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Facebook plus Google Places – New Opportunties for Business and Affiliates

Earning Easy Affiliate Cash with your Droid, iPhone or Mobile Device


Extra Cash with EWCF and your Android!

Most people are under the impression that you need to “Start Building Apps” for mobile Smart phones to Make Money… But you can Keep It SIMPLE and FUN while you Earn Extra Cash in your Spare time, by Sharing this FREE eBook on your Droid, iPhone or Tablet.

How Simple it it?

I just got the WP app for my Android, which allows me to share this Effortless Web Cash Formula with you while Mobile… so I am sharing this free report on my blog. You can use your blog or share it Directly to Social Networks using your Smartphone.

If you can Write… or be just a little bit Creative… You Can Make Multiple $37 Payments that are 100% Profit! This Cash gets Stuffed Directly into your Paypal account (Instantly).

This is no Scam…
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No Hype, No Fake Screen shots- Simply Earn Cash sharing this Free eBook

Now U can make money anytime or anywhere

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Affiliate Faith Rewarded – The More you Give…

Affiliate Faith Rewarded

It takes Total Faith to Start an Online business in a crappy economy. Why? Because traditional business is a Risk to Reward process.

DOWNLOAD THE FREE REPORT THAT MAKES YOU CASH!Have you ever heard somebody say, “it takes money to make money”? In the Retail business world, there is (normally) no truer statement. You must Risk some of your Income on product stock, inventory, shipping, advertising, etc…, etc… and you have to believe that somebody wants to buy what you are going to sell.

For a moment… I’d like to ask you to Forget what you think you know about business…

Technology and the Internet have opened New Opportunities without the usual Risks involved in Seeding a New Business with your own Hard-Earned Cash to buy Products that you Hope will Sell, once you start shelling out more cash for Advertising.

It’s a New World of Opportunity where the Rewards can outweigh the Risks in a Huge Way!

Using the Power of Web Affiliation, you can Amazingly Eliminate almost all of the Risks involved in selling products to Willing and Eager Customers by promoting other people’s products for them… and Earning Extra Cash in the Process.

All it takes is a little Faith:

  1. Faith in yourself
  2. Faith in a product
  3. Faith in the Web Affiliate Referral process

How much Faith do you Need? A willing Heart, a decent plan and a little Creativity is all the Faith you Need!

Can you write? Do you know how to copy and paste? Then you can Make Money on the Web. Can you make Web Videos? Nothing Complex… even Simple Pictures and Videos shared on your Android, iPhone (basically any Smartphone), iPad, iPod touch, etc… Then You Can Make Extra Cash… without any Huge Risk… Even in a Horrible Economy!

If you can Write, Blog, make Social Posts and Follow a few Easy Instructions… you can Potentially Earn $140 to $300 per day (some days you make a little, some days you Score)!

Take a little Faith in yourself and add it to this suggestion from me.

“Work Smarter… Not Harder” and Start having Fun Again. Knowing that there is a steady stream of Cash being Stuffed into your Paypal account is extremely Liberating… I am Praising God for His abundance and I smile each time I use my Paypal debit card for purchases.

My Act of Faith was Rewarded with Immediate Cash Deposits that give me great Joy and Totally Funded this year’s Christmas Shopping Spree. I was finally able to, once again, GIVE quality gifts to my newly expanded list. All Paid with my Paypal Card! Without this one, super-simple Web affiliation… Christmas may have been much more Dismal indeed.

Don’t get me wrong… it’s Not Really about The Money… it’s about the Freedom and Satisfaction of being More Rewarded… More Blessed… and Feeling More Secure, Simply by giving away my FREE PDF Book on my own website (you will also get your own website and 28 other FREEBIES if you decide to Click on the Link Below) . But the Best Part of all is seeing my Faith Rewarded and Building New Friendships.

My Suggestion to you:

Plant a Small “Seed of Faith” in your Life. Then just Relax and Have Fun coming up with New and Creative Ways to Give Away this FREEBIE Book to other people who can benefit from a little Extra Cash, to help make ends meet.

Exercising your Faith is a Low Risk, High Reward Plan for building an Online Business.

You can Start Today… and Gain Cash by Tomorrow…


“Give and Ye shall receive”

Looking forward to your affiliation,

Pastor Charlie

God wants you to have Success, Riches and Wealth

Did You Know That God Wants You to be Wealthy?

That’s Right. There are many Bible verses and Godly promises of Wealth, Riches and Abundance, for those who choose His Way. Follow the Simple Bible Formula for Total Success and Wealth in your life today!

