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Facebook plus Google Places – New Opportunties for Business and Affiliates

Affiliate Faith Rewarded – The More you Give…

Affiliate Faith Rewarded

It takes Total Faith to Start an Online business in a crappy economy. Why? Because traditional business is a Risk to Reward process.

DOWNLOAD THE FREE REPORT THAT MAKES YOU CASH!Have you ever heard somebody say, “it takes money to make money”? In the Retail business world, there is (normally) no truer statement. You must Risk some of your Income on product stock, inventory, shipping, advertising, etc…, etc… and you have to believe that somebody wants to buy what you are going to sell.

For a moment… I’d like to ask you to Forget what you think you know about business…

Technology and the Internet have opened New Opportunities without the usual Risks involved in Seeding a New Business with your own Hard-Earned Cash to buy Products that you Hope will Sell, once you start shelling out more cash for Advertising.

It’s a New World of Opportunity where the Rewards can outweigh the Risks in a Huge Way!

Using the Power of Web Affiliation, you can Amazingly Eliminate almost all of the Risks involved in selling products to Willing and Eager Customers by promoting other people’s products for them… and Earning Extra Cash in the Process.

All it takes is a little Faith:

  1. Faith in yourself
  2. Faith in a product
  3. Faith in the Web Affiliate Referral process

How much Faith do you Need? A willing Heart, a decent plan and a little Creativity is all the Faith you Need!

Can you write? Do you know how to copy and paste? Then you can Make Money on the Web. Can you make Web Videos? Nothing Complex… even Simple Pictures and Videos shared on your Android, iPhone (basically any Smartphone), iPad, iPod touch, etc… Then You Can Make Extra Cash… without any Huge Risk… Even in a Horrible Economy!

If you can Write, Blog, make Social Posts and Follow a few Easy Instructions… you can Potentially Earn $140 to $300 per day (some days you make a little, some days you Score)!

Take a little Faith in yourself and add it to this suggestion from me.

“Work Smarter… Not Harder” and Start having Fun Again. Knowing that there is a steady stream of Cash being Stuffed into your Paypal account is extremely Liberating… I am Praising God for His abundance and I smile each time I use my Paypal debit card for purchases.

My Act of Faith was Rewarded with Immediate Cash Deposits that give me great Joy and Totally Funded this year’s Christmas Shopping Spree. I was finally able to, once again, GIVE quality gifts to my newly expanded list. All Paid with my Paypal Card! Without this one, super-simple Web affiliation… Christmas may have been much more Dismal indeed.

Don’t get me wrong… it’s Not Really about The Money… it’s about the Freedom and Satisfaction of being More Rewarded… More Blessed… and Feeling More Secure, Simply by giving away my FREE PDF Book on my own website (you will also get your own website and 28 other FREEBIES if you decide to Click on the Link Below) . But the Best Part of all is seeing my Faith Rewarded and Building New Friendships.

My Suggestion to you:

Plant a Small “Seed of Faith” in your Life. Then just Relax and Have Fun coming up with New and Creative Ways to Give Away this FREEBIE Book to other people who can benefit from a little Extra Cash, to help make ends meet.

Exercising your Faith is a Low Risk, High Reward Plan for building an Online Business.

You can Start Today… and Gain Cash by Tomorrow…


“Give and Ye shall receive”

Looking forward to your affiliation,

Pastor Charlie

When Fibromyalgia Attacks… and you Can’t Work

When Fibromyalgia Flares (Attacks) there’s Nothing a person can do but “Ride it Out” with Faith and Prayer.

My most recent flare has had me down for about 3 weeks. I am just now feeling like I can function for short bursts of time… but it is still going to be awhile before I am “back to normal”… normal for me anyway.

This last flare scared me enough to visit the emergency room and make sure there wasn’t something else happening to my body… but all blood tests, enzymes, CT Scan, etc… all came back okay. PTL!

When Fibromyalgia Attacks, it’s virtually impossible to work a regular nine to five job… so at times like this, I totally depend on God‘s Provision and the money I make with Affiliate Products like The Effortless Web Cash Formula.

Are you Disabled with Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Arthritis or other immune system or connective tissue disorder, but still Need to Earn Extra Cash? Please read the FREE eBook at and find creative ways to Share this eBook with other people. You get lots of Free Training, PDF books and You’ll Earn Multiple $37 payments, Directly to your Paypal Account.

