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When Fibromyalgia Attacks… and you Can’t Work

When Fibromyalgia Flares (Attacks) there’s Nothing a person can do but “Ride it Out” with Faith and Prayer.

My most recent flare has had me down for about 3 weeks. I am just now feeling like I can function for short bursts of time… but it is still going to be awhile before I am “back to normal”… normal for me anyway.

This last flare scared me enough to visit the emergency room and make sure there wasn’t something else happening to my body… but all blood tests, enzymes, CT Scan, etc… all came back okay. PTL!

When Fibromyalgia Attacks, it’s virtually impossible to work a regular nine to five job… so at times like this, I totally depend on God‘s Provision and the money I make with Affiliate Products like The Effortless Web Cash Formula.

Are you Disabled with Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Arthritis or other immune system or connective tissue disorder, but still Need to Earn Extra Cash? Please read the FREE eBook at and find creative ways to Share this eBook with other people. You get lots of Free Training, PDF books and You’ll Earn Multiple $37 payments, Directly to your Paypal Account.

While many affiliate products are lowering commissions and Info Marketing is providing Junk or Scam Content… EWCF is The Best Product I can suggest, whether you are a Newbie or a Seasoned Vet.

— Download the FREE eBook Here —

May God Bless,
Charles Beason
Administrator of The Social Seed Network

Social Network Sharing, Marketing and Advertising Made Easy

Social Network Sharing, Marketing and Advertising Made Easy

Have you Tried Yoono Yet?

Whether you use Social Networks for Business or Pleasure, there is a FREE Add-On App that can make it easier for you to Share, Book-mark, Post Links, Advertise, etc…

Do you Market and Advertise to more than one Social Network? If you are a Smart Online Biz owner, you are probably trying to Share Links, Post Ads or Book-Mark your Blog Posts to Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, LinkedIn, MySpace, etc…

But opening, closing, switching applications and posting to each Network is a Real Pain!

Yoono is a side-bar application that you can use with the Firefox Browser to get Real-Time Updates from several Social Networks at once. You can also Post to All Networks… or Choose a Single Network to Share Tweets, Posts, Ads, Links, etc… without ever opening a new browser tab.

I have been using the Yoono App for about a month and I couldn’t be more pleased. Don’t worry… It’s Totally Free! And it can make your life much simpler and more productive. Once you learn How to use it, (it’s not at all difficult), it will cut your work-load by 30 to 60%.  — You can register for a Free account at

Don’t Forget to Share your Brand, Products and Links (Social Seed) with the other members of our Network. You may have the Solution to a Friends Problem… and helping people find what they Need and Desire… is what Internet and Affiliate Marketing is all about.


“You supply the Seed… God provides the Harvest”.

May God Bless your efforts,

Charles Beason

At the Affiliate-Bivocation Social Seed Network (Plant Seeds of Faith, Plant Seeds of profit)

BTW:  Have you tried the Effortless Web Cash Formula Yet?

This Simple Cash system makes you money whenever you Share the FREE eBook (or Report) with people who would like to Earn Extra Cash Online. No Hassles… and making Cash, that gets delivered Directly to your Paypal account, does not get any easier than this. You can read the Free eBook at:

or go Directly to my website at


Has anybody tried the Effortless Web Cash Formula? … is it a Scam?

Has anyone tried the Effortless Web Cash Formula? …or is it a Total Scam
*Can you make money with the Effortless Web Cash Formula?
*What is the Effotless Web Cash Formula?

Effortless Web Cash Formula is based on the Free Ebook from Lauren
Herbert and has all of the right elements to produce some Fast, Easy
Cash on the Internet. I have been using EWCF for about six months and
have Earned quite a little nest egg with it. I will give you some of
the Pros and Cons on this Internet Opportunity:

