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Facebook plus Google Places – New Opportunties for Business and Affiliates

Affiliate Faith Rewarded – The More you Give…

Affiliate Faith Rewarded

It takes Total Faith to Start an Online business in a crappy economy. Why? Because traditional business is a Risk to Reward process.

DOWNLOAD THE FREE REPORT THAT MAKES YOU CASH!Have you ever heard somebody say, “it takes money to make money”? In the Retail business world, there is (normally) no truer statement. You must Risk some of your Income on product stock, inventory, shipping, advertising, etc…, etc… and you have to believe that somebody wants to buy what you are going to sell.

For a moment… I’d like to ask you to Forget what you think you know about business…

Technology and the Internet have opened New Opportunities without the usual Risks involved in Seeding a New Business with your own Hard-Earned Cash to buy Products that you Hope will Sell, once you start shelling out more cash for Advertising.

It’s a New World of Opportunity where the Rewards can outweigh the Risks in a Huge Way!

Using the Power of Web Affiliation, you can Amazingly Eliminate almost all of the Risks involved in selling products to Willing and Eager Customers by promoting other people’s products for them… and Earning Extra Cash in the Process.

All it takes is a little Faith:

  1. Faith in yourself
  2. Faith in a product
  3. Faith in the Web Affiliate Referral process

How much Faith do you Need? A willing Heart, a decent plan and a little Creativity is all the Faith you Need!

Can you write? Do you know how to copy and paste? Then you can Make Money on the Web. Can you make Web Videos? Nothing Complex… even Simple Pictures and Videos shared on your Android, iPhone (basically any Smartphone), iPad, iPod touch, etc… Then You Can Make Extra Cash… without any Huge Risk… Even in a Horrible Economy!

If you can Write, Blog, make Social Posts and Follow a few Easy Instructions… you can Potentially Earn $140 to $300 per day (some days you make a little, some days you Score)!

Take a little Faith in yourself and add it to this suggestion from me.

“Work Smarter… Not Harder” and Start having Fun Again. Knowing that there is a steady stream of Cash being Stuffed into your Paypal account is extremely Liberating… I am Praising God for His abundance and I smile each time I use my Paypal debit card for purchases.

My Act of Faith was Rewarded with Immediate Cash Deposits that give me great Joy and Totally Funded this year’s Christmas Shopping Spree. I was finally able to, once again, GIVE quality gifts to my newly expanded list. All Paid with my Paypal Card! Without this one, super-simple Web affiliation… Christmas may have been much more Dismal indeed.

Don’t get me wrong… it’s Not Really about The Money… it’s about the Freedom and Satisfaction of being More Rewarded… More Blessed… and Feeling More Secure, Simply by giving away my FREE PDF Book on my own website (you will also get your own website and 28 other FREEBIES if you decide to Click on the Link Below) . But the Best Part of all is seeing my Faith Rewarded and Building New Friendships.

My Suggestion to you:

Plant a Small “Seed of Faith” in your Life. Then just Relax and Have Fun coming up with New and Creative Ways to Give Away this FREEBIE Book to other people who can benefit from a little Extra Cash, to help make ends meet.

Exercising your Faith is a Low Risk, High Reward Plan for building an Online Business.

You can Start Today… and Gain Cash by Tomorrow…


“Give and Ye shall receive”

Looking forward to your affiliation,

Pastor Charlie

God wants you to have Success, Riches and Wealth

Did You Know That God Wants You to be Wealthy?

That’s Right. There are many Bible verses and Godly promises of Wealth, Riches and Abundance, for those who choose His Way. Follow the Simple Bible Formula for Total Success and Wealth in your life today!