While many affiliate products are lowering commissions and Info Marketing is providing Junk or Scam Content… EWCF is The Best Product I can suggest, whether you are a Newbie or a Seasoned Vet.

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May God Bless,
Charles Beason
Administrator of The Social Seed Network

God wants you to have Success, Riches and Wealth

Did You Know That God Wants You to be Wealthy?

That’s Right. There are many Bible verses and Godly promises of Wealth, Riches and Abundance, for those who choose His Way. Follow the Simple Bible Formula for Total Success and Wealth in your life today!

Now you too can learn the Secrets of Bible Riches…

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‘Wealth Secrets of the Bible’

• Are you worried about making ends meet?
• Are you worried because you don’t know how you will be
able to afford to retire?
• Do you lose sleep at night worrying about how you are going to
pay bills?
• Or, Do you want to retire early and never have to worry
about your finances
• Are you just starting out in your career and want to build a
secure financial future?
If you answered yes to any of these questions there is a way to
financial prosperity that can help you regardless of where you are now
financially or where you want to be. And, most likely it is a way you
have never considered.
It is a different road to success beckoning to anyone willing to follow
While it is a different road, the end result – financial prosperity will
never be in doubt because you will achieve Success His Way – God’s
Listen to what we are told in Psalm 26: 8 – 9.
“The Lord is good and glad to teach the proper path to those who go
astray; he will teach the ways that are right and best to those who
humbly turn to him.”
Christians throughout the world need to learn there are some pretty
awesome promises made to us about our finances in the Bible. Poverty
and want is not a condition of destiny for us in the Bible.

to download your FREE copy…

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May God Bless you with Wealth and Abundance,

Charles Beason

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Proud Member of the Social Seed Network

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Christian Affiliate Product and Opportunity – Wealth Secrets of the Bible

Christian Affiliate Opportunity from the Social Seed Business Network

“Wealth, God’s Way”!

I hope you are all having a Great Day!

As the administrator of our network, I am always looking for good, honest Affiliate opportunities to share with our members.

While researching and testing a couple of Affiliate Op’s, I came across an amazing Christian Affiliate product and I feel compelled to share it with you.

‘Wealth Secrets of the Bible’ is not just another Affiliate Program… it’s the Bible Formula for Success.

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Wealth Secrets of the Bible

I have also noted that we still have quite a few Social Seed Network members that are Not taking full advantage of the Advertising Power in their Profile Listing. It only takes a few minutes to Complete your Profile Listing and Customize it the way you would like it, to Promote any Business, Ministry or Products.

There are more than six highly effective marketing and advertising methods… all for FREE… and all connected to your own RSS FEED page for Fast Search Results.

  • Your Social Profile with Text App added for Niche Content
  • Add the Blog App for even More Niche Content
  • The FREE Ad Forum
  • True Social Networking and Sharing Resources
  • Youtube or Video Advertising (within all content)
  • RSS Feed for your Profile and Blog
  • Seed your Content with Relevant Affiliate products
  • Powerful Content Editing (assemble your content (or advertising) in Word and simply Copy it to the page))
  • and Much, Much More….

Don’t let the Simplicity of our Social Seed Business Network fool you… you can operate an Entire Social Marketing and Advertising Campaign from the comfort of one single Social Seed Network.

May God Bless you with Wealth… His Way!

Charles Beason

The Social Seed Biz Network

Proud member of The Social Seed Network

Don’t Get Scammed by Automated Niche Content Blogging Systems

Most Automatic Niche Content Blog Post systems are a Total Scam!

Most Internet Advertisers and Marketers, especially Affiliate Marketers, love the results they get from posting Niche Content (unique and useful content) to a Blog. Blogging is one of the oldest Social Networking strategies for building Online business, building advertising lists, or making direct and instant sales. So what’s the big problem with Automatic Niche Content Blogs posting?

Most of “so-called” Automated Blog Scams involve installing Code or a Template on your WordPress, Blogger or other Blog, and let the “automated Blog system” automatically write Blog Posts for you. These “Robot Systems” are supposed to scour the Internet in search of “Relevant Niche Content” that they automatically post to your Blog… hands-free… you don’t even have to be involved with the process.

