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How Important is a Blog?

How much do you want your business to succeed?   

As a Businessman with Fibromyalgia, it always takes me longer to accomplish things than healthy people. Some days I am in so much pain that it makes it hard to concentrate. Other days the Fibro-Fog (hazy thought processes) slow me down to a crawl, and then there are the days that the chronic fatigue along with the pain and fog make it impossible to get anything accomplished. Anyway, I am not having a pity party or making excuses. I just wanted to preface my thoughts on the subject of blogging with the fact that it took me a while to figure out how important it could be to a business.

    If you have an Internet business it can be one of the more important things you do to:

  1. Get more traffic to your web site
  2. Get noticed more by Search Engines
  3. Get your message out to more people
  4. Guide people to your product or service

    You can have the greatest product or service on the planet but if nobody knows about it, you will soon be out of business. When I first heard about blogging, I thought that it was just an online diary of personal thoughts (and it is. But there is much more to it than that). I had originally believed that blogs were an outlet for narcissistic, self important people to get their thoughts onto the web. I also wondered why anyone would even want to read the babbling of such sort of people. I had no clue that a blog could be an important tool for business and pleasure. What I have learned (by experience) is that each one of us has an area of expertise. We each posses knowledge of subjects that other people have interest in. When they want to know more about something, they look for the information on the Internet, and they look for that information by typing it into a Search Engine portal. We are fast becoming a society that seeks information on the web more than in libraries.

    Do people really care what I think about a certain subject. Well, they may or may not care about what you think, but they definitely want to know what you know about a subject that they are interested in. That is where the advantage is yours. I have been using blogs for a relatively short period of time and this is what I have seen. If you write quality content about something of which you are truly passionate, people will read it. There is also a unique phenomenon which takes place after you publish your blog. Your blog will show up in search engines within a few days or weeks. It took me months to even get a search engine to robot my web site, but my blogs are showing up all over the search engines and in some of the strangest and most beautiful places. They have shown up in e-zines, as posts on other web sites, and as search results for certain keywords which I could never afford to bid for with a PPC campaign. At first it bothered me that nobody left any comments on my blogs, but after seeing where they end up, it is really of no consequence.

    Needless to say, I now use blogs as much as possible to advertise and brand myself and therefore my business. I operate a web site where I offer a limited selection of quality wool area rugs, but the competition is fierce and unrelenting. I spent months reading everything I could about adwords and other PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns and trying every trick in the book to get the coveted first page search results, and all without a whole lot of success. Every time I would come up with a great keyword, it was already being used by someone else, and every time I would raise my bid on that keyword, they would simply raise theirs above that which I could afford to pay. I had to find a way to get my product in front of as many people as possible without going into horrible debt. My advertising budget for my web site is extremely small compared to my competitors. If you start a business with a small amount of working capital, be prepared to get squashed by the big guys. And yet, I was not ready to give up or give in. I just needed other means to get advertising results.

    I now use a few methods that are a little more obscure, but dirt cheap. I write articles for e-zines about subjects I have knowledge and experience, and I now blog. After seeing the results of a few blogging efforts, I think I shall continue to blog for a long time to come. I wasted a lot of time and money on trying to make the perfect PPC campaign. Of the hundreds of keywords that I have tried using, adwords now wants a minimum bid that is way above that which I am able to pay, and I have been getting far better results by simply sharing my thoughts, knowledge and experience in articles and blogs. Sometimes, business is about working harder and smarter, in order to achieve your dreams. Blogs are a great tool to get you started, and it is much more fun than paying through the nose for quality advertising. Great Internet business opportunities are abundant if you can avoid the scams and are really willing to work for what you get. I have some good examples of Free to start businesses on my web site. Come by for a visit if you are in the market for a career where you can set your own course to adventure, or if you just need a good area rug for your home.

Charles Beason

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