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Facebook plus Google Places – New Opportunties for Business and Affiliates

Affiliate Faith Rewarded – The More you Give…

Affiliate Faith Rewarded

It takes Total Faith to Start an Online business in a crappy economy. Why? Because traditional business is a Risk to Reward process.

DOWNLOAD THE FREE REPORT THAT MAKES YOU CASH!Have you ever heard somebody say, “it takes money to make money”? In the Retail business world, there is (normally) no truer statement. You must Risk some of your Income on product stock, inventory, shipping, advertising, etc…, etc… and you have to believe that somebody wants to buy what you are going to sell.

For a moment… I’d like to ask you to Forget what you think you know about business…

Technology and the Internet have opened New Opportunities without the usual Risks involved in Seeding a New Business with your own Hard-Earned Cash to buy Products that you Hope will Sell, once you start shelling out more cash for Advertising.

It’s a New World of Opportunity where the Rewards can outweigh the Risks in a Huge Way!

Using the Power of Web Affiliation, you can Amazingly Eliminate almost all of the Risks involved in selling products to Willing and Eager Customers by promoting other people’s products for them… and Earning Extra Cash in the Process.

All it takes is a little Faith:

  1. Faith in yourself
  2. Faith in a product
  3. Faith in the Web Affiliate Referral process

How much Faith do you Need? A willing Heart, a decent plan and a little Creativity is all the Faith you Need!

Can you write? Do you know how to copy and paste? Then you can Make Money on the Web. Can you make Web Videos? Nothing Complex… even Simple Pictures and Videos shared on your Android, iPhone (basically any Smartphone), iPad, iPod touch, etc… Then You Can Make Extra Cash… without any Huge Risk… Even in a Horrible Economy!

If you can Write, Blog, make Social Posts and Follow a few Easy Instructions… you can Potentially Earn $140 to $300 per day (some days you make a little, some days you Score)!

Take a little Faith in yourself and add it to this suggestion from me.

“Work Smarter… Not Harder” and Start having Fun Again. Knowing that there is a steady stream of Cash being Stuffed into your Paypal account is extremely Liberating… I am Praising God for His abundance and I smile each time I use my Paypal debit card for purchases.

My Act of Faith was Rewarded with Immediate Cash Deposits that give me great Joy and Totally Funded this year’s Christmas Shopping Spree. I was finally able to, once again, GIVE quality gifts to my newly expanded list. All Paid with my Paypal Card! Without this one, super-simple Web affiliation… Christmas may have been much more Dismal indeed.

Don’t get me wrong… it’s Not Really about The Money… it’s about the Freedom and Satisfaction of being More Rewarded… More Blessed… and Feeling More Secure, Simply by giving away my FREE PDF Book on my own website (you will also get your own website and 28 other FREEBIES if you decide to Click on the Link Below) . But the Best Part of all is seeing my Faith Rewarded and Building New Friendships.

My Suggestion to you:

Plant a Small “Seed of Faith” in your Life. Then just Relax and Have Fun coming up with New and Creative Ways to Give Away this FREEBIE Book to other people who can benefit from a little Extra Cash, to help make ends meet.

Exercising your Faith is a Low Risk, High Reward Plan for building an Online Business.

You can Start Today… and Gain Cash by Tomorrow…


“Give and Ye shall receive”

Looking forward to your affiliation,

Pastor Charlie

Topic Trends on Social Networks can make you Cash – Death of Usama Bin Ladin

Death of Bin Ladin Spread faster on Social Networks than Traditional News Sources – Proof that Social Networking and Topic Trends can be Profitable

Where and When did you First hear about the death of Usama Bin Ladin? – (I saw it 1st on Facebook)

A Picture can be an Ultra-fast News Update

One Look at this picture- I knew Bin Ladin was dead!

Social Networking is the Fastest Growing Segment on the World Wide Web at this point in history. Social Media and Social Networking have totally changed the way we receive the Specific Information that is important to us… like the demise of “public terrorist, number one”, Usama Bin Ladin!

The Big News, that we had finally chopped the viperous head off of our most vocal enemy terrorist, Usama Bin Ladin, first reached me through Facebook and Twitter. It was “almost instant News” on Social Networks. This was hours before I even heard anything on the television or radio. Keep reading and I will explain why a large part of our American population first heard about Bin Ladin on Social Networks

In our current society, there are less and less people depending on traditional news media outlets in favor of “Social Media Network Topics” that are posted, shared or bookmarked by trusted sources (like our friends and family). The death of Usama or Osama Bin Ladin would be considered a “Trending Topic” for Internet marketing and advertising today.