Now you too can learn the Secrets of Bible Riches…

Download my FREE Guide…

‘Wealth Secrets of the Bible’

• Are you worried about making ends meet?
• Are you worried because you don’t know how you will be
able to afford to retire?
• Do you lose sleep at night worrying about how you are going to
pay bills?
• Or, Do you want to retire early and never have to worry
about your finances
• Are you just starting out in your career and want to build a
secure financial future?
If you answered yes to any of these questions there is a way to
financial prosperity that can help you regardless of where you are now
financially or where you want to be. And, most likely it is a way you
have never considered.
It is a different road to success beckoning to anyone willing to follow
While it is a different road, the end result – financial prosperity will
never be in doubt because you will achieve Success His Way – God’s
Listen to what we are told in Psalm 26: 8 – 9.
“The Lord is good and glad to teach the proper path to those who go
astray; he will teach the ways that are right and best to those who
humbly turn to him.”
Christians throughout the world need to learn there are some pretty
awesome promises made to us about our finances in the Bible. Poverty
and want is not a condition of destiny for us in the Bible.

to download your FREE copy…

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May God Bless you with Wealth and Abundance,

Charles Beason

Download the FREE Guide Today at the Affiliate Social Seed Network

if you have questions, you can email me directly at:

Proud Member of the Social Seed Network

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Christian Affiliate Product and Opportunity – Wealth Secrets of the Bible

Christian Affiliate Opportunity from the Social Seed Business Network

“Wealth, God’s Way”!

I hope you are all having a Great Day!

As the administrator of our network, I am always looking for good, honest Affiliate opportunities to share with our members.

While researching and testing a couple of Affiliate Op’s, I came across an amazing Christian Affiliate product and I feel compelled to share it with you.

‘Wealth Secrets of the Bible’ is not just another Affiliate Program… it’s the Bible Formula for Success.

—Click Here Now—

Wealth Secrets of the Bible

I have also noted that we still have quite a few Social Seed Network members that are Not taking full advantage of the Advertising Power in their Profile Listing. It only takes a few minutes to Complete your Profile Listing and Customize it the way you would like it, to Promote any Business, Ministry or Products.

There are more than six highly effective marketing and advertising methods… all for FREE… and all connected to your own RSS FEED page for Fast Search Results.

  • Your Social Profile with Text App added for Niche Content
  • Add the Blog App for even More Niche Content
  • The FREE Ad Forum
  • True Social Networking and Sharing Resources
  • Youtube or Video Advertising (within all content)
  • RSS Feed for your Profile and Blog
  • Seed your Content with Relevant Affiliate products
  • Powerful Content Editing (assemble your content (or advertising) in Word and simply Copy it to the page))
  • and Much, Much More….

Don’t let the Simplicity of our Social Seed Business Network fool you… you can operate an Entire Social Marketing and Advertising Campaign from the comfort of one single Social Seed Network.

May God Bless you with Wealth… His Way!

Charles Beason

The Social Seed Biz Network

Proud member of The Social Seed Network

Don’t Get Scammed by Automated Niche Content Blogging Systems

Most Automatic Niche Content Blog Post systems are a Total Scam!

Most Internet Advertisers and Marketers, especially Affiliate Marketers, love the results they get from posting Niche Content (unique and useful content) to a Blog. Blogging is one of the oldest Social Networking strategies for building Online business, building advertising lists, or making direct and instant sales. So what’s the big problem with Automatic Niche Content Blogs posting?

Most of “so-called” Automated Blog Scams involve installing Code or a Template on your WordPress, Blogger or other Blog, and let the “automated Blog system” automatically write Blog Posts for you. These “Robot Systems” are supposed to scour the Internet in search of “Relevant Niche Content” that they automatically post to your Blog… hands-free… you don’t even have to be involved with the process.

So, what’s wrong with that? It sounds like it could make life easier, and decrease our work load. After all, most of us who own a Small, Home Based Business, and earn extra income with Affiliate products on the Web, are already overwhelmed with the chores of daily life, leaving us little time to write “fresh, unique and useful” posts in our Blog… but don’t allow yourself to be tempted and drawn into Automated Blogging without knowing what you’re up against… Click Here to Read More…

The Social Seed Business Network

Claim Your FREE Social Business Listing Today!

No Scam Traffic Tactics: Info Product Killer Review

No Scam Traffic Tactics: Info Product Killer 2010 Review

You can’t make money with your Site or Blog unless you get a Steady Stream of Targeted Visitors… here’s one Traffic Tactic that I have researched and added to my Top 5 (No Scam) Traffic Product Review List.

The Affiliate Marketers Biggest Challenge is Producing a Steady Stream of Targeted Niche Site or Blog Visitors! You can read my review here.
Which New Traffic Tactics are going to be Working for 2011?

