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My Experience with Fibromyalgia and Lyrica

My most recent experience with Lyrica. I had tried twice before but could not function and work while I was on it. The Doc asked me to try again at 25mg. After the first week or so I was so wierded out it was scary. After the first week, I tried to keep a log of how I felt each day, here is my log (I had to go back and correct a lot of spelling errors and unfinished words):
Doc wanted me to try Lyrica again.
Third try with Lyrica: down from 75mg to 25mg

Started writing log approx. 8 to 10 days on lyrica.
(These are approx. days as I cannot remember exactly).
First few Days: No pain relief. Dizzy. Head is in a Fog.
Next few Days: No effect on pain. Dizzy. Foggy as heck. Can’t think…
approx Day 12: Same, very hard to work when you can’t think or remember stuff.
Day 13: Can’t seem to function, hard to remember anything. Very Stiff and sore. Feel nauseous, but hungry at same time. Night-sweats.
Day 14: Not dizzy but Fog has turned to Mud. Pain seems to be worse. Feeling like flare is coming on. No energy at all. Want to just sleep but can’t (hurt too much).
Day 15: Can’t fnction normally (for me). Feelings of depression. (Am I losing my Faith?) Tightness in chest, feels hard to breathe. Might have some blanks in memory.
Day 16: Feels like a Full blown flare. Haven’t felt this bad in years. Just want to
crawl into a hole. Wife is worried about my moodiness. Can’t stop eating, even when I feel stuffed. Loose bowels. Stinging sensation all over extremeties (like needles).
Day 17: Mud-brain. Had to close store and go home. Pain levels are thru the roof. Bad stomach cramps, and loose bowels (extremely loose). (Chihuahua effect kicked in) shaking all over (hurts like hell). Extreme depression (not like myself).
Day 18: Stopped taking lyrica. Already feeling 60% better. Thinking better but still in a fog. More emotionally stable. Pain is back down to about 7. Made it through entire day of work (barely). Could not think again by end of day. I DON’T THINK I WANT TAKE LYRICA ANYMORE! This is my third try, with same results! Each day seems to get worse instead of better. Is it side-effects? Don’t know.
Next Day: Feeling much better. Mood has leveled. Pain has leveled. Able to concentrate better. All "funny" feelings are starting to going away. Had to be the Lyrica! Same as last 2 times. Now I remember why I stopped taking it the first 2 times. Night-sweats.
2 days off Lyrica: Called Doc’s assistant again (forgot if I had called before- she said I had). She said to stop taking the lyrica.(already did). Pain back down to normal (4 or 5), I can live with this. May have had some withdrawls. Headache, shaky, weak, stomach and bowels still messed up. Overall, feeling So much better. My optimism is back and "The Lord is my Shepherd". Started spacing out a little after 3pm but kept working til 5 pm.
Now about 5 days after stopping Lyrica, I am beginning to remember things I did and did not do while I was on Lyrica. I felt useless and worthless. I forgot to place orders, and schedule jobs. I felt stressed out all the time. Did not know what I was doing half the time, and did not even care. I lost my temper with a co-worker (not like me at all). And a number of other things that were not my nature to do. I will have to do some apologizing to the people in my life. I was hoping Lyrica would be a miracle, but it was definitely a Flop. Could it be a coincidence that I would seem to have a flare everytime I took lyrica. Anything is possible; But not all things are probable!
I have heard that this medication has helped many people with Fibromyalgia: As for me, Lyrica is a scary medication.

Charles Beason

Fibromyalgia Challenge

Do you have a friend or loved one that suffers from Fibromyalgia?
    Would you like to have a better idea what they go through on a daily basis? Consider taking the National Fibromyalgia Association’s "Clothespin Challenge". I would be suprised if most people could last more than a couple of minutes, yet this is what your loved one goes through every day (all day).
    When people ask me what it’s like to have Fibromyalgia, this is what I tell them. Imagine your worst day with the Flu. The extreme fatigue, the achiness, the utter inability to function normally. Now imagine waking up that way every day for the rest of your life… This would be a good day for someone with Fibromyalgia. If you factor in the extra pain they suffer through each day, you can see why some of us might be a bit crabby. My family knows when I am having a bad day, I don’t get crabby, but I tend to get very quiet and just want to be left alone and please don’t give me a hug (as much as I would like it, it hurts like hell).
    The NFA is having thier first annual "Walk of Fame" to raise awareness and donations to study this disease. Would you consider giving a small donation to this cause? Millions of people would thank you. Just go to to find out more about this disease and how you can make a donation that could help us find some kind of better treatment, or maybe even a cure.
    As a businessman with Fibromyalgia, I know what it’s like when you are no longer able to work a normal 9 to 5 job. Help those you know who have this disease and still manage to operate a business by using thier services or buying thier goods; The bills don’t stop coming and the mortgage is still due, yet many brave souls with Fibromyalgia continue to work through the pain rather than go on disability and become a burden to society.
Charles Beason

Was going to write about Home Design for Renters (maybe tomorrow)

    Fibromyalgia has me again today! I was going to write about Home Decor Techniques for renters, apartment dwellers… (anybody with a landlord). But the barometric pressure changed and my pain level has shot through the roof again. If you have Fibromyalgia, Arthritis or something similar, you know what I am speaking of. We become virtual weather forecasters because we hurt more when it is going to rain (or anytime the barometer changes (up hurts; but down really hurts)…
    Oh well, I will not die from it (although the option does sound good right now) and I can try again tomorrow to write my article. This is about all I can accomplish today so, we will talk soon okay? Disappointed
Charles Beason
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