Among the first businesses that will quickly profit from a “Topic Trend” are News and News Commentary outlets. These Online media sources get thousands of site visitors per day and they will earn quite a bundle of cash from Banner Ads and Affiliate Links that they have placed on their news pages.

Next in line will be Bloggers and Vloggers. Blogging was one of the original Social Networking resources, while Vlogging (video logging or video blogging) is a newer adaptation of this highly effective advertising venue. Posting “Trending Topics” on your Blog can build your subscriber base and marketing lists, while also giving you the ability to place Hyper-Links to affiliate products, web sites or Web resources where you earn a commission on Clicks or Sales made whenever one of your readers or viewers “Clicks Through” your personal hyper-link. You can also have Blog visitors Click directly to your business website, landing page or sales funnel, with the use of Strategic Linking. Even though it’s best to link your visitors to more Relevant Information on a specific subject… you can creatively find ways to hyper-link your readers to almost any product or service that you can profit from.

Along with the more traditional advertisers on the Web, there is also a new type of advertiser and marketer, who have directed most of their time and resources to Social Networking (Social Media). There will be hundreds of thousands of ordinary folks, like you and me, who will use the Death of Usama Bin Ladin to turn small profits and make some easy sales. These are people who have learned some of the Simple Social Advertising Techniques that I teach at The Social Seed Biz Network. They have learned how to Seed their Content with Affiliate Products, Business Offers or Redirect-links, that lead Social Networkers (friends and followers) to their main business site. These ordinary people, armed with simple strategies for building a Social Marketing List (or buyers list), will probably make a few bucks today, with very little effort writing content (information) or using Creative Social Posts and Bookmarking, to hyper-link other Social Networkers to their Businesses, Products, or Services.

Social Networks are growing like weeds and there are more and more people, just like you and me, who seldom turn on the TV or listen to radio while they are busy on the Internet. There is a Fast Growing segment of the American population who are continuously logged into their Twitter or Facebook network accounts, so they can keep abreast of their friend’s posts, while they are otherwise working or playing on their computers. Once you learn How to Build a Social Buyers List… and Seed your Social Posts with profitable hyper-links… You Can Start Earning Money with Social Posts on Trending Topics! Social Networking can be very profitable, once you learn how to use it for business or affiliate sales.

FREE Advertising: One of the Great things about Social Network Advertising is that it is Totally FREE!

Today’s Trending Topic is “the death of Usama Bin Ladin”. Tomorrow’s Topic will be different. However, an everyday Topic Trend that is of interest to even one percent of Internet users on Social Networks can ultimately put some Cash in Your Pocket or Paypal account.

Are you interested in Earning some Extra Cash, Social Networking on the Web?

(That’s a silly question when we all feel the Stinging Need for Extra Cash to Get By)

Information Drives the Internet… Social Network Advertising makes it easy to Share Information… and Make a few fast Bucks in the process!

If you are not afraid to write, build or share some unique and useful information… You can be among those who will profit from almost any Topic Trend. Read the following


…and learn how easy it can be to make $37 to $111 a day, just by Giving Away Free Information!

May God Bless you with Abundance today,

Charles Beason

Administrator of The Social Seed Business Network


Fast, Easy, Social Network Cash… when you share the FREE Report at

FREE DIY Social Advertising and Marketing Center

FREE DIY (Do-it-yourself) Social Advertising and Marketing Center

Join us at the A-B Social Seed Network?

“Planting Social Seeds of Faith and Profit”

Each Hyper-Link that you place on the Web that leads people to your Business, Product(s), Service or Ministry, is like a tiny Seed of Faith… it lies there Dormant (as if dead), until someone Clicks it… once Clicked, it can Begin to Grow and with proper Care… it eventually Yields the Fruit of Success!

“A wise gardener plants many Seeds… and waits patiently for a Bountiful Harvest”.

Are you having a Hard Time getting Traffic or Visitors to your Site(s)?

Do You NEED More Sales?

Does it seem that No matter How Hard you Try… Nobody is “Clicking” your Links?

It’s Time to Plant some Social Seeds!