Does making $112,279 per month with free traffic sound appealing? 

This incredible new system means it’s entirely possible.

And the best part it requires no start-up costs, no experience  and no hassle.

Info Product Killer Traffic Tactic

19 months ago Craig was stacking shelves in Walmart for $9.52 an hour. 

He wanted to quit his job, so he tried everything. He experimented with PPC, blogging, media buys but none of it wokred and he was quickly running out of time and money.

Then he discovered this new system which required…

* No start-up costs – and no expensive advertising.
* No technical skills – in fact, you don’t need any experience
* No hassle – and no more going round in circles.

In fact…

This tactic even works for complete newbies

One of Craig’s test subjects was a “dumb student” with NO experience and when he applied the same system he generated $37,714 in his first month.

It’s true to say you’ve probably already tried every make-money system known to man right? And time and time again nothing works. It’s not your fault. The bottom line is they just don’t work. If nothing else you’re probably suffering from information overload.

Don’t you just want something that works?

If you’re looking to profit as an affiliate but you want something idiot-proof and something you can get started with in minutes this is for you.

You don’t need to waste your hard-earned cash and burn a hole in your pocket with frustrating advertising – you just want something that works.

You need this $112,279 method…

Craig’s system propelled him from Wal-Mart worker to Ferrari-driving affiliate machine and now you have a chance to get your hands on his idiot-proof system.

Info Product Killer does exacyly what it says on the box and Craig is about to show you how easily it’s done.

This is a ‘”stupid simple” way to succeed without any of the usual headaches that come with affiliate marketing.

Take action right now and grab your copy Below…

— CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD – Info Product Killer —


May God Bless you Richly,
Reviews provided by Pastor Charles Beason at the Affiliate-Bivocation Social Seed Network… see link below:

FREE BONUS: Grab your FREE, Professional Sales Funnel & List-Building Website Software… Plus you also get my 5 Day Niche Marketing Mini-Course when you Subscribe to my Newsletter at

Get Free Membership, Social Marketing Lessons and Video Tutorials, Social Traffic Tips, Free Software and much more… at the Affiliate-Bivocation Social Seed Network.

— Copyright Charles Beason 2010, 2011 – Affiliate Bivocation Social Seed Network —


Every effort is made to accurately review this product. Your results will vary dependent upon your willingness to work and apply the information and software downloaded from ‘Info Product Killer 2010’.

Profitable Affiliate Products and Software for 2011

Another year is almost behind us and many Affiliates are looking for Up-to-Date Listings and Reviews for exactly which products and software are going to be Profitable for the New Year.

2010 proved to be a year of Change and Economic Struggle for most Affiliate Marketers in the “Make Money” Niche. It was a struggle to adapt as Google Search Listings lost over 50% of their value to Social Networks and Many Affiliate products suddenly stopped producing profits because they were out-dated and still using strategies that were adapted for Adwords (or similar PPC advertising strategies).

2011 promises to be a much better year for Affiliate Marketers as New and More Up-to-Date Products and Software become available for promotion. You can view a list of my Top 5 Affiliate Income producers at

I have spent the past few months Researching and Testing Affiliate products that are Actually Making Money on the Web, Right Now! I have reviewed those products and software that I have placed in my List of Top Five Money Makers for 2011. My research, thus far, has lead me to believe that the New Year will be more profitable for Affiliates… especially for those who get in on the ground-floor of the Latest and Greatest Affiliate programs, products and Traffic software.

New Traffic tactics, combined with greater dependence on Social Networking should provide most Affiliate Marketers with much better Income Potential. I have spent a great deal of Time, Energy and Money, researching the newest products in order to share them with my Subscribers, Members and Sub-Affiliates… so take a few minutes to look over my Top Reviews of the latest Income Producing Products on my new website that is Entirely Dedicated to Reviewing the Best Affiliate Products for 2011. Go to



May God Bless your business in 2011,

Charles Beason — Visit the Affiliate Bivocation Social Seed Network for FREE membership in our FREE Advertising and Affiliate Marketing Network with lots of Free Lessons, Strategies, Tips and Fellowship while setting up your Advertising Campaigns.

