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When Fibromyalgia Attacks… and you Can’t Work

When Fibromyalgia Flares (Attacks) there’s Nothing a person can do but “Ride it Out” with Faith and Prayer.

My most recent flare has had me down for about 3 weeks. I am just now feeling like I can function for short bursts of time… but it is still going to be awhile before I am “back to normal”… normal for me anyway.

This last flare scared me enough to visit the emergency room and make sure there wasn’t something else happening to my body… but all blood tests, enzymes, CT Scan, etc… all came back okay. PTL!

When Fibromyalgia Attacks, it’s virtually impossible to work a regular nine to five job… so at times like this, I totally depend on God‘s Provision and the money I make with Affiliate Products like The Effortless Web Cash Formula.

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May God Bless,
Charles Beason
Administrator of The Social Seed Network

Fibromyalgia Days – some Bad and some Worse

    I have just recovered from a few really bad days with my symptoms from Fibromyalgia. Some days I wonder which is worse, the Pain or the Fatigue. At least when I hurt bad, I can still manage to work. I may not think as clearly (fibro-fog) or move so quickly, but I can still function. On the days when the fatigue is worse I really have a rough time working. I can barely make it out of bed and I feel pretty much worthless on the job. I can’t seem to think straight, and other symptoms like, Irritable Bowel, Pain feeling like Itch, Numbness and tingling in any part of my body that you can imagine. For the past three days I have had both Pain and Fatigue along with everything else. I hurt in places where I never thought you could have pain. I have had shooting pain in my penis (I am somewhat reluctant to share this, but mayhaps someone else can take comfort in the fact that they are not the only one that has pain there), if you can imagine that! A lot of pain in my legs, hips, Butt and scalp. I have not been able to shower because the water hitting my skin hurts too much to stand. One of the most dis-heartening things is that my wife needed comforting and wanted to cuddle with me, but I had to tell her I could not cuddle right now, because of the pain. "Are there other fibromyalgia sufferers like me", I wonder. I thank God that the weather is nicer today. Everytime the Barometric Pressure changes, it causes me to hurt more, but especially when the pressure is dropping. For a long time people wondered how I was able to predict changes in the weather. I can usually tell you three days in advance, before it is going to rain. I have suffered several ailments in my life but this; this Fibromyalgia is a thief. It has robbed me of my health, quality of life and has also caused me to feel shut out by friends and family. I think that most of them just don’t want to see me when I am suffering symptoms, but it doesn’t make it any less emotionally painful. Sometimes I wish they could understand what I have been going through for the past ten to twelve years, but that would mean that they would have to suffer in order to relate to me, and I would never wish this illness on any other human being.
    One of the worst feelings is; I feel that I am not a good testimony as a christian. I know God understands that I am not capable of what I used to be able to do. I know that the Bible teaches that "His Grace is sufficient for me". I guess I just need to concentrate on my Faith that He is always able to take that which is weak and make it His strength. He is able to use my feable body to give Him Praise, even if I don’t see or understand the way He is working. I know it is not His fault that I have this disease, and that He would never give it to me (He only gives good gifts to His children)… I suppose we all must suffer in one way or another so that we can understand how much He loves us in that He was willing to suffer unto death in order to secure our Salvation. So,… even if I do not feel like it I will choose to Praise Him, and Thank Him for taking a miserable wretch like me, and still manage to use me to serve Him and love others.
    Thanks for taking the time to read this, I just needed to vent a little bit. I sometimes feel so overwhelmed by the loss of my health, when I should just be Thankful for lifes blessings. God’s love and the love of my family (including my church family) is much greater than any pain I can suffer here on this earth.
If anyone else out there needs to vent, or share your feelings about Fibromyalgia I have set up an old style forum on my web site. Click Here to go to the Forum (I set this up for people who have Fibromyalgia and still manage to operate a business, But it is really for anyone that wants to share with us).
Charles Beason

Brand Names are Better… Aren’t They?

