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Facebook plus Google Places – New Opportunties for Business and Affiliates

Affiliate Faith Rewarded – The More you Give…

Affiliate Faith Rewarded

It takes Total Faith to Start an Online business in a crappy economy. Why? Because traditional business is a Risk to Reward process.

DOWNLOAD THE FREE REPORT THAT MAKES YOU CASH!Have you ever heard somebody say, “it takes money to make money”? In the Retail business world, there is (normally) no truer statement. You must Risk some of your Income on product stock, inventory, shipping, advertising, etc…, etc… and you have to believe that somebody wants to buy what you are going to sell.

For a moment… I’d like to ask you to Forget what you think you know about business…

Technology and the Internet have opened New Opportunities without the usual Risks involved in Seeding a New Business with your own Hard-Earned Cash to buy Products that you Hope will Sell, once you start shelling out more cash for Advertising.

It’s a New World of Opportunity where the Rewards can outweigh the Risks in a Huge Way!

Using the Power of Web Affiliation, you can Amazingly Eliminate almost all of the Risks involved in selling products to Willing and Eager Customers by promoting other people’s products for them… and Earning Extra Cash in the Process.

All it takes is a little Faith:

  1. Faith in yourself
  2. Faith in a product
  3. Faith in the Web Affiliate Referral process

How much Faith do you Need? A willing Heart, a decent plan and a little Creativity is all the Faith you Need!

Can you write? Do you know how to copy and paste? Then you can Make Money on the Web. Can you make Web Videos? Nothing Complex… even Simple Pictures and Videos shared on your Android, iPhone (basically any Smartphone), iPad, iPod touch, etc… Then You Can Make Extra Cash… without any Huge Risk… Even in a Horrible Economy!

If you can Write, Blog, make Social Posts and Follow a few Easy Instructions… you can Potentially Earn $140 to $300 per day (some days you make a little, some days you Score)!

Take a little Faith in yourself and add it to this suggestion from me.

“Work Smarter… Not Harder” and Start having Fun Again. Knowing that there is a steady stream of Cash being Stuffed into your Paypal account is extremely Liberating… I am Praising God for His abundance and I smile each time I use my Paypal debit card for purchases.

My Act of Faith was Rewarded with Immediate Cash Deposits that give me great Joy and Totally Funded this year’s Christmas Shopping Spree. I was finally able to, once again, GIVE quality gifts to my newly expanded list. All Paid with my Paypal Card! Without this one, super-simple Web affiliation… Christmas may have been much more Dismal indeed.

Don’t get me wrong… it’s Not Really about The Money… it’s about the Freedom and Satisfaction of being More Rewarded… More Blessed… and Feeling More Secure, Simply by giving away my FREE PDF Book on my own website (you will also get your own website and 28 other FREEBIES if you decide to Click on the Link Below) . But the Best Part of all is seeing my Faith Rewarded and Building New Friendships.

My Suggestion to you:

Plant a Small “Seed of Faith” in your Life. Then just Relax and Have Fun coming up with New and Creative Ways to Give Away this FREEBIE Book to other people who can benefit from a little Extra Cash, to help make ends meet.

Exercising your Faith is a Low Risk, High Reward Plan for building an Online Business.

You can Start Today… and Gain Cash by Tomorrow…


“Give and Ye shall receive”

Looking forward to your affiliation,

Pastor Charlie

New FREE Advertising Resource for Barstow, Ca Residents – Barstow Swap and Shop

Barstow residents are tired of Paying for Classified Ads that produce Little, If Any Results!

People are also paying less attention to newspapers and inserts in favor of an Internet Search…

So I have established a FREE Web based Advertising Resource for Yard Sales, Garage Sales, Moving Sales, Local Product Specials, etc..

Barstow, California Swap and Shop

Brought to you by The Social Seed Biz Network – free ad forum

            As the Economic Crisis continues to Slam Barstow residents and businesses, I thought it important to provide a way for “Bartownians” to Earn some Extra Cash and help lift a little of the burden off your shoulders. You can make some extra money and get rid of some of the clutter in your home, garage or storage with this Web Based, “better than Classifieds”, Advertising resource. Whether it’s a Yard Sale, Used Car, RV… whatever you need to advertise in order to sell or swap items… you can use the ‘Barstow Swap and Shop’ section of the Social Seed Network to list it. Small businesses are also encouraged to post Specials, Sales, Coupons, etc..

Here are some of the features of our ‘Barstow Swap and Shop’:

  • It’s FREE: no paying for a classified ad… no paying extra for Bold lettering or Color & Space is unlimited
  • Rich Text Ad Builder: you can assemble your ad in Word… then copy and paste it into your ad
  • Add images, pictures and even Youtube video right into your ad copy
  • All ads are connected to RSS Feed for fast indexing on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc…
  • Barstow residents can also Subscribe to the Feed to Get Updates on New Ads, the moment they are placed

Of all the cities I have lived in, Barstow seems to have the least effective methods for Selling Used Items. I hate to see people losing money on valuable items that ultimately end up in one of the thrift stores. And… it really bugs me to see cars and RV’s parked in vacant lots in front of neighborhoods where they could be easily vandalized or subject to thieves.

Refer to the sample ad (1st post) to see an example of How you might Place Ads on Barstow Swap and Shop


May God Bless you with Abundance,

Pastor Charles Beason

Administrator of The Social Seed Ministry and Business Network



Click Here for Barstow Swap and Shop

Proud member of the Social Seed Network

The Social Seed Business Network



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