Profitable Affiliate Products and Software for 2011

Another year is almost behind us and many Affiliates are looking for Up-to-Date Listings and Reviews for exactly which products and software are going to be Profitable for the New Year.

2010 proved to be a year of Change and Economic Struggle for most Affiliate Marketers in the “Make Money” Niche. It was a struggle to adapt as Google Search Listings lost over 50% of their value to Social Networks and Many Affiliate products suddenly stopped producing profits because they were out-dated and still using strategies that were adapted for Adwords (or similar PPC advertising strategies).

2011 promises to be a much better year for Affiliate Marketers as New and More Up-to-Date Products and Software become available for promotion. You can view a list of my Top 5 Affiliate Income producers at

I have spent the past few months Researching and Testing Affiliate products that are Actually Making Money on the Web, Right Now! I have reviewed those products and software that I have placed in my List of Top Five Money Makers for 2011. My research, thus far, has lead me to believe that the New Year will be more profitable for Affiliates… especially for those who get in on the ground-floor of the Latest and Greatest Affiliate programs, products and Traffic software.

New Traffic tactics, combined with greater dependence on Social Networking should provide most Affiliate Marketers with much better Income Potential. I have spent a great deal of Time, Energy and Money, researching the newest products in order to share them with my Subscribers, Members and Sub-Affiliates… so take a few minutes to look over my Top Reviews of the latest Income Producing Products on my new website that is Entirely Dedicated to Reviewing the Best Affiliate Products for 2011. Go to



May God Bless your business in 2011,

Charles Beason — Visit the Affiliate Bivocation Social Seed Network for FREE membership in our FREE Advertising and Affiliate Marketing Network with lots of Free Lessons, Strategies, Tips and Fellowship while setting up your Advertising Campaigns.


About Charles Beason

Flooring Consultant/ Estimator, Bi-vocational Pastor of Oasis Missionary Baptist Church, Internet Business Owner, Webmaster.

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