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God wants you to have Success, Riches and Wealth

Did You Know That God Wants You to be Wealthy?

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Christians throughout the world need to learn there are some pretty
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DishIncome.Biz,, – Dish Network Opportunity Scam Review

DishIncomeBiz, DishProfitscom, MyDishBizcom – All Scams as far as I am concerned…
The Dish Network Opportunity Scam – Dish Income, Dish profits, My Dish Biz and maybe more sites I have Not Found Yet…
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These are all Dish Network Opportunity Scams that are Designed to Part you From your Money… They are all from the same outfit who are basically charging you $30 to $40 Bucks for a FREE Affiliate Program disgused as a Business Opportunity… 

They have the tenacity to Combine a FREE Dish Network Affiliate Program with some Un-targeted (Lousy) Traffic and a Drug Discount Card in order to Lure you into believing that you will make a small fortune Selling Dish Network as a Home Biz. It’s actually a bit of marketing ingenuity, How they convince people that they will set them up with a Home Business as a Dish Network Retailer, But it is a Total Scam because it misrepresents the Actual Free Affiliate Program and exaggerates the possible Income you can make through their “Program”.

I have been a Dish Network Retailer for a few years now with hundreds of sub-affiliates who have Joined the Dish Network Affiliate Program for FREE on my website. Neither I or my sub-affiliates have Earned the type of Income that they try to Convince you of. Some make a living, and some only earn some extra income. It depends on how hard you want to work.

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Free Work at Home Jobs for the Disabled

Are you thinking, I have Fibromyalgia and can’t work? Think again…

I’m Still Earning a living with Chronic Illness and  Disability

    My doctor has asked me numerous times why I have not signed up for SSDI. My response is always that SSDI will not allow me to continue to live the lifestyle I want to live. I have watched what happens to people when they give up and go on disability. I don’t want to sell my home and move in with a relative. I don’t want to wonder if I will have enough money to make it through the month. I certainly don’t want to be a part of Obama’s welfare state and let the government decide what is best for me. And I don’t want to be a part of typical work and retraining programs that are sponsored by the government. I want to continue to work for myself and be a productive member of society. I want to decide how much money I can make and how I make it.

    Are you disabled and considering your options? There are still Job Opportunities for the Disabled and Chronically Ill. If I can earn extra cash working from home (sometimes bedridden) anyone can. Internet opportunities can open the door to working from home with disabilities of all sorts. There are great opportunities with huge potential and most of them are Free. Would you like to maintain your lifestyle, independence and continue to feel like you are contributing to your church and community? Let me tell you a little more about my experience with chronic illness and my search for a viable solution for earning a living.

    My journey toward disability started about eleven or twelve years ago. That’s when a chronic illness stopped me in my tracks and began to make it difficult for me to hold down a full-time job. I used to be a very productive individual in the building trade. I was a Flooring Installer with a reputation of working harder and faster than most people were willing to. I really loved my job because I could see the difference I made in improving the decor of a clients home. Work became more and more difficult as I was in constant pain and fatigued beyond that which I could have ever imagined. I went to my doctor who sent me to about six different specialists before they finally came up with a diagnosis. I had Fibromyalgia. Even with the diagnosis, I tried my best to keep working and earning a living for my family. But along with the Fibromyalgia came a host of other symptoms such as:

  • Pain
  • Exhaustion
  • IBS
  • RLS
  • Brain Fog
  • Immobility
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • etc…, etc…

    It soon became apparent that I was going to have to change jobs. I moved to a position as a Flooring Consultant and Estimator working solely on commission. Due to my knowledge and experience in flooring, I was good at my job and I learned to love my new line of work. My new job was less physically demanding and I was able to accomplish more than my doctors could even imagine that I would be able to do. However, over the next few years my symptoms were growing worse each day. Although I refused to call in sick, there were many days when I really should have stayed home. I was not very productive on the bad days. I soon began to realize that I was not going to be able to keep up with the demanding pace of my work, and that I had better start looking for a way to earn a living that provided me with the freedom to work when I could, and to rest on the days when I couldn’t.

    It is almost impossible to find jobs that are flexible enough for people with disabilities, but I was determined not to give in to my illness, and I started researching Online Biz Opportunities. It seemed logical to me that I could start an e-commerce web site and sell  merchandise on the Internet. I spent every free moment trying to build a successful Online Business. I took money from our savings to cover inventory, advertising, etc…, but I never made more money then I spent.

    I refer to this time in my life as my Internet Training. It took me about one year to figure out that this was not the kind of Biz that was going to work for me, so I started researching other Biz opportunities. I knew there were people who were making a living on the Internet, I just had not quite figured out how. After a dozen or so failures, I finally looked into Affiliate Marketing. I wish I had found out about this long ago, but I am thankful to God for revealing it to me at the proper time. Here was a business I could operate that required:

  • No up front costs
  • No Inventory
  • No Shipping
  • No Invoicing
  • No Payroll
  • None of the usual stuff that comes with traditional brick-and-mortar businesses

    And if you follow some basic rules of Internet Marketing, most of the money you make is pure profit.

    No matter what your background is, or your area of expertise, there is a way to translate your unique knowledge and experience into earning some extra money on the Internet. I am finally earning the extra money that my family needs to survive, and so can you. Nobody can be expected to be happy with an SSDI check. It just does not cover all the needs in a person’s life. I don’t want Obama or his government telling me how much I am worth, and neither do you.

    Check out my web site. Learn a little about Affiliate Opportunities and see if I have an Affiliate Program opportunity that you can use to supplement or even replace your current source of income. On the home page of my web site you will find several Free Affiliate Programs that are available to those who are still willing to work in spite of their disability. Affiliate Marketing could be exactly what you are searching for. The work is easy and fun and consists of pre-selling products for generous commissions. Simply choose the program that best suits your talent and experience and you could start working today. God has given me a burden for people who need an opportunity to enrich their lives. I am building a web site that supports beginning affiliates and I offer free lessons on how to accomplish your goals as an affiliate. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Learn to Earn with:

Pastor Charles Beason

Free Work at Home Jobs for the Disabled


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