Now you too can learn the Secrets of Bible Riches…

Download my FREE Guide…

‘Wealth Secrets of the Bible’

• Are you worried about making ends meet?
• Are you worried because you don’t know how you will be
able to afford to retire?
• Do you lose sleep at night worrying about how you are going to
pay bills?
• Or, Do you want to retire early and never have to worry
about your finances
• Are you just starting out in your career and want to build a
secure financial future?
If you answered yes to any of these questions there is a way to
financial prosperity that can help you regardless of where you are now
financially or where you want to be. And, most likely it is a way you
have never considered.
It is a different road to success beckoning to anyone willing to follow
While it is a different road, the end result – financial prosperity will
never be in doubt because you will achieve Success His Way – God’s
Listen to what we are told in Psalm 26: 8 – 9.
“The Lord is good and glad to teach the proper path to those who go
astray; he will teach the ways that are right and best to those who
humbly turn to him.”
Christians throughout the world need to learn there are some pretty
awesome promises made to us about our finances in the Bible. Poverty
and want is not a condition of destiny for us in the Bible.

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May God Bless you with Wealth and Abundance,

Charles Beason

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Is Hard Cash Hijack a Scam

When you NEED to Earn Extra Money, You NEED something that Funnels in Loads of Traffic!

No Scam Bonus- Buy Hard Cash Hijack and join my Social Seed Network for FREE Advertising, Marketing Tips, Resources, Strategies.

hardcashhijack Are you an affiliate fed up blowing your hard earned cash on Google Adwords or trying to figure out the semantics of SEO marketing in an effort to profit with ClickBank ?

If this is you then you should check out Hard Cash Hijack.

This is a new system recently launched by Mike Auton with the focus on making affiliate marketing and traffic generation as easy 1-2-3.

The software automates the entire process of and getting super cheap traffic, without involving Google Adwords, SEO, Twitter, blogging, link building or any of the usual traffic generating techniques.

In fact this hidden “traffic funnel” is 600% bigger than Google. Plus, it’s far more targeted, meaning bigger affiliate profits.

And it’s not just targeted traffic you get – the members area arms you with ‘signals’ to alert you to the most profitable niches right now. So you can tap into them immediately, giving you an instant advantage over competing affiliates.

Hard Cash Hijack is high quality software that works for every affiliate program and market, allowing you to build a steady, consistent stream of affiliate profits with push-button simplicity.

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This is really Hot right now… and it’s Not a Scam

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May God Bless you Richly
Charles Beason — the Social Seed Network

How to Make an Affiliate Site and Why Go Green?

How to Make an Affiliate Site… and Why Go GREEN?

"Going GREEN with an Affiliate Home Business Opportunity"

My Daughter was the inspiration behind Going Green with my Affiliate Home Business. She keep us "on our toes" when it comes to running a Green Household, Recycling, Conserving, Saving Energy and making the most of sustainability. So as I considered the Basics of How to Build an Affiliate Site and began to do some research, I found that more and more Green Affiliate Products were becoming available, and by selling and promoting Digital Affiliate Products I could run a more Sustainable Home Business in the Green Affiliate Market.

As I researched various Affiliate Products I was seeking to find opportunities that Conserved Energy in two ways. I wanted to offer Green products, but I also wanted to cut down on the Time, Energy and Resources that I would personally have to spend on a Complete Affiliate Campaign that included a Professionally designed Squeeze Page for my customers to Opt-into my Email Marketing List and I could then set my Sales on Autopilot as I introduced them to Green Affiliate Products through my Autoresponder Series.

That’s when I came across ‘Plug into Green Profits’. The PIGP system offers a Complete, Step-by-Step, Video Tutorial process by which you can learn How to Build an affiliate Site… and more than that, it is a Total Green Affiliate Campaign that Already Includes the most important elements for an Affiliate Business. By Following the Step by Step Tutorials, it Only tool about 4 to 6 hours of work to assemble an Entire Green Niche Affiliate Campaign and Sales Funnel System for my Autoresponder. This already cut the amount of Time and Energy I usually need to spend on an Affiliate Site to one-tenth the usual expenditure of Effort it take to build an Entire Affiliate Sales Funnel Process. And I started to generate Profit on the First Day.

You are also given Instructions for adding the ‘Green Wealth Online’ Affiliate Product to your Campaign. This can double your commissions, but I chose to wait until I am producing consistent profits from the PIGP System and the Green Affiliate Products I will be adding to my Autoresponder Series. This leads to a Total Conservation of many Resources for Affiliate Site making and operation.