When a Simple Conflict turns Violent, can you Protect Yourself? – Learn Unarmed Combat Tactics in less than 2 Hours


When a Simple Conflict turns Violent, will you be Able to Protect Yourself & your Family?

…Learn Unarmed Combat Tactics in less than 2 Hours!


It often starts as a Simple Argument or Conflict of some sort.

Conflict is a part of daily life. There’s no way around it. We often feel most safe and protected from violence while we are within the confines of our home and surrounded by our families. But this can be a deadly perception. Simple arguments and family conflicts can suddenly escalate into Crimes of Violence at a moment’s notice.

In my career as a minister, I am often called upon to mediate squabbles within the church and the families that comprise it. This makes me privy to just how suddenly a simple argument can become dangerous or even deadly.

I am reminded of a certain family where two brothers were constantly at odds with each other. They were no older than 8 years of age when their conflicts escalated into violence of such ferocity that one brother or the other would think nothing of stabbing each other with anything you can imagine. As my memory serves me, it started when the older brother stabbed his younger sibling with a dart. This practice continued to escalate to the point where regular medical emergencies resulted from stabbings from items such as forks, lawn-darts, pocket-knives, and one occasion produced a huge laceration of the scalp from a garden-ho, which easily took several dozen stitches to repair.

I am also reminded of so many occasions where silly little arguments erupted into Violence of such brute-force that a husband or wife sustained enough damage from violence to produce a prolonged stay at the local hospital. Conflict that turns Violent is reaching epic proportions, both in, and outside the home. When I am asked to counsel, console or help repair a violent relationship within the home, I just want to ask “How could you let things get so Out-of-Control”? A husband beating wife because she didn’t fill the ice-tray… Parents physically abusing children for “being too loud”, accidentally spilling a glass of milk or just for being children… it is beyond my minds grasp… How can people treat each other like this?

Violence can also happen outside the walls of our home. A friend of mine is still grieving the loss of his adult son who was shot at point-blank range during the course of a simple conflict with a neighbor about their property line. This event took place in a “nice” neighborhood where “normal” suburban families lived in, what appeared to be, relative peace. This was a total shock to the family. This was much like the shock in my own neighborhood when two young men from a nice Christian family were arrested for robbery with assault and battery against their victims who they attacked in busy shopping centers and in broad daylight.

Victims of spousal or parental abuse can attest to the fact that Simple Arguments can suddenly turn into knock-down, drag-out Fights for Survival. And when it happens, there is No Prior Notice… No one to Assist you… No Place to Run! And when you add Alcohol to the equation… the Violence and Abuse is multiplied, many times over! As I listen to my scanner for fire, paramedic and police calls, I get a sense that a great majority of police calls are related to Alcohol and Domestic Violence.

What is my Point?

Have you heard the old saying; “The best defense is a good offense”?

Take Frank Cucci’s ‘Unarmed Combat Course’…

We cannot possibly predict when a simple argument will produce a Violent Event that affects every member of our families. It’s a proven fact that at least one individual from every Family in America will eventually be victimized by Brute Force Crimes, Assaults and Abuse. However, our personal safety and the safety of our family members can be greatly maximized using simple “combat based” Self Defense Strategies.

Frank Cucci has assembled a Video Instruction Course that could really help when simple conflicts turn Violent… or when our family members are accosted by any person wishing to do them harm. When you think about Violence and Abuse… there are not many opportunities to “Run away” from the fight! There’s No Time to Scream for Help! We are most often Forced into Taking Responsibility for our Own Self Defense and Personal Safety. This instruction video could make a Huge Difference in the Outcome of almost any type of Violent Event.

Frank Spent 12 years as a Navy SEAL (including four years in SEAL Team Six), the most elite division in the SEALS…these are the guys who always get the roughest and toughest assignments.

UNARMED COMBAT COURSE – You’ll learn skills specifically designed for situations where top soldiers suddenly found themselves without a gun or even a pocket knife… possibly wounded… surprised by ambush… out-numbered… and with the violence around them reaching the point of life and death! Minimal athletic ability is required, and each move must have a High Consistency of Success. Just short of two hours… these Unarmed Fighting Tactics are worth the Time and Investment toward your family’s safety.


