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Beasts of the Revelation: 666 – Who Gives the Beast of Commerce his Power?

Who Gives the Beast of Commerce his Power?


Rev 13:14 And those who are on the earth are turned from the true way by him through the signs which he was given power to do before the beast; giving orders to those who are on the earth to make an image to the beast, who was wounded by the sword, and came to life.

Rev 13:15 And he had power to give breath to the image of the beast, so that words might come from the image of the beast, and that he might have all those who did not give worship to the image of the beast put to death.

Rev 13:16 And he gives to all, small and great, the poor and those who have wealth, the free and those who are not free, a mark on their right hand or on their brows;

Rev 13:17 So that no man might be able to do trade but he who has the mark, even the name of the beast or the number of his name.

Rev 13:18 Here is wisdom. He who has knowledge let him get the number of the beast; because it is the number of a man: and his number is Six hundred and sixty-six.


Fear never ceases to Strike the Heart of those who are brave enough to study God’s Book of Revelation as given to John while he was in exile on the island of Patmos. We imagine Mutant, Omnivorous Beasts of Prey who suddenly strip away our Liberty and cast us into Bondage. We imagine that the power given to the first and second beasts must come from Satan himself, and that God must be part of this ominous plan, for He is allowing it to be… However, there are a couple of things that we should be mindful of as we study the events that must surely come to pass.

  • God Cannot and Would Not be involved with Anything Evil! James 1:16,17
  • Freedom is Seldom Lost in One Fell Swoop… it is a Slow Progression of Lost Liberties.
  • It is Satan’s plan to “deceive the nations” of the earth.
  • Satan and his minions always display themselves as Beautiful, Heavenly and even Angelic.
  • Only those with Spiritual Insight can see the True Nature of the Beasts.
  • A Series of Small Steps lead to Lost Freedoms and Bondage to Sin.


In this article I will reveal Who Gives the Second Beast his power over the World’s Commerce and implementing the “Mark of the Beast” in World Wide Trade. But first, I would like to explain how we most commonly lose any of our Freedoms and Liberties. Examine these statements:

  • Satan has No Control over us until “We” Give It To Him (power will be given the “Beast of Commerce” in the exact same way).
  • People Seldom become Addicts with a Single Dose (toke, snort, shot, puff, slam, etc…).
  • Slavery to Sin is a Progression of Lost Liberties.
  • Each loss of Liberty gives more and more Power to Satan (the original and final Beast).
  • Wild animals (beasts) can often appear Cute and Cuddly, until it is Too Late.


Example: An Addict is a Slave to his or her Addiction. It doesn’t matter what the addiction is. Heroin, Meth, Alcohol, Sex, Power, Greed, etc… they all start with a simple choice to Ignore God’s Truth and Seek our Own Pleasure. Although most of us would never equate drinking a single beer to a loss of freedom, we must recognize the beast of human nature that resides in us and compels us to consume enough beer to achieve drunkenness. Have you ever noticed that the “friends” who ask us to have that first beer, have already lost their will to alcohol, and thereby, already given power to the beast to take away their “freedom to choose”? Consumption of one beer soon turns into a six-pack… and a six-pack into a case… then shots of something a little stronger to more quickly reach a drunken state.

In our ignorance, most of us have experienced the “Loss of Control” that comes with alcohol consumption. Even when we got “drunk stupid and puked”, and promised ourselves we would Never allow that to happen again… the next weekend finds us repeating the same mistake. What is happening? We are slowly losing our Will and our Freedom to alcohol… even though it has become a “beast” whose fangs are puncturing our very soul.

You will recognize the day that “Power is Given to this Beast” when a person no longer has Control over their own Freedom to Choose… and the state of drunkenness becomes more important than anything or anyone else.

Alcoholics and Addicts “give power to their Beast” until they have lost everyone they love and everything they have worked for.

Sin is a slow, methodical progression of Lost Liberty… Human Will and Freedom to Choose is Lost to the Power that has been given to the Beast. Whatever forms the beast chooses to take. Sin always seems like harmless Fun… until human Liberty and Will is overtaken by beastly power!