It’s cheap enough… you can get your money making website that
delivers 100% Profit immediately to your Paypal account… it’s $37 for
the (outdated marketing) Software they sell you and an extra $20 for
your domain and hosting and I started earning money within 24 hours of
signing up for this program. It initially earned me about $200 to $500
per week, but now that the Internet is saturated with the system… my
earnings have dropped somewhat… so here’s what I did to add some
Extra Life into this Money Making Program. I coupled it with more
modern Social Media Marketing Techniques… and if people buy EWCF from
my website at:
You get two of my Social Media Lessons for using Twitter for Free Advertising and you get Free Silver Membership to Affiliate-Bivocation… We have lots of Freebies…
So, Effortless Web Cash Formula is still a worthwhile endeavor for Making some Fast, Easy Cash working from Home… and when you buy from my Affiliate-Bivocation website you
get the Extra Added Value of using Web 2.0 or Social Media Methods of
Marketing which work much better than the Safelist and Forum Marketing
methods that the program suggests. When people buy from my
Affiliate-Bivocation Social Media website, they get my Twitter Niche
Marketing Method (I call it my Twiche Marketing) and it is so much
easier and less confusing than more traditional marketing and
advertising methods.
The most important aspect to Internet Marketing
is ‘List Building’, so I also suggest the ‘Five Buck Twitter’ with the
purchase of EWCF on my Site. So Yes, the system Makes Money for you…
but you’re going to have to use Social Media to Really make some Cash
with this product.
See my Combo Offer for Effortless Web Cash Formula by Clicking the Link Below:

You can also Go Directly to "MY" EWCF website at

Effortless Web Cash Formula is basically a glorified Affiliate Program.
(even though they try to convince you that it is a Complete Home
Business Opportunity). If you are content to just Earn a little Fast
Cash with EWCF for a few months, then that’s fine… But… It is, by
No Means, Effortless, you will have to work hard if you follow their
out-dated Marketing and Advertising Methods. However, if you are Sick
and Tired of Always making other people Rich while you Struggle and do
all the Hard Work to Promote and Advertise a product, program or system
that is only going to bring you some temporary income while lining the
pockets of the marketer who is operating the program (which is the way
most Online Biz Ops work, by the way), I have a Much Better Offer for
If your Dream is to Build a Long-Term, Consistent Income on the
Internet you are going to have to Start using Viral and Social Media
Marketing Methods, and you need a Solid Product that Everybody who is
trying to Earn Money Online Really Needs to Build Traffic, Leads, and
Consistent Sales (not recycled and out-dated content that will only
bring you a few bucks and lot’s of Frustration)… Have you ever worked
for someone, or sold something, that wasn’t immoral or illegal… but
it "just left a bad taste in your mouth". I was involved with a couple
of MLM programs in my youth… and I was never quite convinced that I
was truly helping someone when I recruited them into "The Opportunity".
How about you? I do not regret buying the EWCF program, partly because
it has allowed me to help some people earn a little extra money, but
mostly because it was not the "Complete Home Business Opportunity" I
had been searching for… So, it has inspired me to Build an
Opportunity that Truly is a long-term solution for making money on the
Internet and Sharing what I know with people who have the same vision
as I do. I am just an average guy who has learned How to Build a
Sustainable Income on the Internet… and Now, I can show you How to do
it. Life is about the choices we make, so here is an offer I can make
you with No Reservations…

Now, Here is what I consider to be a Better Opportunity from Affiliate-Bivocation…

I suggest you read about my New Instant Online Biz Opportunity at
Affiliate-Bivocation where we provide you with a FREE Social Media
Site, FREE Product (which is a Complete Guide for building a Long-Term,
sustainable and Profitable Business on the Internet – a $97 value, for
FREE) and the Loss-Leader (or Free Gift) that you can give away to
people in order to Build a Real, Consistent and Honest Business on the
Internet. FREE Social Media Tools and Instruction, (Lots of Freebies)
and Much, Much More…

other words… If you are trying to Build your Dream Career as an
Internet Marketer, we will provide everything you need to do it! And we
will take you, Step-By-Step, into the New World of Internet Marketing
using Social Media Marketing Methods (or Web 2.0) for Totally FREE
Advertising and Promotion. I have been an Internet Marketer for a
number of years now, and as a Bi-Vocational Pastor, I am Sick to Death
of the incomplete money making programs that riddle the Internet with
Huge Phoney Promises. Therefore, I won’t show you my Fake Paypal
account Totals, I won’t offer you a cheap program or product and Upsell
you another $70 or more, I won’t even Guarantee that you will make a
Single Dime on the Internet (that is up to you). But I am more than
willing to Share my Knowledge, Experience, Social Media Methods and
Money Making Products with you so that you can Quickly and Finally
Begin to Build Your Dream Business on the Internet.

Okay… I already know the next question… How Much Will this Cost Me?
about $9.95 per month as an Upgraded Gold Member of
Affiliate-Bivocation… (a $59.95 per month value for ten bucks) That’s
it! That’s All! No Hidden Costs, No Upsell, No Excess Hype… Just an
Honest and Real Opportunity to Carefully Build a Solid Business on the
New and more Social Internet (Web2.0) we MUST Learn to Use in order to
achieve our Ultimate Dream. And I will be Totally Honest and Up-Front
with you throughout our Friendship and Affiliation… Nothing Hidden
& No Secrets!