So, what’s wrong with that? It sounds like it could make life easier, and decrease our work load. After all, most of us who own a Small, Home Based Business, and earn extra income with Affiliate products on the Web, are already overwhelmed with the chores of daily life, leaving us little time to write “fresh, unique and useful” posts in our Blog… but don’t allow yourself to be tempted and drawn into Automated Blogging without knowing what you’re up against… Click Here to Read More…

The Social Seed Business Network

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Self Defense for Elderly, Disabled, Singles Targeted by Criminal Assault- When Brutal Crimes Get Too Close to Home!

Self Defense and Personal Protection for Elderly, Disabled, Singles Targeted by Criminal Assault- When Brutal Crimes Get Too Close to Home!

“Local Muggers Go On Assault and Robbery Spree – Elderly, Disabled and Lone Women Targeted”!

This was a Headline article in our local newspaper not long ago. Brutal and Abusive Crimes are not something we like to think about on a daily basis. In the depth of our being, we know it is always Best to be Proactive. It’s only proper to be Prepared to respond to Brutal and Abusive Crime Before we, or our family members, are Victims of it. But, like most unpleasant things in life, we often wait and “React” to the harmful activity of others until we are personally affected or someone in our family have become a Victim of brutality, abuse, attacks, robbery, rape, etc…  . Just as most of us postpone buying health, life and accident insurance, until something “close to home” causes us to reevaluate our responsibility to Family and Self, most of us will not consider Self Defense to be a Priority, but it is! Don’t Wait to be Proactive about Self Defense! Please Consider the following…

Are you a Potential Target?

The Article went on to explain how two men in their early twenties were lying in wait for people who would be “Easy Targets” for their spree of mayhem. They would lurk in the parking lot of the factory merchant’s mall or inside the bathrooms of fast-food restaurants and wait for their Prey to arrive. Like predators on the Serengeti, they lie in wait, to pounce upon the weak and defenseless. Among those Targeted and Singled-Out are the Elderly, the Disabled and Women Shopping Alone (even lone women who parked in well lit and well traveled parking areas were targeted by these Thugs).

One 76 year old male victim was accosted in the rest-room at a busy Mc Donald’s restaurant and spent over two weeks in the critical care unit of our local hospital. The assailants beat this poor gentleman half to death for less than forty dollars. When they were finally arrested for their crimes there was no sense of guilt or remorse. These sorts of predators simply don’t care whose life and families they destroy in their quest for selfish gain!

Why do young men “gone wild” feel that they must Beat their already helpless victims into submission, instead of just robbing them? The only logic I can assume is…

1.       To take control (so you can’t run away).

2.       To accomplish their crime more quickly.

3.       To silence any Cries for Help.

4.       To allow them More Time to make a clean getaway.

Are you a Target? Could You be the next Victim listed in your local news?

While any person is a potential victim for these types of senseless and brutal crimes, those who have weaknesses are especially vulnerable. It’s not something we dwell on, but it does not seem so long ago that I could have fended off almost any assailant. Now that I am a senior citizen with a disability, I feel much more vulnerable. It’s appalling to think about… but most people are not merely robbed… they are also beaten severely. I don’t know about you, but I also consider my own safety, along with that of my wife… I feel much better knowing that she has a personal alarm and a stun-gun.

When you become a victim, they’re not going to give you a chance to run away or to scream for help… it only takes a few seconds for these thugs to beat you so severely, that your life is changed forever. Like I said… it’s not something we want to dwell upon… but you and your family’s safety are extremely important.

What can you do?

Let’s Face Facts. In the current economic crisis, people are more willing to take drastic measures to get the money they need. It is becoming a less safe world as people who would otherwise never dream of stealing or hurting people are catapulted into Crimes of Theft and Assault.  Having your possessions taken is frightening enough… but most of these criminals have also taken to Beating, Mugging and Assaulting their Victims. Self Defense has become a necessity rather than a luxury.

