Celebrating the life of Charma Lynn Beason

Ode to Charma – My Sister’s Light.

It has been told, since longtime a past,

The brightest candle burns too fast,

But while it burns it sheds it light,

And banishes the darkest night.

Beloved daughter, sister, friend,

Way too young to meet your end,

Into God’s care we now must send,

T’was kind of Him to briefly lend your soul.


In latter days you suffered much,

Your light yet shined in the lives you touched.

You suffered much in your short life,

And took it all in perfect stride,

As we beheld your shining light of Love.


Your Body filled with pain and woe,

Shining seeds of light you’d sow,

Until God’s Love began to grow,

In minds and hearts of those as hard as stone.


In your body, racked with pain,

Yet every life you touched the same.

Never a stranger did you meet,

In hospitals, stores or on the street,

It mattered not from whence they came,

You’d treated everyone the same,

And gladly shared your gracious light of love.


Earthly treasures matter not,

You freely shared of all you got,

And what you had was not a lot,


Your only wish was to impart,

In every needy human heart,

You’d freely give the greater part,

Even down to your last very mark.


Now as we send you to God’s care,

We know that you’ve been welcomed there,

Our treasure is the light you shared,

The light of Christ shined brightly and so fair.


From time to time we we’ll dream of you,

From time to time and when we do,

A flood of light shall fill our darkened soul.

As we recall your Testaments,

We think of someone Heaven Sent,

To share the light of Christ with poor lost souls.


So if today we suffer grief,

She’d point us to our place of peace,

She’d tell us that all life is Loss,

Without our Savior and His Cross,

For every soul in darkness lost,

Life’s Light is found at Jesus Cross.


I’ve heard it said since long time past,

That Brightest candles never last,

But while it burns it sheds it light,

And banishes the darkest night.

This poem was written as a Celebration of Life to Honor the Memory of my little sister,

Charma Lynn Beason – Ostberg

July 7th 1966 –December 23rd 2010


About Charles Beason

Flooring Consultant/ Estimator, Bi-vocational Pastor of Oasis Missionary Baptist Church, Internet Business Owner, Webmaster.

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