The Next question on your Mind, Of Course… What do I get out of it?
I have built Affiliate-Bivocation to Support and Coach hundreds of my
sub-affiliates for various affiliate programs, and the Simple Truth is,
that if I help them Learn to make money, I earn a small commission on
each sale they make. So it only makes sense for me to help them achieve
their goals. Secondly, it costs me A Lot of Time and Money to run
Affiliate-Bivocation and your small membership fee will allow me to
keep doing what I do best… Teaching people How to Build a Real and
Honest Business on the Internet. Thirdly, My Ultimate Goal for
Everything I do in life is to Glorify God. I want to build a Successful
Team of Internet Marketers to Replace a lot of the Trash Programs that
exist on the Internet and Allow God to Give people a Real Testimony of
Wealth and Abundance from God. We Christians, working as a Team on the
Internet, can do Amazing and Wonderful things to Really Make a
Difference in the Selfish and Unethical World we live in while
promoting the "Good News" that God has a Better and Eternal Purpose for
Everyone who is willing to Pay Attention! There is No Better Way to
make people pay attention than if God Hits them in the Wallet (whether
He is Giving, or Taking Away)! To Glorify God is my Ultimate Dream…
would you like to share the dream with me?

So… Here is my
Offer to Help… Whether you take it or leave it probably isn’t going
to make that much difference in my life… but please Grab your Copy of
the FREE Ebook Below by filling your name and Email address in the form
(There is absolutely No obligation, No Tricks and No Bull…ologna!)
or… You can go to Affiliate-Bivocation and check it out…

Download this FREE Ebook Report because…
am about to change your life and Virtually Give Away My Very Best
Secrets for Earning a substantial and long-term Income on the
Internet… I will Guide you through Earning a Decent 2nd Income as you
Ultimately Build your Dream Business with the Products or Services that
you Really want to Make Money From…

And I’ll do all of this for under Ten Bucks per month…
(Try to find an Offer Like This anywhere else on the Internet… It Just Doesn’t Exist)

Here is My Best Work at Home, Internet Marketing, Complete, Instant Online Biz Opportunity….
FREE E Book – How to make $100 per day! or More!
From your Social Media Profile!
Don’t Miss this Simple Turnkey System- Huge Opportunity…

Are you a Social Person? Do you like making Friends and building relationships?
Now you can get Paid for doing what you already enjoy doing…
Do you make Money On MySpace… or FaceBook?
Some people get Leads from Social Media Sites and Services like MySpace, Facebook or Twitter…
But they Don’t Make Money from their Profile Page!
Now you can Make Money Directly from your Social Profile page!
And 100% of the Profit gets delivered immediately to your Paypal account…

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to learn more and download our Free Ebook
(a more Social, Work at Home Job)

Effortless Web Cash Formula Scam

Effortless Web Cash Formula Scam?

No Way… This is Real Cash that is Immediately delivered to You!

The Greatest Money Making EBook, Ever, from Effortless Web Cash Formula is certainly living up to it’s name and you can’t afford to miss this Unique,  Practical and Easy way for Complete Beginners (Newbies) to Earn a 2nd Income Online.

You can Earn a substantial 2nd Income While Helping People who have been Hit Hard by the Current Economy.

When you share ‘The Greatest Money Making EBook Ever’, you make Cash Money, while providing an Online Biz Option and Opportunity for those who are in Great Need due to the Recession… Would you like to take part in God’s ability to Bless, no matter how Impossible things may seem to be? Here is your chance…

Does it bother you to see so many people who just can’t make ends meet? Here’s an Easy way that you can Help Them…

Over six hundred people are about to be laid off from their good paying government jobs, just in my home town. Seven thousand others will be without work before Christmas, in my local area. Hundreds of thousands will get their pink-slip before this year ends… that’s a lot of lost jobs.

I Refuse to Sit-Back and Do Nothing when there is an Easy Way that I can Help… How about You!

The Effortless Web Cash Formula offers a Simple Solution for Earning some Fast, Easy Cash for those Marketers and Online Businesses that need a quick influx of Cash….


Do you think you would be able to copy this blog post and send it out to other people in an Email or Tweet?

If you got paid for doing just that, do you think that would be an easy way to make money?

Well if you do what I'm doing, you could have multiple $37 payments being sent directly to your very own account every single day from
now on.