Consider this. The two young Criminals I have mentioned in the article above were raised in good Christian families and lived only five doors away from me in my current neighborhood before their arrest and conviction for these horribly abusive crimes against the Elderly and Weak. I actually knew them and there were many occasions when they were actually guests for meals or game nights in my home. This has caused me to re-think every aspect of Self Defense and Personal Safety… especially since I am now disabled. Even though I took wrestling in high school and have had some amount of training in martial arts, fibromyalgia has taken away much of my strength and agility. As much as I hate to admit it… this makes me a Prime Target for people who choose Crimes of Assault and Abuse in order to line their pockets with their ill-gotten gains. It sends chills down my spine when I consider how I trusted them and allowed them to become close to my family. If these “seemingly nice” young men could suddenly turn into Muggers and Thieves, Well, I suppose it proves that nobody is Really Safe these days! I Need Self Defense tools and so does my Family.

I always heard the statistics… how that nine out of ten crimes of assault, abuse rapes, etc… are perpetrated by family and friends (the people who are most close to us), but I guess it never really penetrated my hard-head, until it was Way too Close to Home!

What can you do to ensure a measure of self-protection and family safety? You can take a few moments of your precious time, and check out some of the Self Defense tools that could make the difference between being a victim of brutal crimes, or coming away with your life and possessions intact. Law officials and Statistics have proven the fact that when you use Personal Self Defense tools correctly, it buys you a few precious seconds of time that make the difference between being “Victim” or a “Victor”.

Learn more about the Latest Self Defense and Home Security Products:

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View our extensive catalog of Personal Security, Self Defense, Home Security… and even Software Protection tools.

Like it or Not, You are a Potential Target. Especially if you are Elderly, Disabled, Female or ever even go shopping Alone.

We spend thousands of dollars on Health, Wealth, Life and Accident Insurance… but when you are Personally Attacked… You Only Have a Few Split-Seconds to React and save yourself from a Life-Time of Suffering. Be Safe!

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The Runt Stun Gun – Product Review

It’s bantam with a bite. THE RUNT is easily concealable, and

If Attacked... the Runt Stun Gun delivers 2.5 to 4.5 million volts of Protection!

Runt Stun Gun delivers 2.5 to 4.5 million volts- Now That's Protection!

virtually undetectable in the hand of a woman or man. What your attacker doesn’t see will drop him like a roach who has ingested a little too much Black Flag. The Runt uses new cutting edge micro-technology to deliver super powered protection from a palm sized paladin. There are three voltage levels so you can pick your attackers poison. You can carry the Runt in your hand or pocket. If you would like to wear it like a pager there is a heavy duty nylon belt loop holster included. Batteries included. This unit is perfect for women of all ages, and works for men as well.

Safety on/off switch. LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Available in three voltages:
2.5 million volts, 3.5 million volts and 4.5 million volts.
The Runt Stun Gun
Only $39.95


Help Wanted: Would you like to Earn Extra Cash while helping people with Self Defense, Personal Safety & Home Security? Work at Home and on Your Schedule! Join my team of sub-affiliates! — Click Here Now —… Scroll down and Click where it reads “Affiliate Login” or “Affiliate Information”… It’s Totally FREE to Join… (No Scam)

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Copyright Charles Beason 2010 – Pastor Charlie’s Social Seed Ministry and Network


Social Network Sharing, Marketing and Advertising Made Easy

Social Network Sharing, Marketing and Advertising Made Easy

Have you Tried Yoono Yet?

Whether you use Social Networks for Business or Pleasure, there is a FREE Add-On App that can make it easier for you to Share, Book-mark, Post Links, Advertise, etc…

Do you Market and Advertise to more than one Social Network? If you are a Smart Online Biz owner, you are probably trying to Share Links, Post Ads or Book-Mark your Blog Posts to Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, LinkedIn, MySpace, etc…

But opening, closing, switching applications and posting to each Network is a Real Pain!

Yoono is a side-bar application that you can use with the Firefox Browser to get Real-Time Updates from several Social Networks at once. You can also Post to All Networks… or Choose a Single Network to Share Tweets, Posts, Ads, Links, etc… without ever opening a new browser tab.

I have been using the Yoono App for about a month and I couldn’t be more pleased. Don’t worry… It’s Totally Free! And it can make your life much simpler and more productive. Once you learn How to use it, (it’s not at all difficult), it will cut your work-load by 30 to 60%.  — You can register for a Free account at

Don’t Forget to Share your Brand, Products and Links (Social Seed) with the other members of our Network. You may have the Solution to a Friends Problem… and helping people find what they Need and Desire… is what Internet and Affiliate Marketing is all about.