Whenever human beings ignore God’s Rules, Standards and Promises, we Open the Door for the original beast (Satan) to Ultimately Take Away Our Liberties. The same process and principles apply to Government and Politics.


There are currently several law-suits pending against the U.S. Congress’ Power over Commerce, in hope of repealing “Obama-Care” on the grounds that too much power is given to the Congressional Congress Clause over Medicaid and therefore, is Unconstitutional due to the requirements set on obtaining health insurance or paying a fine. One such law-suit gives a great summary and history of the “Congress Commerce Clause”, and it is my opinion that every American Christian should read and study the case for insight into “How Power is Given”… to government and Congress.


— Click Here — to download the PDF document…

Attorney General Pam Bondi, et al.;Plaintiffs,





While most Americans would never dream, and I am Not Suggesting, that our own Congress has become the “Beast of Commerce” spoken of in the book of Revelation… because it does not quite fit the Biblical profile. And yet, the history of the Congress Commerce Clause reveals How Power can be Given or Assumed by Congress (or any government agency) and the many bureaucracies that it has spawned over the past one hundred years. However, I am Suggesting that Congress has become “a Beast” that we are in danger of Losing Control over, if we do not Assert Our American Rights and Liberties against it!

When we study the history of the Congress Commerce Clause found in this law-suit, we can gain great insight into How the “Beast of Commerce”, in Revelation, will be Given Power to accomplish its assumption over human rights and virtually eliminate our financial freedom.


A Brief History of the Congress’ Commerce Clause:

  • Ratified on 12/15/1791 to regulate Commerce (trade of goods) with foreign Nations, and among the several States.
  • Protection from individual States who would Abuse Power over Trade Regulations.
  • Intended as a Nobel Cause; To Protect Fair Trade and Prevent War.
  • Originally intended to be Limited in Scope: “The activities of buying and selling that come after production and before the goods come to rest” (Commerce defined as Trade).
  • Sat for three decades without dispute or expansion.
  • 1868 ruling that Insurance Contracts did Not qualify as Commerce.
  • 1944 powers expanded: Congress could now “regulate” Insurance Contracts as Commerce.

… that’s enough for our purposes.


The Congress Commerce Clause was originally designed to protect our Rights and Liberty. But we have Fed the Beast with Power to Control our Rights and Freedoms pertaining to Health Insurance.


When any government agency (such as Congress) is given Power “by the people” to:

  1. Regulate.
  2. Police.
  3. …and Ultimately Control… any aspect of human rights and freedoms

…we are Giving Power to a “Potential Beast” that has the ability to limit our Freedom and Overlook our Rights as citizens.


This should serve as ample example, to prove “How the Beast of Commerce” will eventually enslave mankind on a Global level. Make no mistake… the “Beast of Commerce is coming… he will be disguised as a cute and cuddly solution to our Financial Problems… until his Fangs Sink Deep into our Flesh and Drinks in the Power that We have Given to him!


There is No Doubt that the events described in God’s Revelation to mankind Will Eventually come to pass… how soon depends on those who can Give and Take Away Power from potential Beasts. “We, the People” of God and America were given the Duty to Control the Beast of Government and Politic by our forefathers. I hardly think that any of those men who signed the ‘Declaration of Independence’ would stand in silence, while Power is Continually being Fed to the Beast.


Back to my original question, which was,” Who gives power to the “Beast of Commerce” in Revelation 13.

The Answer is Simple, and I Pray the Truth of it will Compel Us to Action…


We, the people… will Give the Beast his Power… as we have done since Adam and Eve first handed over their Rights and Freedoms to the Serpent in the garden.


Sin supplies the Beast with the Power of Bondage…

But God Protects the Rights of those who Stand for Truth of His Word.

Those who Christ has made Free are “Free Indeed”!


May God Bless you with Power over Sin and Power over all beasts,

Charles Beason

Pastor Charlie – Oasis Missionary Baptist Church, Barstow, Ca. 92311

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