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PTL I have the Bestest group of Facebook…

PTL: I have the Bestest group of Facebook and Twitter Friends!
Since my last major Fibromyalgia Flare, I was finally able to Work my entire 10 hour workday yesterday… I Attribute this to the Prayers and Support I have received from my Online friends and my Church Family.
I am not quite physically where I want to be yet… but I am much better than I have been for months now and I have Faith that God will restore my strength in due season.
I have also recently changed my WordPress Blog template so that it is more Socially Adapted and Easier for people to interact with me.
Feel free to leave comments, posts, questions, etc.. so I can see if this new template style will encourage people to be More Social..

Thanks for the Prayers and Support,
Charles Beason (Pastor Charlie)
Administrator of The Social Seed Network at

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