You see, all I do is send this message to people, in my blogs, in emails and on Twitter and I get $37 paid to me over and over again, every day. It's as simple as that........
and I now make a good income just from this simple task.

I send this Free EBook! "The Greatest Money Making EBook Ever"!

I get paid multiple $37 payments to my own PayPal account!

Could you think of anything easier than that? Can you think of anyone that could benefit from that?

If you can copy this exact message and send it out to people in Need, you can make money just as easily as me. There's nothing complicated to do.

In this post, you'll see a link to a website. If you visit that website, you'll be able to download a free e-book that will show
you an incredible way to make some easy money online.

BUT THERE'S MORE... Effortless Web Cash Formula will teach you How to Advertise and Market Online, and I will Help You Learn to Advertise and Market to Social Sites...
There's no strings, no catch, no scam. The e-book is totally free and tells you an exact, step by step way of making an easy and regular income 
from your computer.

Just read the website, get your own affiliate link (your own Online Business) and then send out this message.

That's all you have to do!

Even a child could do this, it's so simple.
I have also combined "The Greatest Money Making EBook Ever" with a Twitter Marketing Method and 3 Free Bonus Items that will help you easily share the EBook using Social Media sites like Twitter.
You can Start Your Own Online Biz for one-quarter the cost of many Useless Online Marketing Coaching Programs, and you will get Scads of Marketing information to help you get started Making Money Right Away...
and I am also Offering my Twiche (Twitter Niche) Marketing Method that contains two PDF Lessons with Video instructions and Free Membership to Affiliate-Bivocation where you can download other marketing lessons, 
rub elbows with other Online Marketers, Design your own Profile and Build your Social Brand... Your New Blog is ready to use as soon as you become a Free Member... and you can upload Pictures and Videos
to make your Profile Unique and Effective for Advertising... There is also a Forum with great Tips, Tricks, Ideas, etc...
I'm not sure How Long I can keep this Twiche Combo Offer Going, So, Get it All Today...
EWCF plus Twitter Trick plus 2 Twitter Niche Marketing Lessons w/ Videos and Free Membership to Affiliate-Bivocation!
This Truly is a Scam-Free, ground-floor, turn-key Online Business Opportunity that you can't afford to Pass Up...

Get Your Copy, and Read The Greatest Money Making EBook Ever from Effortless Web Cash Formula (it's No Scam),
Be sure to check out my offer... when you buy Effortless Web Cash Formula from my website you get 3 Bonus Freebies (over $100 value)
It's FREE to download and I promise you won't be disappointed.
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or go directly to... link to Pastor Charlie's Twiche Combo Offer at Affiliate-Bivocation
where you can pick up your Free Copy of the Ebook that God has used to Bless me with Extra Cash.
It's such a Great Blessing to Simply Share The Greatest Money Making EBook Ever (for Free), and to watch as the people I share it with, begin to Finally Earn some Money on the Internet.
New Free Instant Online Biz Launch at Affiliate-Bivocation...
be sure to read how you can start a Free Instant Online Biz (working from home) with our New Launch
Here's What you get:

FREE Instant Online Biz — FAST, EASY CASH

Once you have learned
Social Media Marketing Methods, You’ll Never Settle for exhausting
Safelists and Cosly PPC Campaigns again…

They are saying that I have gone Totally Off the Deep-End with this Opportunity… Crazy Preacher is Giving Away a Complete, Instant Online Biz…
With your Gold Member Upgrade… You don’t need a website- You don’t
need to mess with Safelists or Exchanges- You don’t need to spend a
small fortune in Marketing and Advertising- We’re Giving it All AWAY
Affiliate-Bivocation has Every Social Media Resource you Need to Start
and Run a Profitable, Long-term, Online Biz using Nothing But Your Gold
Membership Instant Online Biz…

The Ultimate Money Making Ebook for Social MediaYou
Get a FREE Instant Online Biz- FREE Website- FREE Gold Member Profile-
FREE Instant Product- Free Marketing Lessons- FREE Social Media Sharing
Tools- You even Get My Ultimate Guide for Building Traffic, Leads,
& Consistent Sales…and much, much more…

You get all of this… Just for Upgrading to Gold Membership for less
than ten bucks… Would you like to Learn More? Download my FREE Ebook- 

"The Ultimate Money Making Ebook for Social Media"

…go to the Home Page to Upgrade Today !!!…


Start your FREE Trial Silver Membership Today for the 1st 75 people (a $39.95/mo value)- Simply
Register and login (choose a Username without any spaces) … You will
gain access to our Social Media Resources, Lessons, Tips, Free
Advertising & much more.

