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I Never thought it was Possible to Remove Cat Urine from Rugs and Carpets

I never thought it possible to so completely Remove Cat Urine!

I never could have even imagined that Cat Urine (or any Pet urine) could be eliminated or removed from soft surface flooring such as Carpets and Area Rugs. But I was Wrong…

We absolutely adore our pets, but we also like our area rugs and carpets. The removal of cat and dog urine can be especially troublesome for many pet owners. Cat urine has a stronger odor than other pets, and removing that odor with standard cleaners and deodorizers is almost impossible. Thankfully there is a product that works wonders with any type of pet urine and offensive odors in carpet, rugs, wood floors, tile grout and more.

As a Flooring Consultant who used to be a technician, I have seen, and smelled, first hand, just how much damage can be done to a floor from cat and pet urine. Many pet owners need to replace their carpet and rugs more often due to the offensive odor than builds up over time…

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May God Bless You Today,

Charles Beason

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