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Empower – Invested with Official Authority

Empower – Invested with Official Authority

Empower Network Review – Does it Really Make Money, or just another Scam

I wanted to take a few moments today and just share why I am starting over and making the change to Network Marketing. My new inspiration and quest for success is due to the fact that Life is Unfair, Unpredictable and Ever-Changing.

A short time ago, I was going about my business as an outgoing, influential, contributing member of society. My main focus was to help people promote their Affiliate business and quickly start earning an Online income. Then tragedy began to strike!

Suffering Loss

Over the past year I have experienced four deaths in my immediate family, a decline in my personal health and the almost total loss of my income. All that remains of my immediate family is my mother… and she is not very healthy.

It’s normal for us to grieve our losses. Lost family, lost health, lost income. But I was in a Very Dark place for quite a long time.

While I would not trade the quality time I had caring for my Dad in his final days on earth. It came at a very steep price. Days turned into months. I had no Internet access and no time to market my business so by the time I returned to assesses the damage… it was too late.

Like a once thriving Mayan city, remnants of my old business can be found scattered about, swallowed up by the Jungle of the Internet with very little left to salvage. Years of hard work just lying in ruins.

As I pruned away the vines that now covered my ancient ruins, I began to realize that it was a fruitless endeavor. I was sickened by the fall of my empire and finally decided to make a fresh start with the Empower Network.

Starting Over

The decision to start over was not an easy one… but I had little choice. My entire life had been turned upside down by death and illness and lack of income. I was much like a floating fish that had been stunned by some hillbilly with a stick of dynamite.

It was time for a Huge Change in my circumstance. I needed new perspective and a New Way to Earn Income. After successfully earning money on the Internet previously… a regular 9 to 5 Job was Out of the Question. I needed to be Empowered.

Researching Opportunities

As I began to research other methods of earning income from home (and while mobile with Smart Devices), I had decided on certain indisputable criteria.

  • It had to provide me with Instant 100 percent Cash Payments that went directly into my Paypal or other bank account.
  • It had to deliver Fast Results with a Lot Less Effort.
  • It had to be a Network Focused Business Model.
  • It had to be Super Simple for my Network Associates to Follow and Duplicate.
  • It had to be Simple (I Refuse to work Long Hours for Piddly Affiliate Commissions).
  • It had to Build a Team of Motivated Individuals.
  • It had to have a Firm Foundation that could Easily Adapt to Future Changes in the Internet Marketing Landscape.
  • It had to be Cheap and Recession Proof!

The Empower Network

Once I encountered the Empower Network, and the Viral Simplicity of an Empower Network Blog through a Reliable Christian friend I began to see the Amazing Potential to start making Fast, Consistent Cash, while Really and Truly Helping other People who are also Suffering Grief, Illness, Life Changes, or Loss of Income during this most disturbing economic crisis.

The Empower Network is a Real Business, Not just an Affiliate Hobby. It offers a Stable and Simple Formula for Quick Results and Fast Income. Simply:

  • Join our Team
  • Grab your first 8 Steps of Training
  • and Start Blogging (daily) on your New Viral Blogging Site

If you want to Build a Consistent Income on the Web, you need this! Stop running the Endless Treadmill of Trading you’re Valuable Time for a Few Measly Dollars. Grab the Freedom that allows you to spend more time with the people you love, and less time toiling to make somebody else Rich.

All it takes is a little Faith in yourself, and the ability to share Opinions, Advice and Editorials on almost any subject (or business venture) that you are comfortable writing about.

You’re Business Automatically Grows as people come to your Empower Network Blog. It is designed to do all the Selling and Lead Capture For You, and you have much better things to do.

Are you Seeking an Abundant Lifestyle?

There is a lot more to living than Stress, Worry and Pain.

I can remember a time when life was Full of Joy and Peace. When, as children, we had Not A Care in the World. We once lived life to it’s Fullest. And Never Worried how the bills were going to get Paid.

I look forward to sharing the Abundant Life With You! With Faith, Dedication and a Little Work… the Empower Network offers you the ability to Enjoy Your Life More, and Stop Stressing about Money.

Join Our Team

You are Invested with Official Authority when you own an Empower Network Blog. All that’s left is for you to Consider.

Watch the Video and review the Empower Network for yourself.


The Quest for a More Fulfilling Life can Often Seem Elusive. Weigh your options and Allow your Faith to Take Action… even if it’s not with us.


Empower Network Review – Does Empower Network Really Make Money, or just another Scam


Charles Beason

The Empower Network



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