“You supply the Seed… God provides the Harvest”.

May God Bless your efforts,

Charles Beason

At the Affiliate-Bivocation Social Seed Network (Plant Seeds of Faith, Plant Seeds of profit)

BTW:  Have you tried the Effortless Web Cash Formula Yet?

This Simple Cash system makes you money whenever you Share the FREE eBook (or Report) with people who would like to Earn Extra Cash Online. No Hassles… and making Cash, that gets delivered Directly to your Paypal account, does not get any easier than this. You can read the Free eBook at:

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How to make Consistent Affiliate Sales

How to make Consistent Affiliate Sales

If you have Tried Affiliate Marketing, but Never made any Consistent Sales, I want to tell you "it’s Not Your Fault"… and I’d like to tell you Why.

Most Affiliate Products and Programs will try to convince you "How Easy" it is to make Affiliate Sales. When you register for Most Affiliate Programs, they will tell you How you will become Rich, by Simply adding their Links and Banners to your Website or Blog. This leads Most New Affiliate Marketers with the False assumption that you Make Affiliate Sales by "Pushing" Links and Banners on Multiple Sites and Blogs, without any Clear Direction or Business Goals. Since most of the emphasis is placed on Niche Research, Site Building and Product Placement, most Affiliates miss the True Secret of Earning Consistent Income with Affiliate products.

The Truth is, that Very Few Affiliate Sales are made with Text Links and Banners Alone. Even if you have the Best Affiliate Product and Target a Profitable Niche, you will be Lucky to make an occasional Sale with this approach. And what’s worse is that you eventually become too busy Building Sites and Writing Blog Posts to make any Real and Long-Term Relationships which Produce Sales.

In order to Make Consistent Affiliate Sales, you Need a Complete Affiliate Campaign (or system), where you Offer your Customers an Experience, instead trying to Shovel Products Down their Throats. Affiliate Marketing must be treated as a Business, and the Most Important Element in Business is the Ability to Make Consistent Sales, over and over again, to the Same people. Affiliate Marketing can be the most Satisfying or the Most Frustrating Home Biz you will ever attempt, depending on How You Build It!

An Affiliate Campaign is an Absolute Necessity for Making Consistent Affiliate Sales. A Successful Campaign Consists of Only a few basic elements, but getting these elements Setup Correctly, will either make you or break you. A Complete Affiliate Campaign consists of a Sales Funnel:

  1. A Solid Niche Market (a Targeted Need that you can Fill in any given Market)
  2. A Single Point of Entry for your Customers (a Squeeze Page)
  3. An Autoresponder (to Capture the Name and Email of your Prospects)
  4. A Series of Niche Products that you Only Advertise to Your List (email list marketing)

To Correctly setup a Complete Affiliate Campaign takes More Work in Planning out your Sales Funnel… but it will Reward you with Consistent Affiliate Sales for years to come. I might also mention that this approach Greatly Simplifies Affiliate Marketing to the extent that you Only Have to Market and Advertise your "Single Point of Entry"… instead of trying to Keep Up with Multiple Niche Sites and Blogs.

It is beyond the scope of this short article to Teach you How To Build an Affiliate Campaign. However, if you would like to Skip all the Hard Work that comes with Finding and Researching a Niche Market, and Building a Sales Funnel with an Autoresponder that is Pre-Populated with Products… I suggest you check out an Affiliate System that will Show You How to Build It All in One Day. This system Guides you, Step-by-Step, with Video Tutorials and Guarantees that You’ll Make Sales within the First 3 Days.

Go to
to Learn More

Using this System, I was Able to Build an Entire Affiliate Campaign for the Green Niche Market, in less than eight hours. The "Green" Niche Market is exploding with the Best and Latest Affiliate Products that I Simply Add to my Autoresponder. So instead of being too Busy Building Niche Sites… I can Concentrate on Marketing and Advertising my "Single Point of Entry"… and then All of My Sales are on Autopilot. This system is Saving Me Tons of Time and Work… and my Advertising is Much More Focused with a Lot Less Effort.