I have been Reviewing and Researching the ‘Plug into Green Profits’
system for a few weeks now, to see if it is a Scam, or a Legitimate
Green Affiliate Site…

And here is my "Sneak Peek" Video Review, and Why I think it’s totally worth
$37 to learn "How to Make an Affiliate Site"… using the ‘Plug into Green Profits’ Green Home Business…


The 97% Failure Rate for Affiliate Marketers can be attributed to an
Incomplete or Non-Existent Affiliate Marketing Campaign. We Must Find a Balance of Sustainability and Conserve
our Time, Efforts and Resources on a Complete Sales Funnel and Opt-in Email List Building
Strategy to be Efficient and Stop Wasting those precious Resources. PIGP
offers us Quick, Step-by-Step Instructions for Setting up a Complete
Affiliate Campaign. And once you have a Complete Affiliate Site in place, You’ll find that it takes a lot less Effort as you Simply Guide your Customers to a Single Point of Entry (your squeeze page), and let your Autoresponder to all the Hard Work while you Make the Sales for you on Complete Autopilot.

When you’re Ready to go Professional, and learn How to Make a Green Affiliate Site, Go to:


Affiliate Marketing is Going Green, because that’s where the Profit is going to be, for as long as it takes the human race to learn How to Conserve our Natural Resources and to Go Green in their Home and Businesses.

"How to Make an Affiliate Site and Why Go Green"? is Copyright Charles Beason. www.ProjectGreen.Biz

PS. You are also Welcome to Join our Green Affiliate "How to" Social Network at where you will find "How To" Information, Tips Tricks and Social Media Strategies for Affiliate Marketing.

Questions and comments may be emailed to me by —Clicking this Link—

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Is Cash2Ezy a Scam?

    Absolutely Not…

    Cash2Ezy is a simple automated process by which people are able to Earn Cash. Directly to their Paypal account.

    Absolutely Legitimate

    No Hidden Elements

    No Monkey Business

    No Inventory

    No Stock

    Definitely No Scam

    Payments for sales go Directly to You

    Cash2Ezy came into existence to solve a particular Problem. Most Beginning (Newbie) Affiliate Marketers don’t realize the amount of time and effort it will take to build a profitable web site and often get frustrated and give up long before they see their first commission checks arriving. I want to help newbies realize their dream, but most of them Need Cash Now. Not 6 months or a year from now.

    Cash2Ezy solves this problem by offering a method of earning $37.00 per sale, instant cash payments, directly to you and into your PayPal account. It’s simple to set up and easy to promote. Simply offer a FREE EBook to people who Need to Make Extra Money Now! (something everyone I know needs right now)! There is no obligation, no email list to sign up for. I just ask you to read the EBook and see if this is the kind of Work From Home Job that can supply you with the cash you need while you bring your Online dream to a reality.

    Read the EBook. That’s all I ask. No Obligation on your part whatsoever.

    I am a Baptist Minister and if I thought there was anything illegitimate about it, I would not even promote it. Cash2Ezy is simply a means to an end… Easy, Fast Cash for You!

—Read the EBook and decide for yourself—

go to the web site to download your FREE, No Obligation copy –

Pastor Charles Beason

Dish Biz Marketing Push – Earn Extra Cash from Home

Satellite Television Provider – Dish Network (My Dish Biz) is looking for Affiliates to Earn Extra Cash from Home
    Dish Network is expanding its marketing approach to include affiliate marketeers. This
approach allows them to contract with thousands of individuals who will promote their
offers. This also provides a way for many people to make extra money, or generate a
full-time income, working your own hours out of your home or in addition to your current
business. This is Not a Scam. It is a perfectly legitimate way for Dish Network to
expand their marketing efforts using independant contractors.
    It is so easy. As an affiliate you would simply promote current offers from Dish Network. It is up
to you as to how you want to approach promotions. Whether you sign up for VMC’s
"MyDishBiz" offer for $50.00 (this is only one option,) or you can simply sign
up for Free using my web site link, you will then be directed to a web site. Look at the lower
right corner of the web site, there will be a box with the heading "Affiliate Program". Simply Click Join 
and it will explain the many ways you can promote and keep track of your new business (you
can also make money from people who sign up through you; it is less money per sale, but
this is the approach I am currently using). You can promote Online with a web site or
blog, writing articles, sending emails, etc… or offline methods such as advertising in
local newspapers, mailing flyers or any other traditional marketing approach with the
exception of telemarketing or spamming. Part of the affiliate agreement states that you
cannot telemarket or send unsolicited emails, or your affiliation will be terminated.
    You become an independant contractor when you sign up as an affiliate for Dish
Satellite. This affords you the freedom to run your business as you see fit, full-time or
part-time (as long as you follow the conditions of the affiliation). One of the things I
like best about this opportunity is that it does Not involve several layers of "network
marketing" (or pyramids- Like ‘Shaklee’ or ‘Amway’), and you don’t have to buy their
products or spend any money to remain involved. The only money you need to spend is on
advertising, and there are many ways to promote and advertise that do not cost any
money. Examples would be Blogging, writing Ezine Articles or simply placing links on
your web site(s) and promoting as usual. There are also many offline marketing materials
for you to use, such as fliers, door hangers, etc…
I must tell you that it takes time to build a successful business of any kind. But I can show you a way to Earn Cash Now while you are building your Biz…

