Can You Use Your Social Network Profile as a Landing, Squeeze or Sales Funnel Page?

Social Network Advertising and Marketing for Business can be Frustrating on most Social Sites…

Are you sick and tired of trying to Market and Advertise to Social Media with the Extremely Limited Capabilities on most Social Networks? Would you to find an Easier way to gain new customers, newsletter subscribers and product sales?

Trying to setup an Advertising Campaign on most Social Networks requires A Lot of Extra Work and Time that most Small Businesses simply don’t have. With most Social Networks, you are limited to a few lines of Profile information, that does very little to actually promote your Business, Service or Products. And have you ever tried to use FBML to build a Facebook Fan Page… What a Joke!

That’s what makes the Social Seed Business Advertising Network Different… You get a Social Media Profile that you can Customize and Optimize for Your Business Advertising and Marketing Needs! We are Unlike almost any other Social Network because at The Social Seed Network… you are only limited by your Imagination.

The Social Seed Business and Ministry Advertising Network

We help you Build a Successful Social Advertising Campaign on the Web using only one innovative social network!

With Over 6 Highly Effective Social Advertising and Marketing Methods… you can build an Entire Campaign on our Social Network. All Totally FREE!

Fast & Easy Search Exposure for your Biz or Ministry… Here are just a few Reasons that you should use our Network:

  • A Totally Customized Social Listing Profile– With the Text App (and WYSIWYG Editor), you can add your own Unique Niche Content, images, background, even Youtube Video Ads… right on your profile. (Use your profile as an Info Page, Landing Page, Sales Funnel Page or make Direct Sales on your listing.
  • Blog App- Blogging is a Very Effective Social Advertising Tool that enables you to Share Relevant Niche Content, Updates, or just Speak Your Mind on any Subject that your Potential Customers will find Useful. (Build Relationships of Trust using your FREE Blog App where people can Subscribe to your Blog Feed or Profile Feed)
  • Free Advertising Forum– Imagine having multiple Mini-Sites to Sell Products, Gain Backlinks or Direct Traffic to your Main Profile, Web Site, Landing Pages, Sales Pages, etc… if you depend on Multiple sources of Affiliate Income, this is an Amazing SEO Tool (all forum Ads are quickly listed on Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc…)
  • Social Network Sharing and Bookmarking Tools and Resources- Share your Niche Content to other Social Networks and Book-marking resources for Really Fast Clicks and Visits to your Hyper-Links.
  • Grow your Social and Email Marketing (buyers) Lists- Add Autoresponder Lead Generation to any or all parts of your Social Seed Network Content… “The Money is in The List” (Video Tutorials and the Gold Member Area detailed instructions show you How to Build your Marketing Lists)
  • Monetize your Content- Use Affiliate Products to Socially Seed your Niche Content. Hyper-link your Affiliate ID names and numbers in text, images, banners, etc… Plant Seeds of Faith and Profit!
  • Youtube Video Ads and Imbeds- Our Network has a Special Page for Video Imbeds… or it’s easy to use the universal editor to add Youtube Videos to Profile Listing, Blog posts, Forum posts…
  • and Much, Much More!

You can setup your profile listing to Maximize any part of your Marketing and Advertising Campaign. If you are Advertising to Social Media, it just makes more sense to have a Social Seed Business Advertising Network profile listing.

If you can’t use your Social Media Profile to Build your Business… then you are on the Wrong Network!

Go to and see what makes the Social Seed Network different from all the other social networks.

Charles Beason

Administrator for The Social Seed Network

 Proud member of the Social Seed Network

About Charles Beason

Flooring Consultant/ Estimator, Bi-vocational Pastor of Oasis Missionary Baptist Church, Internet Business Owner, Webmaster.

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