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Facebook plus Google Places – New Opportunties for Business and Affiliates

What is a Long Tail Keyword Phrase and How does it Help with SE Results

Social and FREE Advertising:

When writing Blog posts as a FREE Advertising strategy, Highly Specific Keyword Phrases are of utmost importance.


The primary goal of any Blogger is that people will read your posts… but how can people read your posts if they don’t show up in Search Results?

Here is a short video tutorial that I recently put together to help my Social Seed Business Network members Better Understand Long Tail Keyword Phrasing… but using more simple terms and examples:

Charles Beason

Administrator for The Social Seed Business Network

Proud member of The Social Seed Biz Network

New FREE Advertising Resource for Barstow, Ca Residents – Barstow Swap and Shop

Barstow residents are tired of Paying for Classified Ads that produce Little, If Any Results!

People are also paying less attention to newspapers and inserts in favor of an Internet Search…

So I have established a FREE Web based Advertising Resource for Yard Sales, Garage Sales, Moving Sales, Local Product Specials, etc..

Barstow, California Swap and Shop

Brought to you by The Social Seed Biz Network – free ad forum

            As the Economic Crisis continues to Slam Barstow residents and businesses, I thought it important to provide a way for “Bartownians” to Earn some Extra Cash and help lift a little of the burden off your shoulders. You can make some extra money and get rid of some of the clutter in your home, garage or storage with this Web Based, “better than Classifieds”, Advertising resource. Whether it’s a Yard Sale, Used Car, RV… whatever you need to advertise in order to sell or swap items… you can use the ‘Barstow Swap and Shop’ section of the Social Seed Network to list it. Small businesses are also encouraged to post Specials, Sales, Coupons, etc..

Here are some of the features of our ‘Barstow Swap and Shop’:

  • It’s FREE: no paying for a classified ad… no paying extra for Bold lettering or Color & Space is unlimited
  • Rich Text Ad Builder: you can assemble your ad in Word… then copy and paste it into your ad
  • Add images, pictures and even Youtube video right into your ad copy
  • All ads are connected to RSS Feed for fast indexing on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc…
  • Barstow residents can also Subscribe to the Feed to Get Updates on New Ads, the moment they are placed

Of all the cities I have lived in, Barstow seems to have the least effective methods for Selling Used Items. I hate to see people losing money on valuable items that ultimately end up in one of the thrift stores. And… it really bugs me to see cars and RV’s parked in vacant lots in front of neighborhoods where they could be easily vandalized or subject to thieves.

Refer to the sample ad (1st post) to see an example of How you might Place Ads on Barstow Swap and Shop


May God Bless you with Abundance,

Pastor Charles Beason

Administrator of The Social Seed Ministry and Business Network



Click Here for Barstow Swap and Shop

Proud member of the Social Seed Network

The Social Seed Business Network



Do you own a Local, Small or Home Based Business that needs FREE Advertising and Web Exposure?

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FREE DIY Social Advertising and Marketing Center

FREE DIY (Do-it-yourself) Social Advertising and Marketing Center

Join us at the A-B Social Seed Network?

“Planting Social Seeds of Faith and Profit”

Each Hyper-Link that you place on the Web that leads people to your Business, Product(s), Service or Ministry, is like a tiny Seed of Faith… it lies there Dormant (as if dead), until someone Clicks it… once Clicked, it can Begin to Grow and with proper Care… it eventually Yields the Fruit of Success!

“A wise gardener plants many Seeds… and waits patiently for a Bountiful Harvest”.

Are you having a Hard Time getting Traffic or Visitors to your Site(s)?

Do You NEED More Sales?

Does it seem that No matter How Hard you Try… Nobody is “Clicking” your Links?

It’s Time to Plant some Social Seeds!

I have been in the Affiliate and Internet Marketing Business for many years now. Marketing and Advertising on the Web used to be so Simple… and Traffic to your websites would come in droves… as long as you Offered them Unique and Useful Content that Google (or other Search Engines) would List and Link to your Business. Believe it or not… there was a time when you could build a Niche Website, and Easily Expect to Start making a Profit.

Things have certainly changed:

In past times, information (or Content) was shared through websites as they were listed by the Search Engines (mainly Google), in the order of their Relevance to the Keyword that was being searched for by a potential customer. It was much easier to start and operate an Internet Business.

Over the past couple of years, Social Media and Social Networking have Totally changed the landscape of the Inter-Verse. Facebook alone, has Billions of users who are not nearly as Dependant on Google to Find Stuff (and Google hasn’t been too happy about it). When you also consider the billions of people on Twitter, MySpace and other Social Networks… you begin to get a glimpse of Where All Your Customers have gone. If it seems that your customers have suddenly disappeared… you know you can find them on one or more of the Social Networks, and that’s why Smart Business are now using Creative Social Network Strategies to get their Brand and Products in front of the eyes of people on Social Networks.

Small Internet Business and Non-Profit Ministries Need a New Strategy.

In order to remain competitive with Big-Business, we need to Learn what they already know… How to Drive Traffic to your Business Profile, Site, Blog, etc… so that people will Click On Your Links. I have designed our Network to take advantage of Marketing and  Advertising Small Business to Social Networks in such a fashion that you can be Certain that Somebody (Anybody) Will Click on the Links to your Business, Ministry, Product or Service.

  • A Social Network for Christian Small Business and Non-Profit Ministries to Market and Advertise.
  • Build Social Sales and Squeeze pages for your Sales Funnel.
  • Niche Blogging to get New Leads, Subscribers and potential Customers.
  • Post Videos with Unique and Useful Info for your Niche Market.
  • Tweet and Share Links (social seeds) from your home page.
  • Get plenty of Backlinks… Google uses these to rank your Site or Blog.
  • A place for Small Biz owners to Refer each-other, Share Resources, Tips, Tricks and Social Network Advertising Strategies.
  • A Social Business Profile that you can Promote, or personally invite potential Niche customers to visit and become trusted friends.
  • Use the Free Advertising Forum to Place as Many Ads, Banners, etc… as you want.
  • Start a Group for your Niche Market.

Why do I Need a Social Business Profile?

It is becoming increasingly difficult for new Internet businesses to get highly targeted niche visitors to their Blog or Website. The competition for first page organic search engine results is overwhelming. My Social Seed Network was built for any Online Small Business, Non-Profit or Ministry to be able to receive Highly Targeted Niche Traffic to View your Content and Links. The Content on your Social Seed Network Business Profile gets Quickly Listed on the most widely used Search Engines… however, that does not guarantee that you will get plenty of Traffic, Leads and Sales. The Real Power of a Social Business Profile is that you can Easily Share your “Social Seeds” (links to your Product, Service, Blog, Website, etc…) and personally Build a Targeted Social Marketing List by Personally Inviting your new friends to Join the Social Seed Network with you… where they will View your Niche Content and Links and automatically give you permission to contact them by Email… which can kick-start your Email Marketing Campaigns. Our Social Profile pages are also flexible enough to be used as a Sales page, Squeeze page, Content page… that is Easily Shared or Book-marked to other Social Services.

“You supply the Seed… God provides the Harvest”.

May God Bless your efforts,

Charles Beason

At the Affiliate-Bivocation Social Seed Network (Plant Seeds of Faith, Plant Seeds of profit)

www.Bivocation.orgthe A-B Social Seed Network

FREE DIY (Do-it-yourself) Social Advertising and Marketing Center


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