I have been in the Affiliate and Internet Marketing Business for many years now. Marketing and Advertising on the Web used to be so Simple… and Traffic to your websites would come in droves… as long as you Offered them Unique and Useful Content that Google (or other Search Engines) would List and Link to your Business. Believe it or not… there was a time when you could build a Niche Website, and Easily Expect to Start making a Profit.

Things have certainly changed:

In past times, information (or Content) was shared through websites as they were listed by the Search Engines (mainly Google), in the order of their Relevance to the Keyword that was being searched for by a potential customer. It was much easier to start and operate an Internet Business.

Over the past couple of years, Social Media and Social Networking have Totally changed the landscape of the Inter-Verse. Facebook alone, has Billions of users who are not nearly as Dependant on Google to Find Stuff (and Google hasn’t been too happy about it). When you also consider the billions of people on Twitter, MySpace and other Social Networks… you begin to get a glimpse of Where All Your Customers have gone. If it seems that your customers have suddenly disappeared… you know you can find them on one or more of the Social Networks, and that’s why Smart Business are now using Creative Social Network Strategies to get their Brand and Products in front of the eyes of people on Social Networks.

Small Internet Business and Non-Profit Ministries Need a New Strategy.

In order to remain competitive with Big-Business, we need to Learn what they already know… How to Drive Traffic to your Business Profile, Site, Blog, etc… so that people will Click On Your Links. I have designed our Network to take advantage of Marketing and  Advertising Small Business to Social Networks in such a fashion that you can be Certain that Somebody (Anybody) Will Click on the Links to your Business, Ministry, Product or Service.

  • A Social Network for Christian Small Business and Non-Profit Ministries to Market and Advertise.
  • Build Social Sales and Squeeze pages for your Sales Funnel.
  • Niche Blogging to get New Leads, Subscribers and potential Customers.
  • Post Videos with Unique and Useful Info for your Niche Market.
  • Tweet and Share Links (social seeds) from your home page.
  • Get plenty of Backlinks… Google uses these to rank your Site or Blog.
  • A place for Small Biz owners to Refer each-other, Share Resources, Tips, Tricks and Social Network Advertising Strategies.
  • A Social Business Profile that you can Promote, or personally invite potential Niche customers to visit and become trusted friends.
  • Use the Free Advertising Forum to Place as Many Ads, Banners, etc… as you want.
  • Start a Group for your Niche Market.

Why do I Need a Social Business Profile?

It is becoming increasingly difficult for new Internet businesses to get highly targeted niche visitors to their Blog or Website. The competition for first page organic search engine results is overwhelming. My Social Seed Network was built for any Online Small Business, Non-Profit or Ministry to be able to receive Highly Targeted Niche Traffic to View your Content and Links. The Content on your Social Seed Network Business Profile gets Quickly Listed on the most widely used Search Engines… however, that does not guarantee that you will get plenty of Traffic, Leads and Sales. The Real Power of a Social Business Profile is that you can Easily Share your “Social Seeds” (links to your Product, Service, Blog, Website, etc…) and personally Build a Targeted Social Marketing List by Personally Inviting your new friends to Join the Social Seed Network with you… where they will View your Niche Content and Links and automatically give you permission to contact them by Email… which can kick-start your Email Marketing Campaigns. Our Social Profile pages are also flexible enough to be used as a Sales page, Squeeze page, Content page… that is Easily Shared or Book-marked to other Social Services.

“You supply the Seed… God provides the Harvest”.

May God Bless your efforts,

Charles Beason

At the Affiliate-Bivocation Social Seed Network (Plant Seeds of Faith, Plant Seeds of profit)

www.Bivocation.orgthe A-B Social Seed Network

FREE DIY (Do-it-yourself) Social Advertising and Marketing Center


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BTW: Have you tried the Effortless Web Cash Formula Yet? It’s an Honest, No Scam Opportunity!

Share this FREE eBook (‘the Greatest Money Making eBook Ever’) with your Social Contacts and Make multiple $37 payments… directly to your Paypal account…

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Free Report – The Benefits of Social Blog Affiliate Marketing

Free Report – The Benefits of Social Blog Affiliate Marketing

Blog Posts Offer you an Unfair Advantage over Website Marketing Tactics

…it’s not what you Sell, But How you Market, that really counts.

