Social Seed Network Update – Make Time to be Social

Making Time to be Social…


While I realize that most of us are Already stretching the limits on our Daily Allotted Time Schedules, I also understand that Outside Forces tend to Tie-Up the Time we would have used to accomplish an important task. If you are building your Online Business using Social Networking and Social Media for FREE Advertising… then Social Networking should be part and parcel to your daily activities. It is Human Nature to Procrastinate. However, it is also Human Nature to Make Time for the things we Want To Do… instead of the things We Ought to Do. Am I right?

Bible study is a vital part of my daily routine. But by the evening, I often catch myself pondering whether I had completed this task or not, on any given day. After all, if I don’t exactly remember what I studied, then I need to go back and study more intently, even though I have already firmly structured study time into my schedule. I have many things that I Need to Accomplish, but it often seems that the world has conspired to remove any residual “Spare Time” I would usually enjoy… Anyway;

I am of the opinion that an Affiliate Social Networker, Business owner or Minister, should spend at least 20 to 30 minutes per day just networking. An hour would even be better. If we can “Make Time” to enjoy a Starbucks, go window shopping or download more ring-tones that we don’t really need, we can certainly fit an extra few minutes into our schedule for networking. And don’t even get me started on Television Network viewing… have you taken time to Notice how New Networks are catering to Niche Markets, there is an Affiliate lesson to learn in there… but my point is the wasted time we spend viewing nonsense on our favorite TV network.

As a Social Networker, you should be spending a little quality time, just being Social. Not Marketing, Not Advertising, but Just Being Social. Yes, it’s important to build our social marketing and buyers lists and it’s important to share our Links (if we expect to earn some cash), but most important is to Make Time to build relationships and just communicate with our friends, followers and subscribers. How can people Trust the Links we share with them, if we haven’t built a relationship of Honest, Simple, Transparent Trust?

Quality Network Time also allows us to see Topics, Trends and Niche opportunities that we totally miss out on, if we are not Making Time to be Social. Also keep an eye out for Points of Interest while commenting, posting and chatting. What my uncle had for lunch may be of no interest to 99% of the network, but it may be important to me, especially if a savvy and subtle Affiliate posts a Link to a great deal on an Ultimate Cheeseburger… you never know what opportunities may present themselves when you are more social on the networks.

Once we learn about the Affiliate Gold Mine inside Social Networks, we are always in a hurry to build our Network of friends and followers, but what good is a bunch of names without the character that comes with them. When I watch certain Affiliate entrepreneurs posting (spamming) link after link to Twitter, I often wonder if our culture has actually lost the ability to be social. There are so many distractions in our present culture. How can we be a good Friend, who also happens to have a good Business, if we are too busy to attend to the social needs of those friends?

Life is about balance and harmony. Making Time to build strong relationships with friends and family, even at long distances, is made easier with the use of modern technology and social networks. But be aware, the same technology that makes relationship building easier, can also Trap us! The average family today, spends very little quality time together. With Mom on Facebook, Dad watching the Tube, and kids in their lair all multi-tasking on iPods, video game consoles, other social networks, etc…

Americans need to regain our sense of community. Make Time for real Social Networking, the way our grand-parents knew it. Take Time to build Family First… then Make Time to Network.


May God Bless our friendship,

Charles Beason

Pastor Charlie at — The Social Seed Network

About Charles Beason

Flooring Consultant/ Estimator, Bi-vocational Pastor of Oasis Missionary Baptist Church, Internet Business Owner, Webmaster.

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