If you are like Most Affiliate Marketers, You are Way Too Busy Researching Niches, Building Sites, posting to Blogs, Writing Articles, Copying and Pasting Links and Banners to All of Your Sites… in essence, you are Too Busy "Pushing Products" to make Consistent Affiliate Sales.

Don’t let this Opportunity Pass You Up! An Individual, Step-by-Step, Complete Affiliate Sales Campaign is waiting for you… and You Will Make Sales on Your First Day (Guaranteed).
It doesn’t Need to be so Hard. Simplify your Affiliate Sales by Building a Autopilot Campaign that Makes the Sales for You!
Once you Learn How to Build a Complete Affiliate Campaign…
You’ll Finally Understand Why so many Marketers Tell You That It It’s Easy to Make Affiliate Sales

Project Green Biz
Today, and watch the Free Report!

— This Complete Affiliate Sales System is Specifically Designed for people who have Never Made Consistent Sales on the Internet (or even a Single Affiliate Sale) —

Have a Blessed Day,
Charles Beason

31121 Balsa Ave.
Barstow, Ca.

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    The basic meaning of Affiliate is to be connected or associated. As applied to an Internet Opportunity, Job or Business, the term Affiliate usually consists of a person who has decided to become an affiliate in order to make money by promoting products and services on the Internet. This is known as Affiliate Marketing. 

    Have you been contemplating starting your own business on the Internet but you think that the competition is just too much and that you could never compete with the "Big Boys" of Online business? Well… in a way you’re right, and in another way you’re dead wrong. We just need to think things through and work smarter. Consider this; If you could make 1% of the sales made by Microsoft, Apple, iphone, Verizon, Dish Network or any other Huge Company, we could be stinking rich. Even if you only made 1/2 of 1% of the sales they do, you would still be stinking rich. Is there a way for the common person to tap into such lucrative markets and make a share of the sales?

    Absolutely. It’s called becoming an Affiliate. You join as an Affiliate to promote their products for them, and you make a commission on every sale that is made through your links and promotional efforts. If you find a Hot Market and Only make a fraction of the huge volume of sales that are made each day on the Internet, you can be set for life.

    Becoming an Affiliate has benefits that no other Job or Home Based Business can even come close to. You just need to learn a little about Affiliate Marketing and how to set up blogs, web sites, etc.. and you can start earning your share of the most lucrative markets on the planet.

    Let me explain some of the benefits of becoming an Affiliate:

1. Top Affiliate Programs are Free to Join, so you can start your own affiliate Biz with no product of your own and no capitol outlay to get your business going. You can start your own business without laying out any money to anyone for anything.

2. Affiliate yourself with someone who already has a product or service and make commissions for each sale that is made through your promotional efforts as an Independent Contractor (No Boss).

3. Can be as simple as using an affiliate blog (or your existing blog), or as complicated as a full-blown web site (see lesson 4 on my web site to learn how You choose how to promote.

4. You can use Free methods or Paid methods for your promotions (I have done fine as an affiliate without spending hardly any money on advertising and promotions).

5. No Inventory, no stock, no shipping. No customer Hassles. These things are all handled by the program you join.

6. Most Affiliate programs have ready-made marketing materials that you can use and tweak to use them in your promotions.

7. Most Affiliate programs come with some basic training in How to Promote their product or service.

8. Work from your home, apartment or residence (anyplace you have an Internet connection).

9. Work at your own pace and according to your own schedule. Work as little or as much as you want.

10. Most of the work you will do is both easy and satisfying consisting of writing and reviewing the products and services you are promoting (you can even use video, audio and social networking for promoting your affiliation).

11. You work for yourself, so you get to choose what industries and products you will promote to make your share of the billions of dollars in Internet Profits.

    See the Home Page on my newest web site to learn more about starting your own business as an Affiliate. I have a list of the top Affiliate Programs, more Information, and Free Lessons in Affiliate Marketing on my web site at .  Stop by to have a look. Register for Free, to have access to the information and lessons that I am offering (for FREE) to all of my sub-affiliates. I operate a Christian Affiliate Business, so you never have to worry about Scams. Everything is legitimate, honest and above-board. No False Hype, No "virtual" Lies. Just solid Affiliate Programs for you to join and start making your share of the profits.

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Pastor Charles Beason

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