Would you rather make Legitimate Cash Faster? Make $100 to $300 per day in less time just giving away a FREE eBook…

Read it to believe it – Click Here-


May God grant you Freedom and Success,
Charles Beason

Easy, Effective and Free Online Advertising Solution

A Single Step Solution for Effective Online Advertising-
As a sensible person, with above average intelligence, you can still fall victim to ineffective and expensive marketing and advertising approaches. I would like to share with you exactly what I have learned (the hard way). There is only one advertising medium that touches on each of the several aspects of a Successful Online Business. Your approach to advertising on the Internet should encompass:
Site Content,
Search Engine Visibility and Relevance
Traffic Generation
Legitimate Sales of a product or service
(Cash in your pockets)
This Simple Technique brought me more results than all my other campaigns combined – And it’s Free!
I am currently working on a Free report that will explain how you can enact a multi-pronged approach to Internet and Online Advertising with one single technique that produces fast results in every facet of Online E-Commerce. Whether you are a Newbie or a frustrated long-term Internet Marketer, this simple approach will produce the desired results you need, and finally put some money in your pockets instead of your Ad Campaign. It will be finished soon…
If you would like access to this report you can pre-register using the form at the top of the page at www.RugRunner.Biz, and your Free copy will be emailed to you as soon as it is complete. You will learn how you can finally get real results from an Online Advertising Campaign that is as budget friendly as you can find anywhere.
Charles Beason

Effective Advertising for Generation Y – Intro

    Traditional advertising mediums such as television, radio and newspapers are beginning to see a drop in ROI as Gen X and Y are basically tuning out. Corporations are having to rethink marketing strategies in order to keep pace with technology. With the advent of DVR, MP3 Players, and the Internet, comes a whole new set of challenges due to the fact that most advertising is overlooked or totally ignored. You can skip commercials on T.V., many people don’s even listen to the Radio and more people everyday are gleaning the news from the Internet. This presents a challenge to corporations and small business alike.

This phenomena first occurred to me as I watched the ROI on my advertising steadily declining over the past ten years. Baffled by the lack of results, I was in somewhat of a quandary as to how my next ad campaign would be focused. As I thought and prayed about it, I decided to take a break until I could think it through. As I focused more of my attention on my children and grand-children I began to see how they are affected by advertising. My Children seemed to tune out whenever traditional advertising took place, and my grand-children; (this is where my revelation came from), my grand-children are totally out of the loop of traditional advertising and they are incredibly savvy to Internet banners and pop-ups. How do you advertise to a segment of society that is disengaged from traditional media? The answer comes in watching the way they interact and how they base their decisions on what they want. To enter their world is to enter an arena of constant and incessant text messages. A world of video games, digital music and Electronic Society. Experts are beginning to take notice of Social Networking as a new approach to advertising. I truly believe that it will take most of them awhile to figure out that traditional banners and such, simply will not do the trick… even if you place it right in front of them on the page they are viewing. They have an uncanny ability to Block Out advertising that comes from outside their network of friends and associates. As these young people are maturing, coupling with the opposite sex, and seeking employment, we have to be ready with a new approach to affect them on their own turf.

I have come to the conclusion that although Gen Y is highly social,Yet it is within the bounds of their own Social Network of friends and acquaintances. The question then arises; How do we reach into their social network without blatantly interfering with the structure of that network. Social Networking for business and business opportunities is becoming more and more mainstream as an Internet tool for Referral Marketing and Advertising opportunities. If we have a look at the business model for web sites like “sales spider”, “Facebook”, “MySpace” to name a few, have become places for business networking and referrals (MySpace is not really designed for business but it is a route to reach into their world, and I see that many businesses are trying to break into these networks. How effective they are remains to be seen). Referral Marketing and Advertising is a very old and reliable technique. So perhaps a combination of both approaches would be effective. Referrals may be the next preferred method for advertising to those who are virtually shut-out of mainstream media advertising. If so, we need to structure a community atmosphere around our product or service, or take advantage of those that have already sprung up in hopes that the market is moving that direction. We cannot know for certain where technology and human interaction will take us over the next few years, but it seems to me that referral advertising may become the most effective campaign for reaching this new audience of potential customers and clients.

I have built an entire Social Network that is designed and dedicated to Business on the Web using Social Media and Social Networking. You can join for FREE at

The Social Seed Business Network

Charles Beason

Administrator for The Social Seed Biz Network



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