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God wants you to have Success, Riches and Wealth

Did You Know That God Wants You to be Wealthy?

That’s Right. There are many Bible verses and Godly promises of Wealth, Riches and Abundance, for those who choose His Way. Follow the Simple Bible Formula for Total Success and Wealth in your life today!

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‘Wealth Secrets of the Bible’

• Are you worried about making ends meet?
• Are you worried because you don’t know how you will be
able to afford to retire?
• Do you lose sleep at night worrying about how you are going to
pay bills?
• Or, Do you want to retire early and never have to worry
about your finances
• Are you just starting out in your career and want to build a
secure financial future?
If you answered yes to any of these questions there is a way to
financial prosperity that can help you regardless of where you are now
financially or where you want to be. And, most likely it is a way you
have never considered.
It is a different road to success beckoning to anyone willing to follow
While it is a different road, the end result – financial prosperity will
never be in doubt because you will achieve Success His Way – God’s
Listen to what we are told in Psalm 26: 8 – 9.
“The Lord is good and glad to teach the proper path to those who go
astray; he will teach the ways that are right and best to those who
humbly turn to him.”
Christians throughout the world need to learn there are some pretty
awesome promises made to us about our finances in the Bible. Poverty
and want is not a condition of destiny for us in the Bible.

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May God Bless you with Wealth and Abundance,

Charles Beason

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Christian Affiliate Product and Opportunity – Wealth Secrets of the Bible

Christian Affiliate Opportunity from the Social Seed Business Network

“Wealth, God’s Way”!

I hope you are all having a Great Day!

As the administrator of our network, I am always looking for good, honest Affiliate opportunities to share with our members.

While researching and testing a couple of Affiliate Op’s, I came across an amazing Christian Affiliate product and I feel compelled to share it with you.

‘Wealth Secrets of the Bible’ is not just another Affiliate Program… it’s the Bible Formula for Success.

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Wealth Secrets of the Bible

I have also noted that we still have quite a few Social Seed Network members that are Not taking full advantage of the Advertising Power in their Profile Listing. It only takes a few minutes to Complete your Profile Listing and Customize it the way you would like it, to Promote any Business, Ministry or Products.

There are more than six highly effective marketing and advertising methods… all for FREE… and all connected to your own RSS FEED page for Fast Search Results.

  • Your Social Profile with Text App added for Niche Content
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Don’t let the Simplicity of our Social Seed Business Network fool you… you can operate an Entire Social Marketing and Advertising Campaign from the comfort of one single Social Seed Network.

May God Bless you with Wealth… His Way!

Charles Beason

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Don’t Get Scammed by Automated Niche Content Blogging Systems

Most Automatic Niche Content Blog Post systems are a Total Scam!

Most Internet Advertisers and Marketers, especially Affiliate Marketers, love the results they get from posting Niche Content (unique and useful content) to a Blog. Blogging is one of the oldest Social Networking strategies for building Online business, building advertising lists, or making direct and instant sales. So what’s the big problem with Automatic Niche Content Blogs posting?

Most of “so-called” Automated Blog Scams involve installing Code or a Template on your WordPress, Blogger or other Blog, and let the “automated Blog system” automatically write Blog Posts for you. These “Robot Systems” are supposed to scour the Internet in search of “Relevant Niche Content” that they automatically post to your Blog… hands-free… you don’t even have to be involved with the process.

So, what’s wrong with that? It sounds like it could make life easier, and decrease our work load. After all, most of us who own a Small, Home Based Business, and earn extra income with Affiliate products on the Web, are already overwhelmed with the chores of daily life, leaving us little time to write “fresh, unique and useful” posts in our Blog… but don’t allow yourself to be tempted and drawn into Automated Blogging without knowing what you’re up against… Click Here to Read More…

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What is a Long Tail Keyword Phrase and How does it Help with SE Results

Social and FREE Advertising:

When writing Blog posts as a FREE Advertising strategy, Highly Specific Keyword Phrases are of utmost importance.


The primary goal of any Blogger is that people will read your posts… but how can people read your posts if they don’t show up in Search Results?

Here is a short video tutorial that I recently put together to help my Social Seed Business Network members Better Understand Long Tail Keyword Phrasing… but using more simple terms and examples:

Charles Beason

Administrator for The Social Seed Business Network

Proud member of The Social Seed Biz Network

Unique Site and Blog Promotion – refzip

Cheru Jackson has done it again!

He has assembled a simple way to Promote and Advertise your Site or Blog for FREE!

