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When Fibromyalgia Attacks… and you Can’t Work

When Fibromyalgia Flares (Attacks) there’s Nothing a person can do but “Ride it Out” with Faith and Prayer.

My most recent flare has had me down for about 3 weeks. I am just now feeling like I can function for short bursts of time… but it is still going to be awhile before I am “back to normal”… normal for me anyway.

This last flare scared me enough to visit the emergency room and make sure there wasn’t something else happening to my body… but all blood tests, enzymes, CT Scan, etc… all came back okay. PTL!

When Fibromyalgia Attacks, it’s virtually impossible to work a regular nine to five job… so at times like this, I totally depend on God‘s Provision and the money I make with Affiliate Products like The Effortless Web Cash Formula.

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May God Bless,
Charles Beason
Administrator of The Social Seed Network

Working and Holding Down a Job with Fibromyalgia…

Working and Holding Down a Job, with Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Arthritis and other connective tissue disorders can be a challenge on any good day of the week. But with our recent Thunderstorms… and our Pain Levels bouncing, to and fro, in precise concert with the Barometric Pressure… this can really present a recipe for Total Inability to Function on any kind of level expected by your Boss!
Please excuse my inability to Think and Function on days like this.
(…good thing I have more than one source of Affiliate Income… where I am my own employer)!

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May the Lord Bless you with Abundance.

A Social Seed Network Review of the Film ‘Courage’


Short film review by Pastor Charlie:

I recently had the privilege of sharing a private screening of the film ‘Courage’ due to my relationship with some of the people involved in production and acting in this fantastic short film. Directed by Mark X. Zhen, ‘Courage” is based on True Events that occurred in a typical American community, neighborhood and school.

‘Courage’ is a true revelation of social dysfunction and lack of community awareness in modern America. It is a close-to-home reality check for middle class citizens of all ages and a reminder that “man is not an island unto himself”.

Without hidden agenda or activism, this film successfully captures your attention and your heart, while simultaneously introducing you to the heart-wrenching under-belly of an American sub-culture. ‘Courage’ challenges your perception of social interaction… and encourages responsible human activity… no matter who you are or where you stand in your community.

The events depicted in this film are an accurate reflection of How Personal Choices can Destroy the people who Love us most.

To everyone involved in the production of this film; producer, director, actors… all deserve a big round of applause for a job well done.

Though not feature film in length… This film is a must-see… 2 thumbs up!

I would further challenge that if you cannot attend the live viewing, make time to see the Online screening… details at



May God Bless you with Abundance,

Charles Beason

Pastor Charlie

Administrator and Member of The Social Seed Network

The Road to Freedom is Bathed in Blood

The Road to Freedom is Bathed in Blood


On this 4th of July, as we celebrate the Freedom secured to us by our American forefathers, by their Faith, Actions and ‘Declaration of Independence’ from the bondage and tyranny of British rule. Leave us not forget that their action was but a declaration, and would have meant nothing for our infant nation, without the faith and will to shed their own blood to secure the Freedoms as set forth in this early document. “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” was still Only a Dream. It would take many years of hard-fought war, fought by our fledgling nation, who were viewed as nothing more than “Ants” to be easily squashed by the foot of a “Giant” British War Machine.

“We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are Created Equal”; these words were considered impudence and foolishness… as if a small child were threatening a Titan of War with nothing but a sling-shot and a few smooth stones.

The British mistake, in the battles to come, was in not considering the source and determination of our Declaration. It was Not a statement of Impudence against the crown, it was an Act of Faith in God’s Almighty Wisdom and Power for Justice as they penned the words that many men would soon put into action, and Ultimately Shed their own Blood, on the fields of battle.

However, it was not a declaration that came without significant cost in American lives for we had not yet secured an army or navy that could even remotely hope to overpower our foes. Most who shed their blood were not men of war. They were not men of great estate. Yet these peasant farmers and other men who banded in the first militia were convinced of the righteousness of their declaration… and as David secured Victory over Goliath… we eventually secured our own National Freedom. Faith in God, and the promises of His Word, gave puny men confidence to lay down their life, for the good of their families and friends. Truth, Justice and the American Way, was a road Paved in the Blood of our greatest heroes in the Faith… and thus has it been throughout the history of mankind.

Men of no stature or consequence can become Mighty Men of Valor with Faith and Commitment in lofty and Heavenly Ideals. On this day, we celebrate the hard won Freedom secured by the Blood of our Patriots… the Greatest of whom was Jesus, Christ… who secured our Eternal Liberty with His Shed Blood. An Innocent Sacrifice for Our Freedom from the Bondage of Sin and Self! The road that leads to Our Spiritual and Eternal Liberty, namely Salvation, is paved with the Blood of our Greatest Warrior… who taught us to fight “Spiritual Wickedness in High Places” through the Love and Mercy of our Heavenly Father.

Today, we Pray for our men and women in uniform, who are still fighting the War for Freedom on many fronts. These are men and women who are still willing to shed their own blood, in order to secure Liberty for those who do not yet have it.

As we celebrate, let us remember the Road Paved with Blood… that has lead us to Victory over every foe… even death itself has no more power over us due to those who shed their blood before us.


Galations 5:1  “Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage”.


May God Bless our Nation with His Liberty and Justice,

Charles Beason

Pastor Charlie at — The Social Seed Network


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