There are theorists and purists that dogmatically hold to their
philosophy that Marketing Never Changes. In theory, we might agree…
However, the real-world, practical application of marketing methods,
tactics and strategies must constantly keep pace with changing
technology, in order to remain effective.
Social Seeds of Profit Plan - Coming Soon to Gold Members

Marketing and Advertising for Leads, Traffic and Sales on the Internet
have made some necessary changes since I first started many years ago.
The Web is Now more Social, Mobile, Wireless and Local… which may
require us to tweak some old strategies. In fact, I would dare say that
these changes in the Inter-Verse actually make it easier for people to
sell products and services, if they know which tools to use. And there
is one marketing tool in your arsenal that is Just as Effective as it
ever was. The unassuming and often undervalued Blog.


Blogging and Blog posts can offer you an Unfair Advantage over your
competitors who are still using Website Centric Marketing Tactics. What
are these Advantages? I will take a few moments to list some of the best
benefits of a Blog when marketing and advertising to the Internet.


  • Easier to Setup than a Website with more Responsive and Targeted Readers
  • Built-In Social Media Marketing and Advertising Tactics
  • Easy way to Build your Social and Email Marketing Lists – simply
    add an Autoresponder email marketing form for your Newsletter, Freebie,
    Give Away, etc…
    —Click Here to see my Favorite FREE Autoresponder Service—
  • RSS to Build Subscribers and Social Network List
  • Faster Research and Testing of Niche Markets and Keywords
  • Blog posts are Naturally More Trusted than website Content
  • Better Organic Search Results (get on the 1st page of Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc…)
  • Ability to Adjust Content for your Niche Market
  • More Intimate Interaction with Readers
  • More Organic Backlinks than Website SEO Strategies

…These are only a few of the Unfair Advantages that Blogging,
or Blog Marketing, can Offer you in your quest to gain more Leads,
Traffic and Sales on the Internet. To be absolutely honest, I had very
little success making money on the Web, until I integrated a Blog into
my Website and Social Networks. Blogging can be one of the most
effective Free, Organic Advertising and Marketing Tactics you will
likely ever use in your Quest to Build your Dream Business on the Web…
if it’s done Correctly.


If you would like to learn more details about Blogging as a Social Affiliate Marketing Tool, you can download my Free Report.
After being laid up for 4 or 5 months, I am essentially Starting Over
Again… I found an old eBook (more like a report) I had written back in
2007 and it’s just as relevant now as it was back then… I updated the
site name and added a little fresh content so I could share it with
you. I wrote it especially for my members, Friends and Followers and I
pray that it helps you gain a solid perspective for Affiliate Marketing
on the Internet (This is Not an advertisement disguised as an eBook,
it’s just some useful information I wish to share with you).

to download your copy… or go to…

Thanx for your time and May God Bless you,
Charles Beason
Affiliate-Bivocation is the Affiliate Social Network I use to offer
Social Media Marketing Lessons, Tips, Tricks and Strategies.
Register as a Free Silver Member…
you can always upgrade to Gold if you want to follow my 9 Step – ‘Social Seed Profit Plan’
(Build your campaign based on the Bible principles of "Sowing and Reaping" (planting & harvesting).

Questions or Comments?
Contact Support at Affiliate-Bivocation

Social Media List Building – Just as Good as Opt-In Subscribers

Social Media is an Easy way to Build a Huge Marketing List
and it’s just as good as an Opt-In List

Did you know that every time you make a Friend on Affiliate-Bivocation, Facebook, Linked-in, etc.., or gain a Follower on Twitter, that you are actually Building Your Marketing List?

The whole idea behind Building an Email Marketing List is that people give you permission to send them Email Messages and once you build a List you can send useful information and periodic sales offers to Your List.

Building an Email Marketing List is one of the Most Important things you can do as an Internet Business-person! And Social Media is one of the Most Over-Looked Marketing Lists on the Internet. So many Affiliate Marketers concentrate all their efforts on Getting Traffic to their Squeeze Page so that people will Opt into their List. But they are often overlooking the Huge List that Already Exists on Social Networks.

However, Building a Social Media Marketing List is not Automated, which may be why so many marketers Neglect it. Most people would Rather try to build a list with a Squeeze page or Blog, but if you can’t get Traffic to the page where your Autoresponder Form is… You’ll Never Start Building your List. When you are beginning an Online business, you may be Tempted to spend money to Advertise your Squeeze page, but these days, you will most likely end up wasting a bunch of money on advertising, with very little results to show for it. For every 1,000 people your Ads may reach, you may get 1 person to subscribe to your Autoresponder. That’s a Huge waste of Time and Money, if you ask me.