    What does it say about our society and our values when you can’t trust a Brand Name Product?
This is what happened… I returned home yesterday afternoon and saw a new area rug in a chain-store bag hanging on the dining room chair. It was a typical cheap area rug. Since I sell area rugs I wondered why it was in my home. I was informed that my daughter bought it for her room because it was such a good price for a Brand Name Rug… ("No Big Deal" I thought, because I could clearly see the tag and price). Then I noticed something else. Something strange and bewildering. The Tag on this cheap fuzzy rug had the Brand Name of one of the best known manufacturers of good quality flooring, specifically Carpet. I will not name the company but it has the same name as a Native American Indian Tribe (you can probably guess it easily). When I saw the Brand Name, and noted the quality of the rug, I thought that it had somehow been mis-tagged, or some other mistake had taken place. But when I read the details on the tag, I was shocked and surprised. Like I said before; The rug in question was a cheap (inferior) rug that had the cheap latex backing on it (supposedly to keep it from sliding around on a hard-surface floor). This kind of rug backing is notorious for causing damage to linoleum, vinyl, and even laminate floors (they can cause discoloration, fading, or worse… they tend to draw moisture up through concrete slabs). Anyway as I read the tag further, I noted the type of fiber that this rug was made of; It was Olefin. Olefin fiber tends to hang on to things that are oily or greasy (even body oils from the bottom of your feet), and they can have a tendancy to crush and cause your rug to go flat. Olefin rugs of this quality do not usually hold up for very long. Six months to a year depending on traffic. This is the fiber most cheap rugs are made of, so no surprise there. The shock factor for me was that Mohawk had allowed it’s name to be prominately displayed on the tag. A huge manufacturer of fine quality carpet is either making or endorsing a Cheap Fuzzy Bath Room Rug! (Oh how I hate those things).
    Needless to say, I informed my daughter that despite the Brand Name on the Tag, She had been took. Even a paltry sum of money is wasted upon a rug of this quality. Brand Names used to mean something… It used to mean quality and integrity. I suppose that we should expect such situations as this in today’s global economy. But as for me, from now on I will be reading tags and ingredients, I don’t care what Brand Name is on the Package (or rug).
    I guess it is just a disappointment, that a name I have trusted and suggested to so many clients could allow such decay in quality and craftsmanship.
    When you are tempted to buy a chain-store area rug, ALWAYS READ THE LABEL! Or "you never know what you might get."
Charles Beason,

A Better Internet Experience

Having been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and finding it harder and harder to work at a "normal" 9 to 5 job. I had decided that I would start my web site in the hopes of someday working more effeciently from home.
    My original intent for my site was that it would be a place where people could buy area rugs of higher quality at more reasonable prices than chain-stores (who offer imitation fiber rugs) or other web sites that charge you up to three times the price than I would consider reasonable. I also envisioned a wide ranging community of people helping other people with questions and answers on Area Rugs and Home Design, with an emphasis on Designing with rugs. Although my overall view has not changed, I have noted that I must make some changes to my site in order to make it profitable. In today’s online climate, one must be very specific in order to design an effective marketing and advertising campaign. It is to this end that we will be making some changes to our Area Rug web site here at .
    Please bear with us as we try to:
1) Become more specific in our merchandise offerings.
2) Make our web site more simple to navigate.
3) Make our forums more user friendly and search engine friendly at the same time
4) We will be making these changes slowly as time allows (our site has become larger than anticipated)
    (with Fibromyalgia I cannot help but do things slowly)
    As we make these required changes please offer your suggestions or log into the forums to help us build a proper and more relevant area rug and flooring design site for you to use. It is my desire to share my expertise in area rugs and flooring design, so if you have questions please email me
Thank you,
Charles Beason
    We are also building our network of Businesses that you can start from home for FREE – Check out under the heading of Biz Opportunities on our web site. I really want to help those people who are suffering disabilities, illnesses, or circumstances that make it necessary to work from home. Just because we are disabled does not mean we are worthless!
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