber to “spring back” from heavy, crushing foot-traffic. Smartstrand Fiber Technology has shown amazing ability not to crush, pack, matt, etc… The Superior Resilience of Mohawk’s New Fiber passes this Test with flying colors!
  • Stain Resistance is a carpets ability to withstand normal household stains. Mohawk had already given this fiber a lifetime stain warranty. In fact, it was the first carpet to ever be warranted for Pet Stains. However, researching Smartstrand took this test to the Limits of Clean-ability by allowing over 45,000 pounds of Elephant, a Black Rhino and three Camels to Actually Live On (and Dump On) this carpet… that’s the equivalent of subjecting their carpet to 650 ten year old children, before using the standard hot-water extraction method for carpet cleaning. This fantastic fiber also Totally Passed this Test!
  • Overall Durability in a carpet fiber accounts for Forces that would matt, crush, fuzz and resist any abrasive forces that a carpet could be subjected to. As you can imagine, most carpet fibers are only tested for Normal Household Durability… Mohawk has taken their Research to a Whole New Level of Carpet Endurance… and the Smartstrand Fiber Carpet Handily Passed a most Gruesome Test of Endurance.

Mohawk has taken Research and Testing their product to the absolute extremes of resilience, stain resistance and durability. This is absolute proof of Faith in your product. I have been in the carpet business for nearly forty years and I could never have imagined Any carpet fiber to withstand such overwhelming abuse. After taking extreme punishment from six African elephants, three camels and a black rhino, SmartStrand® with DuPont™ Sorona® (SmartStrand) carpet proves to be the New Ideal in durability, clean-ability and resiliency against any of the toughest carpet competitors.

A Mohawk spokesperson states that, “We used the same formula, at the same strength, available to every consumer who purchases Mohawk FloorCare Essentials from their local flooring provider”… which happens to be ‘Carpets –n- More’ if you live in the southern California High Desert Area near Barstow.

This Test lasted more than two weeks. And a combined total of 50,000 pounds of “wild” animals have done their absolute worst to Mohawk’s SmartStrand. This revolutionary micro-fiber technology in carpeting stood up to everything the animals could crush, drag, squirt, “Slop and Plop”! The incessant tracking in of mud and dirt and doing what it is that Big Animals can possibly do, on this average cut of SmartStrand Fiber Carpet!

This is what Sean Greene, the deputy director of education and interpretation at the Dallas Zoo, had to say… “Knowing these are truly wild animals, I thought there was no way this carpet could handle the wear and tear they would subject it to. “It’s amazing to see the SmartStrand bounce back to its original state knowing what it’s been put against for the past two weeks.” SmartStrand’s unique molecular structure is the key to its superior performance. The carpet performs similar to a spring, making the fiber more resilient, crush resistant and durable. The technology engineered in the carpet is guaranteed to provide amazing performance results.

“The carpet proved its resiliency after being hammered into the ground by a herd of elephants,” said David Duncan, Mohawk’s Vice President of Marketing. “No extra steps were needed to restore the carpet to its original lift.”

Using only hot-water extraction and Mohawk FloorCare Essentials Carpet Stain Remover, the dingy, dirty spots washed away…leaving the carpet looking like new.

“We used the same formula, at the same strength, available to every consumer who purchases Mohawk FloorCare Essentials from their local flooring provider,” said Duncan.

The public was also invited to take part in the challenge by experiencing the new Human Habitat exhibit housed in the reptile quarters of the zoo. Approximately 43,000 people interacted with four of Mohawk’s flooring elements – carpet, wood, laminate and ceramic. These flooring samples proved their durability to the crowds of children and adults that walked across the textiles on a daily basis, confirming how the surfaces can stand up to your own family’s wild-life… in your own home.

About Mohawk Industries:

Mohawk Industries has been a trusted name in carpets for more than 130 years and is a leading supplier of flooring for both residential and commercial applications. Mohawk offers a complete selection of flooring and other home products. These products are marketed under the premier brands in the industry, which include Mohawk, Karastan, Lees, Bigelow, Columbia, Century, Dal-Tile, American Olean and Quick-Step. Mohawk’s unique merchandising and marketing assist our customers in creating the consumers’ dream. Mohawk provides a premium level of service with its own trucking fleet and more than 250 local distribution locations.

Our customers have told us that Smartstrand is the Softest Carpet they have ever touched or walked on, while maintaining a superior stain resistance that is Undeniable.

Your Local Dealer for Barstow and the So-Cal High Desert Area:

Carpets –n- More is your Local Mohawk, Smartstrand Dealer. You won’t experience any chain-store headaches or hassles with us. We have been Barstow’s preferred flooring dealer for over thirty years. We Still Offer Totally FREE Estimates and we depend solely upon the Referrals of our satisfied clients, friends and neighbors. Once we give you an estimate, you can count on the fact that we will never charge you more than the quoted price (without any extra products or services specifically requested by you).

Carpets –n- More

2350 W. Main St.

Barstow, Ca. 92311

During normal business hours, you can call us at 760-256-6933

…we are also available by appointment.

Drop by and see us for samples of Mohawk’s Smartstrand Carpet, and for any Flooring Need.


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Review of Mohawk’s Amazing Micro-Fiber Carpet Technology: Why are there Elephants on the Carpet?


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