(This site was originally designed to support our Sub-Affiliates for various programs (VMC Satellite "MyDishBiz" & other affiliate programs),
Affiliate Marketers and Clients with Social Media 2nd Income Marketing
Resources and Support and has grown to include hundreds of Serious
Internet Marketers, Just Like You) You are Welcome Here and we Hope you
are Blessed.

May God Bless you Richly,
Charles Beason
(Pastor Charlie) (my Profile page)
www.Bivocation.spruz (Affiliate-Bivocation, Our Social Media Marketing Membership site with 2nd Income Resources) (Our Fine Area Rugs and Home Decor Items site)
(This is Not a Paid Review of 'The Greatest Money Making Ebook Ever'...
 this is simply a part of my ministry efforts, to help people Start their own "Work from Home (or Work at Home) Job", so they can Provide for their families while experiencing the Fruit of Godly Principles that He has given us in His Word)

Talking about YouTube – Effortless Web Cash Formula & Twiche Marketing Method + Bonus Gifts, Step-by-Step Video…


Quote: Have setup this Combo offer of a Great Simple Cash system, combined with Twitter Niche Marketing, and three Bonus Gifts from Pastor Charlie

YouTube – Effortless Web Cash Formula & Twiche Marketing Method Step-by-Step Video…

EWCF, Effortless Web Cash Formula – I Don’t Care if you think it’s a Scam

The Effortless Web Cash Formula Works for me…

If it doesn’t work for you… You’re Not Even Trying to Market it.

    God Blessed me with over $500 in two weeks using the Effortless Web Cash Formula. Not only is it perfectly legitimate, it Pays 100% profit directly to my PayPal account. I recently read a post where some tried EWCF and didn’t make any money…

    Making Online Cash can’t get any easier than this… You would Almost have to Try Not to Make money with EWCF. All you have to do is Share a Simple EBook with people you want to help.

    If you know somebody that Needs to Earn Extra Cash, you don’t need to shove this down their throat… But you can politely and confidently share this Free Ebook with them. This system was designed for absolute beginners in Internet Marketing, or people who just want to make some extra money Online. Whenever I run into someone that Needs to make some Extra Income, I share this program with them. Marketing doesn’t get any easier than this and Online Cash systems don’t get any easier than this.

    You don’t have to Scam anybody, you are simply offering them a Great Option for their life. Is their anybody on this planet that Does Not want to Earn Extra Cash? You will have to work for it though. I only work part-time promoting this product and I have earned more money with it than anything else I have tried on the Web. An hour or two per day for an Extra $70 to $100 dollars, imagine what you could do if you were able to market this system Full-Time.

    How do I market the Effortless Web Cash Formula? I search for people Online that are crying for:

  • Extra Money
  • Freedom from their Job
  • A Work at Home Opportunity
  • A Simple Online System that Just Works (for a change). This is not the regular Junk you often see on the Internet!

    And I like to do this using Social Media. It makes marketing EWCF a lot more Fun and Friendly. I call it "Twiche Marketing" (Twitter Niche Marketing… While most of my Facebook Friends are spending their extra time Online trying to be Virtual Farmers or Mobsters, I use that same time to Build Extra Income by sharing EWCF’s Free EBook and my Simple marketing plan. Which would you rather have, a Virtual Pig for your virtual farm, or some Extra Cash in your pocket? It’s an easy choice for me. I choose to Make Money while I help teach other people How to do the same thing. Are you with me?

    Jesus said "Give, and it shall be given unto you…". If you can’t make money with this simple program, it’s because you are Refusing to "Give" something of Real Value to other people… If you Refuse to Give, Don’t expect anything in Return, and don’t call this a Scam just because you Refuse to Share the Ebook with other people who Really Need It!

    I tell you what… If you will just Read the Free EBook and see if it is something that can work for you… and you decide to buy the products… I will show you How I use Twitter to Find and Promote this EBook to people. You can use whatever means you feel comfortable with, I just happen to like Twitter, Facebook and Affiliate-Bivocation for FREE. I find it much more enjoyable to build relationships than simply buying a bunch of advertising.

    Do you think you could Share some Good News with somebody that Needs some Extra Cash? Come by my Social Media Membership Site and see what I am offering to anyone that buys EWCF from me.


— Click Here —

to learn more about (EWCF) the Effortless Web Cash Formula and my Bonus Gifts


May God Bless you Richly,

Pastor Charles Beason

(Pastor Charlie)

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