— Click Here —

…to learn more.


Dealers and Affiliates Wanted: Would you like to Earn Extra Cash while helping people with Self Defense, Personal Safety & Home Security? I am currently building a new team of sub-affiliates that would like to Earn Money with Self Defense, Personal Protection and Home Security products! Click on the Link Above and Scroll Down to “Affiliate Login” or “Affiliate Information” to learn more… It’s Totally FREE to Join…

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…you can also watch my Pastor’s Log Videos on Youtube… just look for the OMBCMinistry Channel

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Copyright Charles Beason 2010 – Pastor Charlie’s Social Seed Ministry and Network— Pastor Charlie’s Social Seed Ministry has three basic components:

  • Planting Social Seeds of Faith
  • Planting Social Seeds of Fellowship
  • Planting Social Seeds of Profit


When a Simple Conflict turns Violent, can you Protect Yourself? – Learn Unarmed Combat Tactics in less than 2 Hours



Talking about YouTube – Anatomy of a Totally FREE Advertising Campaign- 5 Simple Keys

Earn “Green” Monster Affiliate Profits in the “Green Niche” Energy Market

Earn Monster Affiliate Profits in the
"Green" Energy Market!

GREEN… is an Industry buzz-word that
Relates to:

  • Energy Saving(s)
  • Energy Conservation

Project Green Biz

  • Alternative Energy
  • Global Warming Solutions
  • Ecology
  • and many other GREEN Niche Opportunities…

…and while the "Green Niche Energy Market" is fast becoming one of the most profitable Affiliate Niches on the Web, you can get in on a Ground-floor, Turnkey, Step-by-Step, Affiliate System.

I don’t know anyone that Would Not
like to Earn a Small Share of the GREEN Market. Even a small share would
translate into Monster Green Profits. Virtually Everyone with Any Affiliate
Marketing Sense would like to Tap Into some part of the Alternative or
Energy Savings Market.

Our Biggest Obstacle to Starting a Biz
in the Green Market has always been the Incredible Costs involved in
Tapping into these Green Markets.

Example: Just starting a Recycle Center
in your home town or neighborhood requires a pretty Substantial Outlay
of Start-Up Capitol…. An Really Profitable Alternative Energy Biz
would require million$ of dollars to establish and there is still a Huge
Risk that your Green Biz start-up may not produce Profits until up to
Five Years Later (five years is the average time it takes New Business
to begin making a Real Profit) and most of us do not have the Time or
Resources to Invest in a Green Business. When you consider Research,
Development and Advertising for a New Green Product or Energy
Solution… Well… It’s a nice Dream that we Never Expected to be Able
to Profit from!

Until Now!

Recently, it has become possible for
Small Business to Break Into Huge a Profitable Niche Market in the Green
Sector selling "other people’s Green Products" as an Affiliate Marketer. And we’ll give you Step-by-Step Video Tutorials and Teach you How to Build a Green Affiliate Sales Funnel and Affiliate Campaign with Autoresponder Series (messages, Green Products… Absolutely Everything you Need to build your "Green Affiliate" Business.

Green Biz’

I have teamed up with a Leader in
Affiliate Marketing to be able to Offer You a Complete Home Business
Solution for the GREEN Energy Niche Market

This is a Green Monster Opportunity
that you don’t want to Miss. There are Billions of Dollars to be made in
the Green Niche Market… But you’ll Need to Get in on This Opportunity
while it is New and Red-Hot!

A Complete, and I mean Totally
Complete, Step-by-Step, Plug-In Solution for entering this Market is
Only a Click Away…

Grab the Free Report, and Get More
Information at my New Site at:


*Even .01% of a Green Market Niche is
going to Make Some People Rich… But you Need to take Action NOW!

Go to

Project Green Biz

Earn Monster Affiliate Profits in the "Green" Energy Market!


Would you like to Learn the Secret of the Super-Affiliates? Download my FREE 9 page Ebook…
"How to become a Green Super-Affiliate"
Go to Affiliate-Bivocation, and Instantly Download your copy of this Free "Green Super-Affiliate" Ebook on the right side of the home page.


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