Social Networking offers you a Free way to Build your List, and it only takes a few minutes a day. I have built a Huge List using Social Media and Social Networking, and I did it all for FREE. My goal with this article, is to get you to realize that Building Friends and Followers on Social Networks is just as Powerful as an Opt-In Email List, because every Friend you make is unwittingly giving you Permission to send Direct Emails to them. Just as you would with an Autoresponder List.

People are Extremely Careful about sharing their name and email address with Affiliate Marketers, which is why most of you are having so much difficulty in List Building and need to contact thousands of people to get a few measly subscribers. However, these same people are very Eager to become Friends with you on Social Networks and the conversion ratio is better than 50%. Most people will eagerly become your Friend on Social Networks when you send them an Invitation. This means that you can Build a Huge List of Social Contacts that have given you Permission to Directly Send Emails them in a few weeks by Simply Asking them to be your Friend.

Don’t over-think this method. You don’t need to come up with a stunning headline, or a special invitation format… just use the basic Invite function that exists on All Social Networks. Just make certain that you have some Interesting Information and a Link to your Autoresponder on your Social Profile and people will subscribe to it. And even if they don’t subscribe to your Opt-in List, remember that you already have their permission to send them emails because they are your Friends on Social Media.

Start taking advantage of the Huge Social Media List that already exists on the internet. All you need to do to Tap Into this List is to be Friendly and Social. Send out basic Invites to people who have similar interests and problems that you can provide solutions for, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at Just How Fast you can Build your List. Today I sent about twenty Invitations through the Affiliate-Bivocation "Add Friends" Function… and by tomorrow, I should have at least 3 to 5 New Friends (maybe more), Social Media is an Easy way to Build a List that is Responsive and profitable. Just make certain that you Never Abuse your Social List… be honest and sincere in your efforts to improve the lives of the people on Your List by providing them with Info and Products that Solve Problems, or Fulfill the Dreams of your Social Media Friends. Put their interests first… and you will be rewarded with Affiliate Sales.

Tip: You can use the search function on Facebook, Twitter, etc.. to find people who have similar interests as you do, and simply send each person a Friend Invitation.

Note: You can instantly download my New Free Ebook ‘Go Green – Build Wealth’, which is about 10 pages of energy saving tips… on the top-left of the "home" page.

If you are a member of Affiliate-Bivocation, you can invite about twenty people at a time, to come and be your Friend by using the "Add Friends" function inside your profile (Click "Friends" on your profile, and you will see the "add friends" link). I have also provided Instructions on setting up your Affiliate-Bivocation profile as a Squeeze or Sales page inside the ‘Gold Member Area’.

If you need Ideas, Tips and Techniques for List-Building… check out my "Green Affiliate List Building Secrets" Guide for Tips and Tricks you can use to Build your Autoresponder List.

Thanks for your time, and May God Bless you,
Charles Beason

P.S. The "Green" Affiliate Market is growing daily, and as more Green Affiliate products become available, I will test and post products that show good potential for you to profit from. See the "Green Affiliate" page at

Social Media is an Easy way to Build a Huge Marketing List…
and it’s just as good as an Opt-In List.

Talking about YouTube – Why Most People Will Never Make Affiliate Sales

 When you are Just Starting as a Beginner or Newbie in Affiliate Marketing, there are some Crucial Marketing Strategies that you Must use in order to Make Sales… At Affiliate-Bivocation, we strive to Teach you these Basic Strategies with Lessons, Tips, Tricks, etc…

The Most Important thing to know at this moment… is that you Must Pre-Sell your Customers, before they even Reach Your Affiliate Link or Affiliate Website.

This Video Discusses Why the Art of Pre-Selling is so Important. People Need to know How to Find your Affiliate Offer out of Hundreds or possibly Thousands of other Affiliate Sites that are Exactly the same as yours.

BTW: Social Media or Social Networking is the Greatest Tool to use in order to make Your Affiliate Site Stand Out from the Crowd!

May God Bless you Richly,

Charles Beason


YouTube – Why Most People Won’t Ever Make Affiliate Sales

Social Networking Site… Highest paying Affiliate Program… Make Friends, Make Money ! Work from Home!