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or go to…

The paid service is also very cheap and gives you plenty of value.

Topic Trends on Social Networks can make you Cash – Death of Usama Bin Ladin

Death of Bin Ladin Spread faster on Social Networks than Traditional News Sources – Proof that Social Networking and Topic Trends can be Profitable

Where and When did you First hear about the death of Usama Bin Ladin? – (I saw it 1st on Facebook)

A Picture can be an Ultra-fast News Update

One Look at this picture- I knew Bin Ladin was dead!

Social Networking is the Fastest Growing Segment on the World Wide Web at this point in history. Social Media and Social Networking have totally changed the way we receive the Specific Information that is important to us… like the demise of “public terrorist, number one”, Usama Bin Ladin!

The Big News, that we had finally chopped the viperous head off of our most vocal enemy terrorist, Usama Bin Ladin, first reached me through Facebook and Twitter. It was “almost instant News” on Social Networks. This was hours before I even heard anything on the television or radio. Keep reading and I will explain why a large part of our American population first heard about Bin Ladin on Social Networks

In our current society, there are less and less people depending on traditional news media outlets in favor of “Social Media Network Topics” that are posted, shared or bookmarked by trusted sources (like our friends and family). The death of Usama or Osama Bin Ladin would be considered a “Trending Topic” for Internet marketing and advertising today.

Among the first businesses that will quickly profit from a “Topic Trend” are News and News Commentary outlets. These Online media sources get thousands of site visitors per day and they will earn quite a bundle of cash from Banner Ads and Affiliate Links that they have placed on their news pages.

Next in line will be Bloggers and Vloggers. Blogging was one of the original Social Networking resources, while Vlogging (video logging or video blogging) is a newer adaptation of this highly effective advertising venue. Posting “Trending Topics” on your Blog can build your subscriber base and marketing lists, while also giving you the ability to place Hyper-Links to affiliate products, web sites or Web resources where you earn a commission on Clicks or Sales made whenever one of your readers or viewers “Clicks Through” your personal hyper-link. You can also have Blog visitors Click directly to your business website, landing page or sales funnel, with the use of Strategic Linking. Even though it’s best to link your visitors to more Relevant Information on a specific subject… you can creatively find ways to hyper-link your readers to almost any product or service that you can profit from.

Along with the more traditional advertisers on the Web, there is also a new type of advertiser and marketer, who have directed most of their time and resources to Social Networking (Social Media). There will be hundreds of thousands of ordinary folks, like you and me, who will use the Death of Usama Bin Ladin to turn small profits and make some easy sales. These are people who have learned some of the Simple Social Advertising Techniques that I teach at The Social Seed Biz Network. They have learned how to Seed their Content with Affiliate Products, Business Offers or Redirect-links, that lead Social Networkers (friends and followers) to their main business site. These ordinary people, armed with simple strategies for building a Social Marketing List (or buyers list), will probably make a few bucks today, with very little effort writing content (information) or using Creative Social Posts and Bookmarking, to hyper-link other Social Networkers to their Businesses, Products, or Services.

Social Networks are growing like weeds and there are more and more people, just like you and me, who seldom turn on the TV or listen to radio while they are busy on the Internet. There is a Fast Growing segment of the American population who are continuously logged into their Twitter or Facebook network accounts, so they can keep abreast of their friend’s posts, while they are otherwise working or playing on their computers. Once you learn How to Build a Social Buyers List… and Seed your Social Posts with profitable hyper-links… You Can Start Earning Money with Social Posts on Trending Topics! Social Networking can be very profitable, once you learn how to use it for business or affiliate sales.

FREE Advertising: One of the Great things about Social Network Advertising is that it is Totally FREE!

Today’s Trending Topic is “the death of Usama Bin Ladin”. Tomorrow’s Topic will be different. However, an everyday Topic Trend that is of interest to even one percent of Internet users on Social Networks can ultimately put some Cash in Your Pocket or Paypal account.

Are you interested in Earning some Extra Cash, Social Networking on the Web?

(That’s a silly question when we all feel the Stinging Need for Extra Cash to Get By)

Information Drives the Internet… Social Network Advertising makes it easy to Share Information… and Make a few fast Bucks in the process!

If you are not afraid to write, build or share some unique and useful information… You can be among those who will profit from almost any Topic Trend. Read the following


…and learn how easy it can be to make $37 to $111 a day, just by Giving Away Free Information!

May God Bless you with Abundance today,

Charles Beason

Administrator of The Social Seed Business Network


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