Talking about YouTube – Social Media Blog Marketing


I wish there was more time in a day… I have been trying to put together more marketing lessons, tips, tricks, etc… for our sub-affiliates from VMC (MyDishBiz, EWCF & other affiliate op’s on our site) and for our members at Affiliate-Bivocation. This is a basic Blog Formula I use for Online Promotions. This video quickly covers, what I think, are the basic Functions a Social Media Marketing Blog should contain, such as: keywords, titles, categories, content, images, social media
sharing & more… 

YouTube – Social Media Blog Marketing

Thanks for your time…
BTW, Congrat’s to Manny915r for Winning this months "Pimp your Profile"Contest. His Banner will be shown at the Top Advertising position at Affiliate-Bivocation through the entire month of November…
I have made this an on-going Contest with a New Winner each Month, So "Pimp your Profile" for your chance to Win Top Ad position for December (a really good month to display your banner ad). More ways to interact and market at Affiliate-Bivocation are "in the works", I am currently working on something special for you, and I will announce it, when it is close to being ready to launch.

Tip: Your A-B Profile is more than just an embellishment… You can use your A-B Profile to Build Brand, Gain Clout, make Backlinks and Promote Your Online Products or Services (make sales)… as we learn more about Social Media Marketing, we also learn the Importance of our Social Profile pages.

That’s all for now (Out of Time Again)… Enjoy the Video and I Pray it will give you some good tips and provide some direction for our Newbie Marketers.

May God Richly Bless You,
Pastor Charles Beason
(Pastor Charlie)

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Did you know that you can make Money with your iphone or blackberry?

Email and Twitter Marketing Methods offer New Ways of Earning Substantial Income


    I have the worlds perfect Job. I am an Affiliate Marketer. How much money does it take to get involved in Affiliate Marketing? $0, Nothing Nada. Affiliate Marketing is a method of advertising and promoting other people’s products and services for a commission. You work for yourself, so you can work from home, a Wi-Fi hot spot, or anyplace else you can access the Internet. Affiliate Marketing is the Easiest and Cheapest way to Start an Online Biz. And now that new cell phones offer email capabilities and Twitter applications, you can market, advertise and promote using time tested Email Marketing methods along with New Techniques that use Twitter, Facebook and other Social Media Marketing methods. This offers iphone and blackberry users the potential to earn income anytime you have a spare moment and anyplace you happen to be.

    Email and Social Media Marketing offer an exciting new twist to traditional affiliate promotions, along with the capability to earn a 2nd Income or Full-Time Living simply using spare moments of time to advertise and promote (report and review) affiliate products and services. The process is so simple… You simply join an Affiliate Program and begin promoting it. This capability used to be limited to those with niche web sites or popular blogs. New methods of promotion have opened the door for anyone with a cell phone that has email and a Twitter Ap to begin earning some extra income, and some are earning more than their fair share. Even texting offers a new marketing method that could make you some money because affiliate marketing is about helping people find what they Need or Want.

    Email marketing is Easy, If you have a List of people that allow you to send them Reviews, Reports, Newsletters, etc…  But you must be careful to follow proper methods when marketing to Twitter and other Social Media. You must learn how each community links with, and communicates with each other, or you will be viewed as an outsider that is preying on innocent people.

    I recently finished a New Lesson on the web site where I coach my sub-affiliates for mydishbiz, Christian matchmaking and other Affiliate Programs that are FREE to Join and Ripe with Potential to Earn money using honest and legitimate methods of marketing (No Scams & No Spams Allowed). My new lesson "The Twitter Marketing Secret" can be downloaded, Free of Charge, once you are a member of my web site ( FREE Lifetime Memberships are available for the next 76 people) and if you Join any of the affiliate programs that I list on the site, you will also receive a Free Lifetime Membership.

    Visit my web site and you will begin to see the potential that exists for anyone with an Internet connection to make Extra or Full-Time Income. Especially using new techniques that you can apply with an iphone or blackberry…

    But First, before you download my new lesson, take a moment to "Test your Social Media Marketing Insight and Intuition". When you take this simple test, I pray that you will begin to see an exciting New World of opportunity arising right before your eyes.

—Click Here to Test your Intuition—

"This is Totally FREE and there is No Obligation, as are most of the affiliate programs that I promote. I coach people to work for themselves and Earn More Money from 2 Tier Affiliate Programs. Don’t worry that this may be a Scam. I am a Pastor and a Christian Affiliate Marketer and I hold myself to the highest Moral and Ethical Standards… besides, it’s only a simple test to see if you have "What it Takes" to be an Affiliate Marketer using your iphone, blackberry or cell phone with Internet Access"

May God Bless You Richly,

Pastor Charles Beason


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